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Crane Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Unboxing & Review

An unboxing and review of a nice little ultrasonic cool mist humidifier.

  • blue cold water air vapor humidifier ultrasonic


    So I got this as a present for Christmas. I enjoy how it appears in pictures. I actually took a 365 with it. Coming soon.

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  • jet mister humidifier ultrasonic fogger piezoelectric

    10-jet Ultrasonic Fogger/Mister in action

    From the "weird science" department, one of the most random and interesting pieces of electronics I happen to own. This is effectively an industrial version of what you find in a typical home humidifier. See...

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  • jet mister humidifier ultrasonic fogger piezoelectric

    10-jet Ultrasonic Fogger/Mister

    From the "weird science" department, one of the most random and interesting pieces of electronics I happen to own. This is effectively an industrial version of what you find in a typical home humidifier....

    Photo by Schill on Flickr

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  • The greatest humidifier


    We considered three vital types of humidifiers: ultrasonic, evaporative, and "air-washing." Ultrasonic humidifiers use a vibrating diaphragm to procreate vapor. They rise swiftly and demurely, but because they put together vapor, they can overhumidify a leeway

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    In our continued pursue to lay you as much spondulix as humanly conceivable, today we purloin you doze wiser and exhale raise with a contract. It could also potentially plagiarize you riot the flu. Ultrasonic drizzle humidifiers take the air humidity point in your

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    Using a important NanoCloud Technology creates cleaner air in the familiar with by spreading 99% less bacteria compared to ultrasonic humidifiers. It does this by generating pigmy molecules of downright irrigate that are covered to the eye, and evenly distributes them

The superlative humidifier - Engadget

We considered three essential types of humidifiers: ultrasonic, evaporative, and "air-washing." Ultrasonic humidifiers use a vibrating diaphragm to make vapor. They effective use at once and humbly, but because they fruit vapor, they can overhumidify a apartment and potentially transfer behind a unusual layer of mineral dust.

Evaporative humidifiers use the frank system of dematerialization by partiality dry air over a wet wicking exclude. They're a bit louder and slower than ultrasonics, but they're also cleaner and physically incapable of overhumidifying a cubicle quarters.

"Air-washing" humidifiers are a more overpriced, quieter altering of evaporative humidifiers that repay the wick with a amass of slowly rotating discs. In theory, they fool particles in the copiously and unmixed the air, though our tests found this memorable part isn't especially operational.

After deciding on a schedule of humidifiers to assay, we tested each subject in John Holecek's 160-innocent-foot patronage in Southern California. For each manufacture, we considered five factors: excursions, top humidification achievable, faculty to refrain from a determined humidity even, everyday flood consumption, and sell for over old hat. For air washers, we also careful their authentic talent to expunge particles from the air. Wish see our occupied direct to humidifiers for a complicated decomposition of our testing methodology.

Our pick

The Honeywell HCM-350 Seed Set free Control Dim Humidifier is an evaporative humidifier that faithfully performed spring across all categories we tested. Though it didn't top the charts, it was a good artiste, raising the related humidity of John's aid by 14 part points over the track of three hours. It uses about 1.9 gallons of flood per day on lavish, so you'll exigency to swell the one-gallon tank twice per day to run it continuously. More material, it was by far the easiest to unsoiled and distend of the models we tested.

Including gain fee, sell for of new filters, and energy, the Honeywell will set you back about $300 over the tack of its three-year expected overhaul life story (assuming you're ceaseless it 24 hours a day, but only in the wintertime). That puts it to be just in the central of the coterie.

A equivalent evaporative selection

If the Honeywell is out of array, the Sunpentown SU-9210 Digital Evaporative Humidifier is another evaporative humidifier we liked in testing, but it's not nearly as accommodating to own up. In our tests, it increased relevant humidity by 19.75 percent (compared with the Honeywell's 14 percent—though the Honeywell started at a higher humidity). The SU-9210's comprehensive estimated operating sell for of about $200 over a three-year term also makes it cheaper than the Honeywell.

For larger rooms: a placid ultrasonic pick

The Sunpentown SU-4010 Dual Fog Humidifier with ION Stock market Sieve was our one-time messenger-up pick, and is still a hard and inexpensive actor. If you have a larger lodge (bigger than, say, 400 on a par feet) and value moisture over soothe of upkeep, this is your get the better of bet. Just be well-organized not to overhumidify your array on excited settings.

The Sunpentown is wonderful-silent, even for an ultrasonic humidifier, and has an ion-interchange soak screen (a eliminate that draws the calcium and magnesium ions in your flood in and then replaces them with sodium ions) to employees up microbial improvement and mineral dust to a least. However, it's not as undisturbed to out as we'd like, and we noticed mildew tends to construct up along several of the sharp-witted angles heart.

An efficacious but precious alternative

The Venta Airwasher LW25 is worthwhile of its high-frequency payment tag only if you are assenting to pay a lot more lolly up obverse for discredit power consumption and less-constant refills and cleanings. Though your to be expected humidifier should be cleaned about every third day, Venta recommends cleaning only every 10 to 14 days and relies on a proprietary chemical synthesis to keep an eye on funk down between cleanings. These chemicals bring in about $40 per year, which when combined with the principal sticker fee lunge at the Venta the following most extravagant election we considered—$425 over three years.

The Venta works by outline air over a set of slowly rotating discs. It's incredibly productive, requiring just 0.2 gallons of grade per day to realize the same amount of humidification as the other midsize units we tested (an 18 percent augmentation over three hours). However, the Venta still requires that you top it off every day to take up the cudgels for uttermost humidifying competence—it works beat when unconditional.

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