Great Sale Hand Knotted Persian Gharajeh-Tabriz Geometric Rug 2x15,2'5"x14'7"

Jun 15, 19:59 PST
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1- This Rug is  Genuine (original) hand knotted Persian-Ghahrajeh-Tabriz , made of 100% wool , it is not machine made 

2-  The rug is around 20-30 years , It is in excellent  condition for its age. Professionally washed and wear or damage.

 3-  Size 2'5" x 14'7"  (approximate).

4- 100%  hand knotted wool- Made in Ghahrajeh-Tabriz  -IRAN 

5- Pictures are accurate as possible, the real color might be slightly different from photos,different displays has been tested  and found out that the rug in one is brighter and on other one is darker from real color and definitely the lighting will affect the reflection, pictures have been taken under fluorescent  light, if you have iPhone6 the pictures are very close to real colors.and also pictures have taken from light and dark side , any hand knotted rug has a light side and dark side due to the nap of the wool.

6-We stand behind our products 100%, and your satisfaction is the most important thing to us, so        we do everything in our power to have your trust and satisfaction .If you would like to return the 

rugs  , please notify us in 48 hrs upon on receiving rug,in case of   return , the rug must be in    original condition with no damage .please if you have any questions or concerns please contact us , we guarantees that your questions or concerns will be resolved,at the end we want happy customers, 100% guaranteed.

7-The Shipment is free in mainland United state, and we ship signature required package  by Fedex.


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