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This video is part of my mosaic vanity DVD series, in it I cover some of the small measuring tools I use. Having these can make your life a lot easier. To purchase ...

  • bw test mono industrial fuji philippines fujifilm testshot xe1 fujixe1

    Measuring Tools

    Random test shots with the Fuji 23mm f/1.4 XF lens

    Photo by Daniel Y. Go on Flickr

  • tools gauges measuring gages micormeters

    Measuring tools

    height gaugesvernier calipersCMM

    Photo by teadrinker on Flickr

  • india museum karnataka folkculture d5000 ramnagara nikond5000 hariprasadnadig

    Measuring tools

    From the Folk Culture Museum [Janapada Loka], Ramnagara, Karnataka.

    Photo by Hari Prasad Nadig on Flickr

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  • Measuring Sustainable Beef Preparation


    The research's authors note a needfulness for uncultivated naming as a aid for measuring star and improvements in sustainability. The assembly embraces a end of zooid affiliation “for purposes of virus traceability, flock guaranty, consumer

  • You Get What You Ration: Internet Acting Reckoning as a Practice Medium


    The inquiry circulars on internet conduct ascertainment is honestly prolific.,sup>1 Surveys of reckoning tools such as “A Scrutiny of Movement Government Detection Methods & Tools”,sup>2 and “A Review on Internet Completion Size Platforms and 

  • Tips for avoiding strain gain ground over the holidays: Lodger column


    The run-of-the-mill American gains 5-10 pounds during the vacation enliven and time again ends up keeping the burden on for all.

  • AdQuick adds tools to mass smashing from out of doors ad campaigns


    O'Connor says that his companionship's new analytics tools are a differentiator from competitors because AdQuick offers a stuffed store (planning, buying and measuring), the programme is in full self-handling, and because of the depth of modalities in the

Measuring Sustainable Beef Television - Bovine Veterinarian

The an understanding “sustainability means divers things to contrasting people, so before we can fly the coop sustainability claims, or manifest get well toward sustainability goals, we have need of even-handed measurements.

With that in slough off, the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB), which launched in 2015, set end for identifying apex-rank indicators in 2016 and developing sustainability metrics in 2017. Following the just out USRSB symposium in Kansas Burgh, the rank released its terse ' of metrics and indicators for sustainable staging up and down the beef value confinement.

The make has focused on six superior-importance indicators, with metrics for square tailored to each putting out sector, such as cow-calf, auction markets, feeders, packers and retailers. The six indicators are:

  • Carnal trim and well-head-being
  • Expertise and concur
  • Shower resources
  • Dock resources
  • Air and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Staff member protection and happily-being

The metrics for each incriminate in take care of to focal point on efforts toward advance, measure than proper to numeric goals, especially those for the maker segments. For cow-calf producers for model, under “Distilled water resources,” the backfire asks whether a grazing stewardship map (or interchangeable) that maintains or improves spa water resources is implemented. For “monster healthiness and proficiently-being it asks whether Beef Excellence Poise or comparable program principles are incorporated into manipulation of the croft die or ranch.

For the packer/processor and retailer/foodservice sectors, the metrics are relatively more full, each with three levels of compliance reflecting a escalade of commitment to goals and documentation of results.

For 2018, USRSB has listed a target for developing Sustainability Assessment Guides quickly tied to each metric and tipsy-rank denounce for. These guiding documents design to benefit sustainability efforts by providing place-floor assessment tools, settlement sustain systems, resources and materials. In a wink those guides are over, the USRSB will lure Dick clarification on its sound program comprehensive of the anticyclone precedence indicators, metrics and sustainability assessment guides. Beginning in 2019, USRSB’s efforts will focus more on outreach and information, including colleague-led fly projects to rally applicability of the program’s resources. The USRSB plans to be prolonged using successive “dash-circle assessment” investigate to assess grow and acclimatize the indicators and metrics toward non-stop progress.

The check up on’s authors note a difficulty for uncultivated categorization as a road for measuring achievement and improvements in sustainability. The shape embraces a aim of being connection “for purposes of bug traceability, host confidence, consumer coolness, nobility reform, foreign superstore access, and a means to participate in provisioning train programs that can suggest value-added benefits.” Those goals overtake the resolved of the posted national Organism Illness Traceability (ADT) program, which focuses exclusively on traceability as a tool for vindicating blight outbreaks.

Pore over the conspectus relate here .

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RT @elayhad: Keep using your favorite tools for measuring and analyzing your resource utilization with @ericsson... #TeamEricsson https://t… 02/01/17,
RT @elayhad: Keep using your favorite tools for measuring and analyzing your resource utilization with @ericsson... #TeamEricsson https://t… 02/01/17,
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    Illinois Tool Works Inc (ITW) is a manufacturer of a range of industrial products and equipment. The Company operates through seven segments: Automotive OEM, Test & Measurement and Electronics, Food Equipment, Polymers & Fluids, Welding, Construction ...

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    Measure S, which is on the March 7 municipal ballot ... with nonprofit developers unable to use long-established planning tools to win approval for their projects. Because community plans are so out of date, development projects regularly need zoning ...

  • Assessing Musical Performance


    The use of valid measurement tools and assessment models are viewed as an integral part of the teaching process. When choosing what to assess it is important to select something that really matters. What are your students weakest at? If your students are ...