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SML Movie: The Couch!

Shrek has an accident on the couch.

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    THE Winter day

    When I took a set of 4 shots on January 26th I was not aware that this was the only day with snow inside Winter 2013/2014 in Ostwestfalen ( East Westphalia / Nothwest Germany). The mildest Winter I can remember....

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  • Hiding in the couch. Day 892 of project 365 extended.

    Most of our family have welcomed Bob into our family, K'ya on the other hand not so much.

    Photo by Photos by Danny B. on Flickr

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    on the couch

    via Instagram

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RT @JAYVERSACE: Beyoncé and jay sitting on the couch trying to see how blu and the twins react to each other 06/21/17,
RT @Jo_Caulfield: In my house EVERY DAY is a #DayOfRage ! Seriously, how many times do I have to say "Don't leave wet towels lying on the c… 06/21/17,
Sex on the couch with young brunette - 06/21/17,
@JoyfulBrunette "It's no problem." He said and he popped open his own can and flopped down onto the couch next to h… 06/21/17,
RT @JAYVERSACE: The illuminati on the couch seeing jay z a little bit too inspired by this gospel music 06/21/17,
  • On the Couch

    Atlantic Monthly Press. 1999. ISBN: 0871137402,9780871137401. 387 pages.

    Nineteen short stories explore the realm of psychotherapy in a collection that features works by John Updike, Lawrence Block, and other notable American writers

  • Superman on the Couch

    A&C Black. 2004. ISBN: 0826415393,9780826415394. 192 pages.

    Why are so many of the superhero myths tied up with loss, often violent, of parents or parental figures? What is the significance of the dual identity? What makes some superhuman figures "good" and others "evil"? Why are so many of the prime superheroes white and male? How has the superhero evolved over the course of the 20th and early 21st centuries? And how might the myths be changing? Why is it that the key superhero archetypes - Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, the X-Men -...

  • Couch

    Small Beer Press. 2008. ISBN: 1931520976,9781931520973. 256 pages.

    "Couch hits on an improbable, even fantastic premise, and then rigorously hews to the logic that it generates, keeping it afloat (at times literally) to the end." —Los Angeles Times "Delightfully lighthearted writing. . . . Occasionally laugh-out-loud funny, the enthusiastic prose carries readers through sporadic dark moments . . . Parzybok’s quirky humor recalls the flaws and successes of early Douglas Adams."—Publishers Weekly "The book succeeds as a conceptual art piece, a literary...

  • On the Couch

    Penguin. 2017. ISBN: 9780425215104,0425215105. 294 pages.

    A memoir by the actress best known as psychiatrist Jennifer Melfi on The Sopranos describes what she terms her "ugly duckling" youth, highly publicized divorce from Harvey Keitel, bitter custody battle, bankruptcy, and struggles with depression. Reprint.

  • The Couch

    Dramatists Play Service Inc. 1986. ISBN: 0822202417,9780822202417. 63 pages.

    THE STORY: The play takes place at Carl Jung's home on a lake in Switzerland. It is Sunday afternoon, and Sigmund Freud, joining his protégé for lunch, finds him in conflict with his long-suffering wife, Emma, because of Jung's infatuation with a l