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  • Berlin - Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin - Biber (submarine)

    The Biber (German for "beaver") was a German midget submarine of the Second World War. Armed with two externally mounted 21-inch (53 cm) torpedoes or mines, they were intended to attack coastal shipping....

    Photo by Daniel Mennerich on Flickr

  • california blue autumn light cloud sunlight sunrise rainbow skies balance canon5d blueskies fullframe route395 dpp pacheco easternsierras mizzy mountainlandscape easternsierra leevining mtdana bigbluesky snowcoveredmountains bluecloudysky canon1740mm digitalphotoprofessional mtgibbs cokinfilters fullrainbow californialandscapes sunlightthroughtheclouds earlymorningsunrise canon5dmarkii stormylandscape pachecophotography matthewpachecophotography fallfoliageincalifornia sunlightthruclouds landscapeswitharainbow rainbowinthesierras therainbowshack

    Lee Vining, Ca - Act 1: The Rainbow Shack

    Early Sunday morning.... after a few days of wandering the eastern sierra's.... a small black car pulled to the side of the road along the 395 highway in Lee Vining Ca, just before the familiar 120 turnoff to South...

    Photo by ™ Pacheco on Flickr

  • trees sunset sky sun set monterey gull explore pacificocean setting cypresstrees johnk pacificsunset explored d5000 johnkrzesinski randomok

    Sunset through the trees at Pacific Grove

    [Made Explore #108 on Monday, May 10, 2010] (view large on black) Jan had some artistic direction on my sunset shots. Rather than just shooting the sun as it sank into the ocean through a layer of distant cloud, she...

    Photo by Images by John 'K' on Flickr

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Just watch this for a solid minute and let it sink in how small and insignificant we all really are 10/26/16,
Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.... #BenjaminFranklin #quotes 10/26/16,
A small leak can sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin 10/26/16,
@SkullFucking small room that held a desk, chair and a single mattress along with a single bathroom including a shower, toilet and sink.- 10/26/16,
  • Characterizing Sources of Indoor Air Pollution and Related Sink Effects

    ASTM International. 1996. ISBN: 0803120303,9780803120303. 406 pages.

    Based on presentations at a 1994 Symposium, these detailed papers review source/sink characterization; design, construction, characterization, and operation of test chambers and facilities; testing protocols for determining emission factors and sink absorption/desorption rates; models for predicting

  • Eric Sink on the Business of Software

    Apress. 2006. ISBN: 1430201436,9781430201434. 320 pages.

    Eric.Weblog() has 50,000 regular users; consistently included on the list of the most popular feeds in Sink founded a company that was named to the Inc 500 Book explains tough topics like marketing and hiring, in terms that programmers understand—all sprinkled with a touch of humor

  • Taking the Plunge 2000

    2016. ISBN: 0642750033,9780642750037. 47 pages.
  • Natural Sinks of CO2

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9789401127936,940112793X. 466 pages.

    Most of the attention with respect to the increase in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations centers around three issues: human-generated sources of carbon, mostly from burning fossil fuels; tropical deforestation, which accelerates the production of atmospheric carbon while causting havoc with biodiversity and the economic development of tropical countries; and the temperature increase that may accompany increased atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations. This is the first book to focus...

  • Patch Dynamics

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9783642501555,3642501559. 324 pages.

    From the preface by Joel E. Cohen: "A century from now humanity will live in a managed - or mismanaged - global garden. We are debating the need to preserve tropical forests. Farming of the sea is providing an increasing part of our fish supply. We are beginning to control atmospheric emissions. In 100 years, we shall use novel farming practices and genetic engineering of bacteria to manipulate the methane production of rice fields. The continental shelf will be providing food, energy,...

  • Petite West Village one-bedroom on a beautiful block wants $839,000


    Welcome back to The Six Digit Club, in which we take a look at a newish-to-market listing priced under $1 million, because nice things sometimes come in small packages ... bathroom with a marble-topped sink. Other highlights include high ceilings, hardwood ...

  • Whaling Nations Sink Renewed Bid for S. Atlantic Sanctuary


    Its main detractors were whalers Japan, Norway and Iceland – with backing from a number of African, Asian and small island states. “With all the problems currently facing whale populations that have previously been devastated by commercial whaling ...

  • Police Chief, Witness Recall Vance's Shootut In Wellston


    where people in the small town are hoping he is caught. Wellston Police Chief Tim Estes says the department has three full-time police officers. Two of them are shot, which leaves him and one part-time officer in training. “Kind of makes your heart sink ...