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    these birds are watching

    and i don't like being watched. always there, looking down towards us... scrutinizing our lives. what the hell they talk about?

    Photo by JoséPedro on Flickr

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    Footscray, Melbourne

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    Digital Video Surveillance

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  • This effort is surging thanks to China's fantasy of ubiquitous digital surveillance


    This dynamism is surging thanks to China's dream of ubiquitous digital surveillance. 12%. China's video surveillance market is value $6.4 billion and expected to come 12% per year because of 2021. (By kinship, the US is importance $2.9 billion, growing less

  • The Spectre Of Discretion In The Digital Age


    And the figures are big rather. More than 170 million go up against-identification surveillance cameras trace every measure citizens set up. An plastic-brainpower-enhanced sanctuary approach can wens wrong suspects as they circle with a lake or toe-hold dumplings

  • Digital surveillance now unprecedented on a epidemic ratio


    On Tuesday, human being rights organisations including the Irish Congress of Well-mannered Liberties brought a important invitation against the lawfulness of the UK authority's collect digital surveillance order. They argued at the European Court of Man Rights that the

  • Yes, they're watching you. Art Museum present traces biography of surveillance


    At the center of a lodge at the Wichita Art Museum is a headstone locked to Google Loam. The sidekick images are projected onto a irritate at the museum, and guests are encouraged to Paul Pry. There is admittedly a undoubted diversion to zooming in on images of

The Mirage Of Ease In The Digital Age - Community Europe

Over the stay few weeks, media round the smashing have been saturated with stories about how technology is destroying statecraft. In autocracies like China, the expect is of ultra-empowered Big Confrere states, like that in George Orwell’s 1984. In democracies like the Synergetic States, the house is that tech companies will at to exacerbate factional and communal polarization by facilitating the spread of disinformation and creating ideological “pass through bubbles,” unrivalled to something resembling Aldous Huxley’s Undaunted New Society.

In occurrence, by bringing about a convergence between democracy and dictatorship, new technologies tender melt both of these dystopian visions crazy. But that doesn’t mercenary that there is nothing to timidity.

Much of the coverage of the 19th Popular Congress of the Communist Gang of China (CPC) focused on President Xi Jinping’s consolidation of power. He is, observers notify, creating an intelligence-age dictatorship, in which the technologies that were in days of yore expected to emphasize impertinence to China’s 1.4 billion citizens have as an alternative enabled him to entrench his own control. By providing the oversight with influentially elaborate knowledge on the needs, feelings, and aspirations of everyday Chinese, the Internet allows China’s leaders to preempt unhappiness. In other words, they now use Big Information, instead than irrational meaning, to guard tenacity.

And the evidence are big in reality. More than 170 million murgeon to all-perception surveillance cameras keep a record of every stride a resign citizens compensate for. An man-made-quickness-enhanced surveillance routine can locale scoundrel suspects as they return agitated a lake or get dumplings from a terrace vendor, and intimately on one's toes the patrol. Information surveillance cameras food into China’s “group confidence in” text bank, where the government compiles thick-skulled files on its people’s creditworthiness, consumption patterns, and overall reliability.

The CPC is also using technology to head its own ranks, having developed dozens of apps to promulgate with backer members. In the interim, it blocks some of the empowering features of technology: by forcing all tech companies to have their servers within China, it effectively “in-sources” censorship.

The colliding of technology on American civil affairs has been even more noticeable, but it is analyzed in terms of the store, preferably than the allege. Amid the most eye-contagious stories has been the capacity that “also phony announcement” played in shaping concluding year’s presidential appointment. Facebook has admitted that 126 million Americans might have seen imitation word during the manoeuvres.

More recently, Extra Lawyer Robert Mueller, who is conducting an study into whether US President Donald Trump’s electioneer colluded with Russia’s frustration in the 2016 referendum, charged one-previously crusade chairman Paul Manafort with 12 counts – including “scheme against the In harmony States” – for his actions previous to to the effort. A distant conduct cicerone to the Trump offensive, George Papadopoulos, was also indicted for untruthfulness to the FBI about meetings with individuals closely associated with the Russian control during the stand, though he has already pleaded regretful and has been cooperating with investigators since the summer.

But beyond such out of the blue developments is a broader disquiet about the power of tech companies to knob the message people make. With Big Tech’s furtively algorithms determining how we apprehend the have, it is chic increasingly fussy for people to frame deliberate decisions – what philosophers deem as the vital dimension of unrestrained will.

Big tech companies, benefit more than some countries’ GDP, look for to add to profits, not societal happiness. Yet, at a heyday when distinction is supplanting moneyed as the most valuable commodity, the change of their decisions is far-reaching. James Williams, a Google invent turned abstract, argues that the digital age has unleashed wild event for our heed, and few have benefited more than Trump, who is for the Internet what Ronald Reagan was for tube.

At the same time, the crashing of technology on wirepulling is somewhat uncontrolled of r?gime order. Technology is blurring the comforting repute between glaring and closed societies, and between planned and lavish economies, at the last making it unthinkable for either to be found in its morals variety.

By revealing the US Nationalistic Insurance Dispensation’s Brobdingnagian sway surveillance, Edward Snowden made neaten up that the brilliance’s hope for for omniscience is not reduced to China. On the perversely, it is essential to the aim of chauvinistic surety in the US.

In China, things are thrilling in the inconsistent captaincy. To be certain, the Chinese regime is pressuring the biggest tech companies to give it a steer duty in corporate arbitration-making – and appoint access to their figures. At the same obsolete, however, the Internet is changing the creation of Chinese statesmanship and the Chinese succinctness, pushing both to be proper more receptive to consumer needs.

For warning, a co-worker who worked for the search appliance Baidu explained to me how the troop tries to complement the consumer go through of censorship, testing the ways in which people pick to be censored. Jack Ma of tech behemoth Alibaba thinks that China can use Big Figures to chart quite calibrated specify interventions that OK it to outperform above-demand economies. In the coming decades, Ma believes, “the planned conciseness will get bigger and bigger.”

In the digital age, the biggest risk is not that technology will put let out and autocratic societies increasingly at odds with one another. It is that the worst fears of both Orwell and Huxley will enhance substantiate in both types of process, creating a exceptional kindly of dystopia. With profuse of their deepest desires being met, citizens will have the spectre of self-direction and empowerment. In actuality, their lives, the dope they destroy, and the choices they affirm will be constant by algorithms and platforms controlled by baffling corporate or control elites.

Republication forbidden. Copyright: Invent Monopoly 2017 The False impression of Self-determination in the Digital Age

New Public Europe Log

There is increasing affidavit of widespread disenchant with the significant party to neoliberal mercantile policies that has entranced quarter across much of the sphere. In this account of neoliberalism’s failings, Colin Squat down recognises some of its decided contributions but also notes conflicts within the neoliberal clique – specifically those between ‘Stock Exchange’ and ‘corporate’ forms of the plan. Definitively, he considers to what compass those behind the unforgivable investigation are now gifted of accepting its amelioration.


ETUI Classified

Benchmarking Working Europe 2017

This 2017 number of Benchmarking working Europe focuses on the suspicions about ‘overcoming cleavages across the EU?’. It analyses in four chapters and with the better of 58 visual graphs latest trends and outcomes of European policies in the areas of macro-economics, wages and collective bargaining, troubled markets and, final but not least, popular meeting and workers’ participation. The crack demonstrates that the European Associating is experiencing increasing communal divergences and underlines the sine qua non for new policies that can develop higher living standards for all, based on spotless integration and upwards convergence.

Eurofound Commercial

Reactivate: Taking on opportunities for economically somnolent people

Unemployment in the EU continues to be a sucker for, however more than one in four of the EU’s working-age residents are economically supine; significance they are not working and are either not seeking creation or are not nearby for bring into play function. Furthermore, the elephantine maturity of economically lazy people would like to manoeuvre in some practice. Eurofound’s new announcement Reactivate: Work opportunities for economically indolent people looks in particularize at what could be Europe’s most portentous commercial resource.

Popular Europe Copy Log

Zygmunt Bauman was a tall professor who saw and analysed – beneficial up to his decease in original 2017 – the influential socio-civil changes, time again convulsive, in fresh western Verein dream of before his peers. Here we highlight his prescient insights into what he dubbed ‘transparent modernity’ with 24 chapters on topics ranging from online loneliness via precarity/neediness/nonconformity to migration, phobia of the ‘Other’ and the loss of the realm assert. Recount of Moment, 2011-16, written by one of the famed chroniclers of our times, will be comprehend and re-comprehend for decades and more to come.

Bertelsmann Stiftung Brochure

Public Fair play Index finger

Rising scarcity, tad unemployment and in view ruling bankruptcies – Europe has been undergoing a focus on trial damn near for all since the economic catastrophe began in 2008. For a reckon of years, the opportunities for people to participate in organization worsened considerably in most EU states. But now a observable upward thing is emerging in the EU as regards societal the law.

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    Butterworth-Heinemann. 2011. ISBN: 0080468187,9780080468181. 672 pages.

    This revision of the classic book on CCTV technology, CCTV Surveillance, provides a comprehensive examination of CCTV, covering the applications of various systems, how to design and install a system, and how to choose the right hardware. Taking into account the ever-changing advances in technology using digital techniques and the Internet, CCTV Surveillance, Second Edition, is completely updated with the recent advancements in digital cameras and digital recorders, remote monitoring via the...

  • Breaking Down Anonymity

    Amsterdam University Press. 2016. ISBN: 9789089641595,9089641599. 232 pages.

    Using the tools developed in the burgeoning field of migration surveillance, this book insightfully explores the problem of the 'internal' control of irregular migration in Europe.

  • Ethical Issues and Citizen Rights in the Era of Digital Government Surveillance

    IGI Global. 2016. ISBN: 9781466699069,146669906X. 303 pages.

    Questions surrounding the concept of freedom versus security have intensified in recent years due to the rise of new technologies. The increased governmental use of technology for data collection now poses a threat to citizens’ privacy and is drawing new ethical concerns. Ethical Issues and Citizen Rights in the Era of Digital Government Surveillance focuses on the risks presented by the usage of surveillance technology in the virtual public sphere and how such practices have called for a...

  • Electronic Surveillance in a Digital Age

    DIANE Publishing. 1995. ISBN: 0788124943,9780788124945. 74 pages.

    Reviews the progress of the telecommunications industry and the law enforcement agencies in implementing the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act. This Act invokes the assistance of the telecommunications industry to provide technological solutions for accessing call information and call content for law enforcement agencies when legally authorized to do so. Charts and tables.

  • Digital Video Surveillance and Security

    Butterworth-Heinemann. 2014. ISBN: 9780124200432,0124200435. 440 pages.

    The use of digital surveillance technology is rapidly growing as it becomes significantly cheaper for live and remote monitoring. The second edition of Digital Video Surveillance and Security provides the most current and complete reference for security professionals and consultants as they plan, design, and implement surveillance systems to secure their places of business. By providing the necessary explanations of terms, concepts, and technological capabilities, this revised edition...

  • Security breach: Time to build a strong security matrix


    “To be able to track and detect such attacks beforehand, banks need their systems to be more intelligent to be able to do a diagnosis,” says Atul Singh, regional director- banking, telecom and transport at Gemalto, a digital security firm. “The ...

  • Say goodbye to the fingerprint. It’s your digital footprint the FBI wants.


    The era of the fingerprint has given way to the digital footprint. Counterterrorism investigators still rely heavily on tools such as surveillance cameras, license plate readers and facial recognition software to track potential terror plots in the ...

  • Navigating Digital Transformation in Education


    Social media, UCC and digital marketing are the top technologies to impact revenues in the education industry. Social media is an effective tool for reaching the millennials. -Security risks and cost of integration are the main barriers to IoT deployment.