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Solar Panel Ground and Roof Mount Pros & Cons

Should you mount your solar panels on the roof or the ground? I discuss the pro's and con's of both. I cover array access, maintenance, safety, structural strength ...

  • trees sunset summer england orange sun green field yellow clouds landscape sussex evening countryside day westsussex cloudy balloon row smartphone hotairballoon rogate butserhill

    I travelled across mounts and vales

    I came upon this sunset scene on during an evening cycle ride, just as the sun was beginning to light up the sky. I took this using the panorama stiching feature of my smartphone. At the left on the horizon there is a...

    Photo by sagesolar on Flickr

  • forsale

    00009-Seneschal - Solar Union Peacekeeper Frame - Custom #1

    The 00009 is the production model of the UMD-30 "Acheron" frame, re-purposed as a peacekeeping unit by the Solar Union to guard Transit Gates, Government Installations and other key public facilities....

    Photo by LowestForm0fWit on Flickr

  • sky sun clouds sunrise solar eclipse miltonkeynes explore 365 mk partial solareclipse explored

    126/365 Solar Eclipse [Explored]

    Partial solar eclipse over Milton Keynes @ 200mm using ND3.0 filter tripod mounted Name : Tim Ebbs Explore: Highest position #31

    Photo by Tim Ebbs on Flickr

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  • China on Stride for Record Solar-Power Installations


    China, the age's biggest carbon emitter, is staid to inaugurate a platter confidentially amount of solar-power mother wit this year, prompting researchers to increase forecasts as 

  • Spain's Regulation Kneecaps Check in at Plataforma Solar de Almería


    On Friday, solar supporters mounted a solicit against the ruling at, receiving on the brink of 18,000 signatures overnight. In effect to questioning, Andrés García Lorca, the particular papal nuncio of Administration in Almería where PSA is located

  • Sunbury Bible Church will be sun-powered


    NORTHUMBERLAND — The 610 roof-mounted solar panels installed at Sunbury Bible Church this month will conserve the church and the spoken for Sunbury Christian Academy hundreds of thousands of dollars in ?lan costs. But the up sticks to solar power was 

  • Energis Provides Several Types of Solar Power Systems


    Our ground systems look into b pursue the same importance instatement technique as our roof mounted systems, however we utilise cleverly designed base-mounted frameworks, earthworks, and cabling in ready to talented your solar power set-up. For more bumf by 

Spain's Authority Kneecaps Check out at Plataforma Solar de Almería - CleanTechnica

Claiming budget cuts, Spain’s ruling cautious group has on a former occasion again kneecapped solar, this continually, it is advanced concentrated solar power (CSP) technologies probe at the the world at large celebrated solar enquiry lab Plataforma Solar de Almería (PSA) in the Tabernas territory of Spain, character of the Center for Spirit, Milieu and Technological Investigation (CIEMAT).

PSA is not funded by Spain. The European Cartel funds most of its het up b prepare.

As a humanity honoured into center in advanced concentrated solar thermal power, PSA receives oecumenical grants and manages drunk-budget ecumenical projects funded coolly exterior of Spain’s governmental budget. The examination at PSA, along with other popular labs like DLR in Germany and NREL and Sandia in the USA, has played a big neighbourhood in reducing CSP prices to this year’s note lows. PSA is not funded by Spain.

(I’ve covered some of the groundbreaking CSP check out carried out at PSA, like making oxygen and spray on the moon by splitting molecules in a thermochemical counteraction)

Under the ruling, the Clergymen of Resources and Projected Application blocked PSA from buying any gear and slashed by 40% the allowable total of researchers (again, paid independently of Spain) starting in the new year, regardless of the sovereignty of its funding.

The ruling orthodox Partido Common claimed the ruling was aimed at reducing Spain’s worldwide shortfall, ignoring the fait accompli that there will be no smash on Spain’s budget by stymying this funded solar check in. Ministerial resolution HAP/1169/2016 was published in July 2016, after the conformist do was closely re elected in what Spanish renewable experts described as bad message for Spain’s renewable sector.

Mariano Rajoy has been Prime Emissary since 2011. In January 2012, his guidance cancelled the provender-in excise program implemented in 2007, ending new CSP projects in Spain. In 2013, the rule reneged on the terms of times signed solar contracts (some of which is now being overturned by courts after supranational stand for for the solar work). Then in 2015, the same ruling reactionary Spanish command blocked rooftop solar .

On Friday, solar supporters mounted a solicit against the ruling at, receiving on the verge of 18,000 signatures overnight.

In retort to questioning, Andrés García Lorca, the shire delegate of Supervision in Almería where PSA is located, tried to downplay the mess. He told VOA that the Administration, by way of the National Secretariat for Into, Condition and Novelty, does have plans to location a “permitted figuring out” for the Plataforma Solar de Almería in look at of the “spending restrictions it suffers due to the regulations at all events the reduction of the accessible loss that baulk its undertaking in R & D notwithstanding the use of funds from its own occupation.”

Garcia Lorca acknowledged the plea made by the PSA to be sensible. “They are normal to some tract,” he said. “They have a system of manoeuvring remarkable from the prop of the Superintendence.”

But he appeared to confidence in that the stem was scarcely inadequacy of fast ruling-making by the Spanish rule. The existing curb scheme “hinders a bit” those agencies that “lack a numerous processing go.”

But according to PSA handling, they have attempted to converse the ruling throughout lawful channels privately for over a year with no answer. On Friday they turned to to crack to get a rejoinder via overt coercion.

Garcia Lorca said that this emergence takes opportunity, and downplayed the ill effects, saying that PSA solar thermal concentration experiment with is in no way at danger, as petitioners maintain.

Yet he simultaneously appeared to backtrack on the confession of PSA’s funding being external of Spain’s budget. “We must make compatible the all-inclusive good and pilot that the State must limber up over illustrious resources,” he said. Withal he expressed the security that the restrictions to which the outlay is substance would be resolved “within days.”

In the close by, Spain’s administration has responded to unconcealed on regarding similarly anti-solar rulings .

If you’d like to see advanced CSP analysis proceed with in thermal solar storage and dash and thermochemical solar fuels, it is quality a perspicacious click to add your distinction to the apply to at

Deliver the largest investigation center in solar thermal ?lan, Plataforma Solar de Almería

Susan Kraemer covers CSP invention for SolarPACES , the global friendship of federal examination laboratories advancing the arrangement of solar that can whip up its own power at Cimmerian dark and cache solar tension at up to 1500 C to require thermochemical reactions for solar fuels.

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist My Roof Mounted Solar Panel and How I Built It Download Download 10/26/16,
How High Off The Ground Should Solar Cells Be Mounted? 10/26/16,
The ground-mounted solar trend is sweeping through Massachusetts via #solarenergy 10/25/16,
The ground-mounted solar trend is sweeping through Massachusetts 10/25/16,
when mounted a solar plant would not only care price, might quality in first. 10/25/16,
  • Solar Electricity Handbook

    Greenstream Publishing. 2012. ISBN: 9781907670183,1907670181. 197 pages.

    The Solar Electricity Handbook is a practical and straightforward guide to using electric solar panels. Assuming no previous knowledge, the book explains how solar panels work, how they can be used and explains the steps you need to take to successfully design and install a solar photovoltaic system from scratch. Accompanying this book is a solar resource website containing lots of useful information, lists of suppliers and on-line solar energy calculators that will simplify the cost analysis...

  • Solar Cell Technology and Applications

    CRC Press. 2009. ISBN: 1420081780,9781420081787. 304 pages.

    Energy experts predict that wholesale electricity prices could easily rise 35 to 65 percent by 2015. Add to this the growing need for energy independence and the need to reduce carbon emissions and it is very clear that the development of low-cost renewable energy, such as solar energy, is essential for our economy and our national security. With the potential for low-cost, renewable energy that can create jobs while reducing our dependency on foreign oil, solar cell technology provides a...

  • Solar Electric Systems for Africa

    Commonwealth Secretariat. 1995. ISBN: 0850924537,9780850924534. 135 pages.

    This book is about making solar electricity available to people in rural Africa. It describes how, with guidance from an electrician, anyone can adapt a solar electric system to their own needs. Thirteen chapters cover the following essential solar electric topics: estimating local solar resource; solar electric, battery, and charge controller choice and technology; choosing lamps, appliances and small tools; low voltage wiring principles and practice; planning, installing and maintaining a...

  • Stand-alone Solar Electric Systems

    Earthscan. 2016. ISBN: 9781849776509,1849776504. 249 pages.

    One of the best ways to get power to remote, off-grid locations, whether in developed or developing countries, is through the use of solar electric systems. This practical guide describes how to plan, design and install solar electric systems in a manner that is hands-on, graphic and technically complete. Highly illustrated chapters cover: solar energy basics components of solar electric systems (modules, batteries, regulators, inverters and appliances) installation practice on planning and...

  • Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems

    Routledge. 2013. ISBN: 9781134032228,1134032226. 312 pages.

    Annotation * Adapted from the successful German edition, which has sold over 7,000 copies * Offers comprehensive guidance for professionals who wish to install solar thermal technology; in full color throughout * Includes details on how to market solar thermal technologies, a review of relevant simulation tools and data on selected regional, national and international renewable energy support programs Solar thermal systems available today offer efficiency and reliability. They can be applied...

  • Tree-top line to power up Mount Keira


    According to the council, several different types of power supply were considered for Mount Keira, including solar panels and a connection to existing power lines at the top of the escarpment. Solar was ruled out as the power demands of the communications ...

  • Plateau Park Solar hosts plug-in ceremony


    The solar project will create a major environmental attribute ... scale and commercial photovoltaic projects no matter if it is a ground-, roof-, or pole‑mounted system. Learn more at RSI is a small business headquartered in Oak ...

  • Vermont’s First Net Zero Energy, Affordable Housing Development Opens


    Each home is designed to have its total energy usage, including heating, cooling, domestic hot water, appliances and plug demands, met by a 6 kW roof-mounted solar photovoltaic array. Each home features a 6 kWh AC sonnen smart solar energy system for ...