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River Travel....pontoon houseboat???

We are looking into making or buying a houseboat to travel the rivers on the east coast.

  • harbour isleofwight houseboats bembridge


    Taken on the Isle of Wight UK..

    Photo by ronsaunders47 on Flickr

  • amsterdam canal houseboat pontoon xtech

    Static houseboat

    It looks like its built onto a pontoon

    Photo by jaygooby on Flickr

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    Floating camp on the Ouachita River by FinchLake

    Same picture, processed as an exposure fusion Floating camp on the Ouachita River. There are no roads to this camp, only access is by water. Notice that the camp is floating on pontoons and Styrofoam, the pole on the...

    Photo by finchlake2000 on Flickr

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  • According to Harper | A houseboat back then employed as a unfixed hunting quarters has an exciting set narrative


    I have much heard people broach the Colonna Houseboat and how they would like to take in it. In that pay homage to, I am rather fortuitous, for throughout the years I have attended myriad functions on the houseboat. Most recently I attended the Colonna strain

  • Delight houseboat owners get a big tax force in Kentucky. Fishermen pay 30 times more.


    The claim real estate tax velocity on bass boats, runabouts and pontoons is 45 cents per $100 of value, while the standing on documented houseboats and cot cruisers is just 1.5 cents per $100. So, the glory real estate tax pecker on a $25,000 bass yacht would be $112

  • Christmas Exhibition of Lights ups the stakes with Waverunner, other prizes


    Entr?e fees are $75 for cruisers, pontoon boats and sailboats. Houseboat captains pay $125. All registrants are asked to fetch a sort-new unwrapped toy to the at the time. The registration fee includes two souvenir T-shirts, a captain's goodies box, a

  • Weekends on the H: When place away from haunt is a 55-foot houseboat


    When they dearth to pit oneself against a river airing, they use a two-dimensional pontoon to get all about because the houseboat itself can be cumbersome to maneuver. They apostrophize b supplicate it “the car” and time after time use it when they go out to some of their favorite spots on the river, like

According to Harper | A houseboat way back when acquainted with as a alert hunting quarters has an stimulating kindred account - Virginian-Drive

I have frequently heard people point out the Colonna Houseboat and how they would like to stay it. In that devoirs, I am awfully lucky, for throughout the years I have attended various functions on the houseboat. Most recently I attended the Colonna kinsmen reunion where I enjoyed fraternization and orderly provisions.

The houseboat is located in the shower off a four-acre bosky section at the foot of Seneca Avenue in the Oaklette segment of Chesapeake, just off Indian River Means.

It was built in 1927 by Capt. Will Colonna Sr. and his daughters on an existing Chesapeake & Ohio unnatural railroad pontoon, which dated to the up to date 1800s.

Why did he bod this floating firm? He did it mostly to mob trade associates and friends. In the dispute of each year it was towed by tugboat, transporting a congregation of hunters to the logging community of Buffalo See in Be so bold as County, North Carolina. By 1927, most of the trees had been harvested, and the three things still growing good everywhere Buffalo Metropolis were Negroid bears, big bucks and fertility of chalk-white lightning.

The beginning time again the bootleggers saw this monstrosity flying the American pennon and the decks lined with men holding shotguns, they thinking they were a collect of revenuers that had come to refute their stills.

After verdict that the men had come just to for wildlife, the hunters and bootleggers became friends. As a incident of as a matter of actual fact, each morning at daybreak a gallon of corn sauce was mysteriously placed on the deck of the houseboat. When the locals were asked where it came from, their answerable for was always the same, “It was Nautical port by an old lady from the village who was dressed in woolly clothes” and was referred to as the Sea Hag.

After the hunting period of 1934, the houseboat was returned to the neighbouring field. In 1935, a catastrophic gale struck, breaking the ship’s support strand and blowing it about a region-mile inland. Capt. Will tried unsuccessfully to negotiate it back into the river. After several attempts, he formerly larboard the houseboat secured on the groundwork of a freshwater pond where it remained for more than three-quarters of a century.

The restoration proved to be a actual engineering exploit that required the conception of assorted people of contrastive trades and the services of qualified bagnio movers.

Today the houseboat sits on a new realistic underpinning that is supported by 12 reliable piles, each measuring one-foot ethical by 70 feet and reinforced with dagger. An access door was fabricated on the northwest corner to advantage utilities and offer for expected inspection of the foot.

The houseboat appears to be sitting in the O, but we recall the fact.

The houseboat has under no circumstances been given a notability; however, uncountable in Chesapeake have heard about it and refer to it as the “Colonna Houseboat.” It is currently employed for mignonne venereal gatherings with set, friends, clubs and problem associates.

On the alternate bottom you will upon an old virtuoso piano with sinuosity-of-the-20th-century tunes, a bar and incomparably fine effrontery cuspidors. Bottles of Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker Red now stop up the shelves where corn fluid was simultaneously stored. And visitors are required to cartouche the logbook, which can be found on a stay in the mesmerize passageway.

Source: pilotonline.com
RT @YourNewBoat: New Listing - 1985 Laundau 12 x 40 Aluminum #Pontoon #Houseboat For Sale on #NorrisLake - $32,500! https://t.co/xxulqA2UOY 10/22/16,
RT @YourNewBoat: New Listing - 1985 Laundau 12 x 40 Aluminum #Pontoon #Houseboat For Sale on #NorrisLake - $32,500! https://t.co/xxulqA2UOY 10/21/16,
New Listing - 1985 Laundau 12 x 40 Aluminum #Pontoon #Houseboat For Sale on #NorrisLake - $32,500! https://t.co/xxulqA2UOY 10/21/16,
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    The event celebrated the acquisition of a new Smoker Craft pontoon boat along with the weatherization of the camp’s crown jewel, the “Raven House,” asplit-level log cabin on the 90-acre property. Much of the money for the 24-foot boat came from a ...

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    There are still local fishing boats using the pier, so there is always a lot going on there. On heading ashore, there is a slipway where you can leave the dinghy next to the new Skye Sailing clubhouse or at the pier pontoon. As befits the capital of Skye ...

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