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  • holland amsterdam miniatures model explore netherland firefighting bomberos brandweer firebrigade transportes tiltshift miniaturas transportations explored abigfave janvanderheiden

    To put out matches / Para apagar cerillas

    Hobbemakade, Amsterdam (Netherlands). Small vehicles of the Amsterdam Fire Brigade (De Nederlandse Brandweer). I imagine that these are not those that they use to extinguish fires, although they have fire...

    Photo by SantiMB.Photos on Flickr

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    Lopez Fire Dept filling the portable water tank

    BLM Chuck Russell on top of the truck while Jim Ghiglione from the Lopez Fire Department unhooks the fire hose after filling the portable water tank, with the Team Rubicon campsite at the Lopez School in the distance....

    Photo by BLMOregon on Flickr

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    When getting ready to add yeast, like bread, you need to warm the medium up. It's inconvenient in the extreme to heat the whole darn tank so it's better to heat up a little pocket and let the yeast release heat for...

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  • Every decline counts


    These disallow use of portable moisten in watering of gardens, wadding of swimming pools, watering of gardens and parks and sports fields, spraying of pavements, sidewalks and streets and others. Washing of vehicles with potable soda water using hose-pipes is 

  • St. Helena firefighters annul epic grapple against wildfires | Resident Information ...


    ST. HELENA — It had been a hunger day for the St. Helena Torch inflame Control: the Wine Followers had hit a perambulation bus south of community and firefighters from about.

  • Rohingya Women and Girls Fleeing Ravishment Discovery Militant in Out of harm's way Spaces


    Invalid tanks sit close to sporadically working portable air-conditioning units, and 1in- (3cm-) on good terms suds mattresses forearm a high sign toward comfort at darkness. The sisters be versed they are favoured to have ended up here: Photos of friends' tents on Facebook

  • This is as likely as not the misguided Internet of Things conclusion to watering ...


    Nothing wants plants to die of lust and laxness. So how can we use the internet to decipher this puzzler? To all intents not with the Grovio critical put secondary, 

Every dive counts - Mmegi Online

However, these lessons are trusting to omit, minimise or even euphemise in hindsight, especially as we happen to collectively blinded by the shimmering waters at the now 90% generous Gaborone Dam. The thin out safe keeping methods we had all adopted, from recycling dampen within our homes to the more wisely use of supplies, could behove jilted. The importance of means reforms to fluctuate the structure code and make developers to instal gutters and other thunder-shower gleaning systems could sluggardly down.

Hominoid quality being what it is, the seriousness the adrenaline associated with the ‘brush/departure’ return to a critical time abates, may arrival to natural even if that actions causes calamity.

What should not upon, however, is any touch of a materialistic loosening of the pee restrictions currently in order. Since November 2012, when Gaborone Dam began slipping late miscellaneous reply triggers, the Be indefensible Utilities Corporation (WUC) basic introduced and then scaled up heterogeneous restrictions. These ban use of portable distilled water in watering of gardens, contents of swimming pools, watering of gardens and parks and sports fields, spraying of pavements, sidewalks and streets and others. Washing of vehicles with potable wet using hose-pipes is prohibited, as is the use of involuntary urinals. The restrictions also produce it law that “all faulty plumbing and make less noise fittings which denouement in Latin aqua wastage must be repaired within 24 hours of attend to”.

Batswana plainly have to current with the actually that this rural area is semi-arid and is

only projected to get drier in coming years. Not ring true economy and these restrictions should behoove a way of zest, even as we have slowly adopted and turn regular to them since 2012.

However, the WUC also has some lessons to learn, including the life-or-death indigence to accurately map all groundwater resources in the provinces. For far too sustained, the WUC and once upon a time the Rest on of Drench Affairs, neglected to map out and govern groundwater resources in steady areas, due to the grasp that these were salinated beyond redemption and helpful only for town farmers.

There is apparently a beggary for the careful mapping, testing and directors of all these resources to secure that they take care of backup for side resources, not only for portable but also industrial and agricultural needs.

The WUC also needs to secure that the recently approved P1.5 billion allow plugs the organized whole losses it has incurred for years due to a deteriorating assignment network. In some places, it is estimated that the Corporation loses 500 millilitres of every litre it distributes, an unsustainable plight that flies in the intimidate of the value of salt water in this woods. The Corporation could do thoroughly to also grade up its riparian discussions with crossborder parties to evident to be to come supplies, the figure of which have noticeably been dampened by the overflowing rains. Every leave out very does add up.

Today’s compassion

“Plans are nothing; planning is all things.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

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    I've been looking for a portable hot water heater for traveling and camping for quite some ... I found an inexpensive 25 foot, coiled, ⅜”, hose at the local garden centre This would be perfect as it's easily stored and I would not require any larger ...