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  • family hand human

    My hand

    First picture with my camera. Discovering field of view ! It's such an amazing tool !

    Photo by M@ve¢k on Flickr

  • hand mano marco 365 pistoia f18rules

    20120401 - Hand - IMG_2898

    The prehensile hands and feet of primates evolved from the mobile hands of semi-arboreal tree shrews that lived about a 100 million years ago. This development has been accompanied by important changes in the brain...

    Photo by Nicola since 1972 on Flickr

  • inspiration selfportrait me tongue mouth scary raw hand photoshopped teeth fingers talk lips wrist disturbing acr

    hand talk

    Inspired by this, this, and this. I went a little crazy with the burn tool around the mouth which in turn makes it not blend well with the hand... ooops. Shot and edited in RAW.

    Photo by Jeffrey Simms Photography on Flickr

Flaky types about copperplate hand advertising tools: mKQgSK https://t.co/47qiTYdXZj 02/01/17,
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RT @jfmauldin: @chaospunk666 The right tools in the hand of a master make greatness. You have to have good tools. 02/01/17,
  • Hand Tools

    2017. 153 pages.
  • Markets for hand tools in continental Europe

    2017. 56 pages.
  • Classic Hand Tools

    Taunton Press. 1999. ISBN: 1561582735,9781561582730. 218 pages.

    A photographic celebration of the beauty and practicality of hand tools for carpentry and woodworking discusses techniques for incorporating these classic tools into contemporary woodworking and includes the history and development of many unusual tools.

  • Use and care of hand tools and measuring tools

  • Hand Tools

    1968. 12 pages.
  • Hands-On Safety


    Spread exposures by offloading. The 90 percent of people who are right-handed are at increased risk to injuring their dominant hand. (Left-handers, who live in a world of right-handed-designed tools and equipment, tend to be more balanced in their hand ...

  • World Hand Tools Market Report 2017 - Analysis and Forecast to 2020 - Research and Markets


    Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "World: Hand Tools - Market Report - Analysis and Forecast to 2020" report to their offering. The report provides an in-depth analysis of the global hand tool market. It presents the latest data of the ...

  • Tim Wickstrom: Forging Permaculture Hand Tools, Part 1


    My name is Tim Wickstrom and I’m a blacksmith in southern Alberta. My focus is forging permaculture and garden hand tools for others who love to work with their hands. I love to be out in my garden and young food forest working with hand tools.