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Little Heroes John Deere Deluxe Talking Tool Belt + John Deere Soft Tool Box Unboxing and Review

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  • shop photoshop tools tool woodworking panarama woodworkingshop toolcollection whatsinmyshop grummancanoe

    woodworking shop panarama

    you can call it the shop or the "dog house" if you like. I enjoy putting panaramas together. this looks better in the larger size. originally framed for big windows, but at the last moment drywalled them...

    Photo by chazferret on Flickr

  • walking dead twd


    Dale's tool box. He's going to loan his bolt cutters to Rick. Notice the belt clip on the crescent wrench.

    Photo by el cajon yacht club on Flickr

  • show moleskine bag cool friend muji g3 pilot whatisinyourbag 外拍 無印良品 whatisinmybag 无印良品 gaoyuan moleskiner moleskinercn 书写工具

    just Geeky!

    Photo by guccio@文房具社 on Flickr

  • The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching

    John Wiley & Sons. 2011. ISBN: 9781118005200,1118005201. 224 pages.

    Instructors are under pressure to integrate technology into their traditional or online instruction, but often they aren't sure what to do or why they should do it. The Technology Toolbelt for Teaching offers instructors a down-to-earth guide to common technologies, explains the pedagogical purposes they serve, and shows how they can be used effectively in online or face-to-face classrooms. Designed to be easy to use, the book includes a decision-making matrix for each technology tool: a...

  • Monkey with a Tool Belt

    Carolrhoda Books. 2013. ISBN: 9781467737999,1467737992. 32 pages.
  • Nifty, Thrifty, No-sew Costumes & Props

    Good Year Books. 1997. ISBN: 0673363724,9780673363725. 190 pages.

    Start with a simple, comfortable felt tunic. Add accessories and props made from materials found around the house. Presto! You've created an imaginative costume without picking up needle and thread. You can easily create a full wardrobe of interchangeable costumes. With this book it's quick . . . it's easy . . . it's fun . . . and kids will love it!

  • Software Optimization for High-performance Computing

    Prentice Hall Professional. 2017. ISBN: 0130170089,9780130170088. 377 pages.

    The hands-on guide to high-performance coding and algorithm optimization. This hands-on guide to software optimization introduces state-of-the-art solutions for every key aspect of software performance - both code-based and algorithm-based. Two leading HP software performance experts offer comparative optimization strategies for RISC and for the new Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) design used in Intel IA-64 processors. Using many practical examples, they offer specific...

  • Tool School

    Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. 2014. ISBN: 9781629140377,1629140376. 240 pages.

    Learn the tools and the techniques with this invaluable resource for every woodworker. With any project, having the right tools is only half the battle. It’s knowing how to use them that can make or break a project. Tool School is the all-in-one, easy-to-use reference for every woodworking tool there is, from hammers and nails to lathes, band saws, and portable electric sanders. With over forty years of experience, Burch guides the reader through the entire process of choosing, buying, and...

  • Trump taps conservative Judge Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court


    “American liberals have become addicted to the courtroom, relying on judges and lawyers rather than elected leaders and the ballot box, as the primary means for effecting their social agenda on everything from gay marriage to assisted suicide to the use ...

  • 10 Charging Station Projects


    The site Her Tool Belt offers complete plans for building such a station ... much everything you need to know to create a basic charging station inside of any box, chest, or other suitable container: “Drill a hole into the back of an antique box or ...

  • Another 5 Power BI Tips


    Just click the check box next to Set custom link ... to roll out Power BI to more and more users within your organization, this will be a handy tool in your belt. I’ve had customers who have unexpectedly run into performance issues with their Power ...