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    Evening sun through my window.

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    mosquito net

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  • Online Shopping Delights Korean Consumers, but e-Traffic Giants Suffer


    I for one am shame-faced of avoiding offline shops for all items including bags of rice, bog paper, refrigerator, shoe racks, bubble wrap, mosquito net tape to seal not be sensible holes under windows, smoked chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, underwear, telephone

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    As such, it is pivotal for everyone to be aware of and adhere to essential family practices to promote mosquito switch and prevention. You can't contract malaria if you aren't bitten by mosquitoes, and the prototype of mosquitoes that transmit malaria

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    In 1980, the erection became the somewhat otherworldly Z Hotel, offering just 12 rooms and a dormitory in a migratory garden populated by crows and monkeys. The rooms are tiled in chessboard patterns, big enough to have in mind a bike around the four-poster

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Online Shopping Delights Korean Consumers, but e-Mercantilism Giants Suffer - Korea Exposé

Portray this: it’s 11:59 p.m. You order a rice cooker online, go to sleep, and wake up the next day to the yell out vituperate of the doorbell buzzing. Your new gadget is being delivered to your apartment door, but you are too lazy to response, so the delivery man snaps a picture of the box and sends you proof of delivery.

Welcome to the wonderful have of online shopping in South Korea.

Living in Seoul for over 6 years, I have always been fascinated, if not bewildered, by the unadulterated array of products and by the speed and efficiency of services on offer online.

This is South Korea after all, a fatherland where just about everything works online. As one of the world’s most connected and tech-savvy societies where consumers are sovereign , it is possible to buy almost anything you could imagine online.

I for one am guilty of avoiding offline shops for all items including bags of rice, making up paper, refrigerator, shoe racks, bubble wrap, mosquito net tape to seal soak holes under windows, smoked chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, underwear, with lenses…you name it.

One of the characteristics of e-commerce websites and apps in South Korea is that they extend one-stop solutions through integrated platforms — we’re talking everything from electronics to flights under one e-roof — at prices time after time cheaper than at brick-and-mortar stores, coupled with efficient delivery moment of only a day or two, and a high level of customer service even after purchase.

At times, there is simply no reason to check out your home — or a single company’s website, for that matter.

Growing Market

Not surprisingly, these conveniences are spurring heady swelling of the industry: In South Korea, 64.9 trillion ($60 billion) benefit of online shopping transactions were recorded in 2016, a 20.5 percent spread over the previous year. Of that, mobile purchases accounted for 53.5 percent in terms of transactional value.

On top of everything else Coupang, there are approximately a dozen heavyweight integrated shopping sites — Gmarket and Auction (both owned by eBay Korea), 11st, Interpark, WeMakePrice and Ticket Mutant (TMON) to name a few. But with so many similar websites to choose from, the industry is front severe pressure from excessive price competition, with market saturation unrivalled competitors to undercut each other.

For e-retailers, this is war. For the customer, the conflict translates into bargains and momentous attempts to retain your loyalty.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons e-commerce works so swell is South Korea’s advanced logistics infrastructure (and low cost of labor), which enables a seedy, fast and efficient delivery system. In a territory the size of the U.S. state of Indiana, it is natural to ship an item from one side of the country to the other overnight, usually for free or a definite rate of 2,500 won ($2.30).

In fact, some companies have even developed their own delivery systems whereby products can be shipped out speedily by the company instead of a third party. In 2014, Coupang introduced the ‘ Soar Delivery ’ service allowing for ultra-speedy-by-next-day delivery, on orders entranced by midnight the previous day.

Meanwhile, the likes of TMON have ventured into offering same-day presentation for everyday household products and groceries — be it soap, diapers, mineral heavy water, and of course, kimchi.

If that wasn’t enough, Coupang recently began offering goods from overseas — mostly the U.S. — delivered for free straight to South Korea within three working days when purchases amount to 29,800 won ($26) or more.

For consumers, this conclusively means being able to buy foreign food items on the cheap. Until now consumers were day in and day out limited to shopping at overpriced supermarkets in Seoul’s foreign district of Itaewon or commons sections of high-end department stores.

Think Amazon Meets Expedia, and More

South Korean e-traffic sites are each like Amazon, and sometimes even more comprehensive than the giant U.S. e-tailer.

South Korean consumers respect it a given to be able to search, compare and purchase flights, on top of looking up holiday packages and up to date-minute deals all the while doing your grocery shopping on the same website.

But offering similar services is not enough to open to in this dog-eat-dog world. In recent years, e-commerce giants have been making big investments and changes to their strategies to grade themselves from competitors.

Take TMON: The company acquired a startup called FLTGraph that allows journey searches with unusual route combinations such as not flying through the same airport twice. It is a outmanoeuvre that substantially lowers flight prices.

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  • Indian Toilets and Tanzanian Mosquito Nets: Understanding Households' Environmental Health Decisions in Developing Countries

    ProQuest. 2016. ISBN: 9780549492030,0549492038. 258 pages.

    Together, these studies help to shed light on the ways households perceive and respond to two specific environmental health threats. More generally, this study illustrates the potential benefits of applying economic tools and analyses to problems like sanitation and malaria, and expanding the definition of "environmental problems" beyond the typical set of first-world issues (e.g., industrial pollution) to include these pressing issues facing the world's most vulnerable populations.

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    In 1585, Luis Frois, a 53 year old Jesuit who spent all of his adult life in Japan listed 611(!) ways Europeans and Japanese were contrary (completely opposite) to one another. Robin D. Gill, a 53 year old writer who spent most of his adulthood in Japan, translates these topsy-turvy claims - we sniff the top of our melons to see if they are ripe / they sniff the bottom of theirs (10% of the book), examines their validity (20% of the book), and plays with them (70% of the book). Readers with...

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    John Wiley & Sons. 2006. ISBN: 9780471697602,0471697605. 297 pages.

    With over 100 science activities and reproducible worksheets for teachers in grades 3 to 6, this work examines such basic science concepts as static electricity, simple machines, combustion, and more.

  • Texas Monthly

    1981. 268 pages.

    Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.

  • Mosquito Ecology

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9789401118682,940111868X. 988 pages.
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    Usage of mosquito nets and mosquito systems for Doors and Windows are on the rise due to the various diseases spreading because to mosquitoes. In recent years many dangerous and potentially lethal viruses are being spread through mosquitoes like Dengue and ...

  • LDH urges continued efforts to prevent mosquito bites


    Sleep under a mosquito net if you are outdoors or in an area without door and window screens. The same precautions apply at home, and people should also make sure their house is mosquito-proof by ensuring their windows and doors have intact screens.

  • 25' Catalina C25


    New boot and cove stripes. All new windows. Custom-made cherry trim rings for all windows. New depth transducer connecting to GPS. Mosquito nets for companionway and forward hatch. Forespar whisker pole. Asymmetrical spinnaker with dousing sock.