Bench-top Industrial military magnifier, great for accent light or shop decor

Jun 29, 04:35 PST
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In the first photo, I am showing the item with an LED string light coiled inside the magnifier. I wanted to represent how it can be used as an accent light. This is a one-of-a-kind/one-off industrial inspection magnifier with two lights. No manufacturing information on it that I can see. Glass appears to have a two and a half (2.5X) power magnification and speculated it is probably from the 1950s or 60s, and could be any of the following: Korea and/or Vietnam era military ammunition inspection, industrial diamonds or stone inspection, gold making or other metal benchtop work, or some other defense related work. Take a look at the photos. They are a better description than these ideas about its original use. There are two photos of the glass upside down, with the lights turned off. Let me describe it: from the top, the heavy magnifying glass is suspended in an equally solid/heavy aluminum/steel mount. It rotates around fully, with only the wiring holding it from spinning. The glass is adjustable to view straight down or even vertically. I have photographed the bench-magnifier/industrial loupe with the lights on so you can see both lights still work. The two bulbs seem to have the most durable filament bulbs I have seen in years. They might be original lightbulbs. There are two pieces of loose copper to shade the bulbs' glare. The magnifying glass and mount are held in place by two knobs: on one side is a round bakelite knob and the other handle has a giant brass nut. The bolt holding the top onto the frame is 6/10s of an inch with one twist of thread every tenth of an inch. So the large brass nut might be original, and the magnifying lamp might have be positioned so only the one bakelite knob was needed. It holds securely in place as it is, as you can see from the photos. The insulated black wiring is loose at the switch a little, and I had to push one open end of wire into the switch for it to work. You might want to rewire the switch. I want to keep the wires and switch original so you can decide what to do with it. Finally, the base is heavy and solid, made of the same black industrial quality painted aluminum steel as the top mount. An amazing piece. It's pretty big and heavy. A dozen plus pounds. If you'd like, you can pick it up here in Lancaster, PA. Otherwise, I will ship as shown with a price based on your location. No returns. I will only ship to continental US. Thanks.В 

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