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How To Grow Pear Trees From Seed, Days 0-34

Here's a quick video on how I take some store bought pears and grow their seeds into trees... Stay tuned for the next episode and update on their progress!

  • plants flower nature yellow closeup blossom seeds sunflower 365 beginnerdigitalphotographychallengewinner flickrawardgallery

    43|365 Caleidoscope.

    Sunflower. Thanks for viewing, commenting awarding and favoring!

    Photo by shes_so_high on Flickr

  • pink abstract purple seedpods colorplay purplepink nikond5100

    ~ Wintery abstract ~

    ~ have seen this before... I just moved this picture up.. sorry for any confusion???

    Photo by ~lzee~by~the~Sea~ on Flickr

  • autumn trees fall zedzap

    Another year gone

    Fall Song by Mary Oliver Another year gone, leaving everywhere its rich spiced residues: vines, leaves, the uneaten fruits crumbling damply in the shadows, unmattering back from the particular island of this...

    Photo by Nick Kenrick.. back from Incredible India on Flickr

#Free #seeds for #trees! Lovely seeds from @WoodlandTrust #education #teachers #ecoschools #sustainability #life 02/14/17,
#Free #seeds for #trees! Lovely seeds from @WoodlandTrust #education #teachers #ecoschools #sustainability #life 02/14/17,
  • The forest nursery

    2017. 63 pages.
  • Methods of hastening germination of tree seeds

    2017. 33 pages.
  • Yager Seed and Nursery Book, Fruits, Trees, Seeds

    2017. 30 pages.
  • Chalcidids Injurious to Forest-tree Seeds

    2017. 3 pages.
  • Seeds

    Harper Collins. 2011. ISBN: 9780062079152,0062079158. 384 pages.

    "Seeds reads like the best of a roundtable discussion amongst John Muir, Bill Bryson, and David Sedaris. From the fields of Gettysburg to the home of Kerouac, Horan takes an unlikely premise and weaves it into a story that's poignant, insightful and unexpectedly humorous. This is more than a book about seeds—it's about literary heroes, forensic forestry, and self-discovery." —Spike Carlsen, author of A Splintered History of Wood The Orchid Thief meets Botany of Desire meets Driving Einstein's...

  • What kind of cherry tree did Washington fell? (If he did.)


    POSSIBLE CHERRIES FELLED BY GEORGE That cherry tree could well have been something akin to the sweet cherries we can buy or grow today. Sweet cherries (Prunus avium), sometimes called bird cherries or, in their wilder state, mazzard cherries, were among ...

  • Peter Cundall: A fruitless endeavour


    The savage pruning also got rid of infected branches. This success is unusual because seedling fruit trees almost always produce primitive, inferior fruit. That’s because when grown from seed, they tend to revert to those original wild species from which ...

  • The Woodland Trust is giving away 15,000 free tree seeds in Oxfordshire throughout February, and the Friends of Island Pond Wood i


    MORE than 15,000 packets of free tree seeds are up for grabs to Oxfordshire residents – for one month only. The Woodland Trust is dishing out the free seed sachets throughout February in a bid to massively increase the wealth of woodland across the county.