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How to plan, buy, layout, and install video surveillance on your home, office, or business for cheap! ...

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    The Constitution in Peril

    The Constitution in Peril Books: America's Terror War on America The War on Terror didn't start as an attack on Americans' rights, but several new books argue that's exactly what happened. By Christopher Dickey...

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    We stand so close together, but we are so far apart

    This was taken on the southwest corner of Broadway and 96th Street. I was concentrating on the woman in black, because I thought the combination of colors in her outfit was interesting. It was only after I uploaded...

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    Surveillance Camera?

    A cheap security surveillance system - a light and a sign pretending it's a camera.

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  • How Surveillance Cameras Have Become an Internet Superweapon


    They are cheap devices that cut corners. While they are not prone to the same attacks as your home computers (such as phishing emails), they have other common problems (like backdoor passwords). These are passwords, like “support,” that vendors put 

  • Chinese Firm Recalls Up to 10000 Webcams After Friday's Major Hack


    Liu Yuexin, Xiongmai's marketing director, estimated the number of vulnerable devices at fewer than 10,000 to be recalled. He said the company would recall the first few batches of surveillance cameras made in 2014 that monitor rooms or shops for

  • Terrorists have a cheap new weapon that's surprisingly simple to deploy


    Islamic State has increasingly been using drones for surveillance and for attempted attacks on the battlefield, particularly against Iraqi forces, according to experts. Earlier this month, a small drone killed two Kurdish soldiers fighting the terror

  • Thailand's New Online Fad: Social Surveillance


    She said she is working on another report looking at “surveillance on the cheap” through control of ISPs and telecoms which aren't independent. Though fear of social surveillance may have a chilling effect on expression, Blum-Dumontet said people need

  • Julian Robertson: Biotech Stocks Are Cheap


    Julian Robertson, Tiger Management's chairman and chief executive officer, comments on biotech stocks during an interview with 's Tom Keene and Mike McKee on " Surveillance Primetime." (Source: ) 

I wonder how many Casino Surveillance rooms with cheap systems and under qualified techs were indirectly responsible for Fridays net outage? 10/25/16,
RT @schestowitz: "Suppose, however, that surveillance becomes too cheap to meter...too cheap to limit through budgetary processes." https:/… 10/25/16,
"Suppose, however, that surveillance becomes too cheap to meter...too cheap to limit through budgetary processes." 10/25/16,
#Stalking #Tapping #Surveillance #Harassment That is such a cheap thing to do. Wont be forgiving anybody responsible. More tweets tmrw! 10/24/16,
Surveillance drones can be easily bought cheap in the market. So they don't necessarily need to be supplied to the… 10/23/16,
  • A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book about Studying Organizations

    SAGE. 2005. ISBN: 141290191X,9781412901918. 146 pages.

    Written in an accessible style, this work presents a discussion of classical and contemporary ideas about organizations and their management. It shows that getting to grips with these ideas means asking fundamental questions about what it means to be human and about the nature of modern society.

  • A Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Organizations

    SAGE. 2016. ISBN: 9781473988194,1473988195. 192 pages.

    'Indispensable and subversive' - Simon Caulkin, The Observer 'A highly entertaining polemic.... This slim volume more than lives up to its title' - Stefan Stern, Financial Times Conceived by Chris Grey and written to get you thinking, the “Very Short, Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap” series offers an informal, conversational, accessible yet sophisticated and critical overview of what you find in conventional textbooks. The Fourth Edition of Studying Organizations explains the...

  • Electronic Monitoring in the Workplace

    IGI Global. 2016. ISBN: 1591404576,9781591404576. 305 pages.

    There is rising concern about the rights of employees, especially with respect to their rights to privacy. Contributes to the debate and will point the way toward some solutions.

  • Principles and Practice of Public Health Surveillance

    Oxford University Press, USA. 2016. ISBN: 9780195138276,0195138279. 406 pages.

    "This text presents an organized approach to planning, developing, and implementing public health surveillance systems. It has a broad scope, discussing legal and ethical issues as well as technical problems"--Jacket cover.

  • Computer Repair for PC Owners 2011. ISBN: 9781257006014,1257006010. 650 pages.

    A guide to upgrading and repairing computers, designed for people without previous knowledge of computer repair. Covers how computers work, how to fix them, and how to keep them running.

  • China's Xiongmai to recall up to 10,000 webcams after hack


    "Manufacturers today are flooding the market with cheap, insecure devices, with few market incentives to design the products with security in mind, or to provide ongoing support," Warner said. He asked FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler if communications providers ...

  • Dyn attack: US Senator wants to know why IoT security is so anemic


    Manufacturers today are flooding the market with cheap, insecure devices, with few market incentives to design the products with security in mind, or to provide ongoing support. And buyers seem unable to make informed decisions between products based on ...

  • Jim Stone under surveillance advises voters to film their vote


    CHEAPER OPTIONS THAT ARE ALMOST AS CONCEALED ARE THE SPY KEYCHAINS AND FLASH DRIVES spy cam keychains that look just like a car remote are excellent and very cheap, and will STILL ARRIVE ON TIME. And you can also get a spy cam flash drive, which will also ...