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Family wraps home in greenhouse to warm up Stockholm weather

The average temperature in Stockholm in January is -3°C (27°F). For Marie Granmar and Charles Sacilotto it can be much warmer thanks to the greenhouse that ...

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    Spring arrives

    what strange days . .. yesterday was a record breaking temperature . .. and so today we went out on the beach and it was so warm and sunny .. and blossoms everywhere . no complaints

    Photo by Nick Kenrick. on Flickr

  • decayed

    The Big House

    It's been stormy and raining here, so i ventured out and did another photo of this abandoned farmhouse. With three chimneys, it must have required a lot of firewood to warm up all the rooms. In the old days, farmers...

    Photo by swainboat on Flickr

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    Round house

    This residential round house, in Little Thetford, Near Ely, is a Grade II listed building. According to Simon Knott, this is a "...charming 18th century gothick (sic) folly.". Hmmm. I am not so sure but...

    Photo by grytr on Flickr

  • Buyers find a Newtown house a warm place to buy at auction ...


    BUYERS at a three-bedroom Newtown house might dispense with a routine house-warming party after a crowd of 40 filled the lounge room for the auction.

  • 'Comfortable and warm': Welcome to the Horack house


    “What's so unique about our patio is they did it with craftsmanship, not just boards and screws,” said Wendy Horack of the woodwork done on her patio by local carpenter Steve Swan. “The guy who did it is so proud of it. There's nothing in Bakersfield

  • How Marguerite LeHand Shaped the Franklin D. Roosevelt White ...


    LeHand, known as Missy, wielded far more influence than her title of secretary to the president conveyed.

  • White House dings Filipino president's latest Obama jab


    Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte's declaration that his U.S. counterpart can “go to hell” is “at odds with the warm relationship” between the two nations, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday. In addition to telling President Barack

  • A warm, dry house begins with outdoor maintenance | Stuff.co.nz


    Don't just kill the mould, get outside to stop the damp from seeping back in.

RT @ais0fspades: Imagine being snuggled up to the person of your dreams in a warm house next to the fire watching your favorite movie on a… 10/26/16,
RT @ais0fspades: Imagine being snuggled up to the person of your dreams in a warm house next to the fire watching your favorite movie on a… 10/26/16,
RT @ais0fspades: Imagine being snuggled up to the person of your dreams in a warm house next to the fire watching your favorite movie on a… 10/26/16,
RT @ais0fspades: Imagine being snuggled up to the person of your dreams in a warm house next to the fire watching your favorite movie on a… 10/26/16,
Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home. I always tri... #RachaelRay #quotes https://t.co/HEke45w3yf 10/26/16,
  • Warm House, Cool House

    1991. 248 pages.

    Provides advice on insulation, heating systems, water heating, air conditioning , and other techniques for home energy efficiency

  • Hot House

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2007. ISBN: 9780387686110,0387686118. 302 pages.

    Global warming is addressed by almost all sciences including many aspects of geosciences, atmospheric, the biological sciences, and even astronomy. It has recently become the concern of other diverse disciplines such as economics, agriculture, demographics and population statistics, medicine, engineering, and political science. This book addresses these complex interactions, integrates them, and derives meaningful conclusions and possible solutions. The text provides an easy-to-read...

  • A Treatise Upon Planting, Gardening, and the Management of the Hot-house

    1784. 462 pages.
  • Warm House Cool House

    Choice Books. 2016. ISBN: 192070549X,9781920705497. 172 pages.

    This book does more than just explain the benefits of low-energy dwellings (lower power bills and more comfortable surroundings) and how average Australians can achieve them. It inspires and encourages the reader with examples of beautiful and comfortable homes that are energy-efficient and immensely livable. Illustrated throughout with photos, sketches and plans (including a colour section), all the examples are Australian from all our different climatic zones.

  • The 1870 Ghost Dance

    U of Nebraska Press. 2016. ISBN: 0803206968,9780803206960. 375 pages.

    The 1870 Ghost Dance was a significant but too often disregarded transformative historical movement with particular impact on the Native peoples of northern California. The spiritual energies of this ?great wave,? as Peter Nabokov has called it, have passed down to the present day among Native Californians, some of whose contemporary individual and communal lives can be understood only in light of the dance and the complex religious developments inspired by it. Cora Du Bois's historical...

  • Winter is Right Around The Corner ~ Stay Warm With These 10 Tips and Tricks


    2.) Proper Winter Footwear Including Slippers For The House ~ If your feet are cold, you will be miserable. I almost always double up on the socks, wearing a thin pair as a first layer and then a thick super warm pair over top to keep my feet as ...

  • The Warm, Modern Bunk Box Tiny House – Plan Launch Special!


    The Bunk Box Tiny House from builder/designer Shelter Wise is a unique tiny house that leaves the wall framing and electrical exposed on the interior. This stylish detail has a great benefit to the homeowner: rather than covering the framing with drywall ...

  • Warm Welcome: Carson City nonprofit FISH thrift store remodel opening set for Thursday


    Admission to the open house is free. This will be an opportunity to learn about ... snapping photos of autumn colors in all of their warm splendor. When I think of stagnation, I think of a pond where the water isn’t circulating. The water gets murky.

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