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How To: Replacing a Vanity and Sink

Give your bathroom a makeover by replacing your old vanity and sink. ---- For product info and project tips, check out our website. Remember, you can buy ...

  • girl station train photomanipulation waiting tracks suitcases

    13654795944_b2f117ab2d_b Waiting For A Train

    Background Locomotive Textures used...

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  • bathroom sink vanity renovation

    New bathroom vanity

    We went with an eggshell quartz counter top with an undermount white porcelain sink.

    Photo by Andrew|W on Flickr

  • bathroom sink vanity toilet renovation


    I can now say I have a Jacuzzi...toilet. I didn't know they even made them until standing in the toilet aisle at Lowes. Anything is better than that old purple one.

    Photo by Andrew|W on Flickr

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  • interiors set in stone


    This season has also seen the launch of a new Carrara marble sink/vanity with brushed brass inlays. The Astoria is £7,500 and is inspired by Art Deco design. “We are continually moving forward and looking for new ways of using our stone,” says Jason ...

  • Increase Counter Space with These Cabinet Hacks


    Never be embarrassed by the state of your kitchen or bathroom again! Base racks take up the space under your kitchen countertop or bath vanity where you would normally store big pots and pans or cleaning supplies. We often stack our cookware to take ...

  • Replace Your Vanity


    My business specializes in interior renovations, so I’m no stranger to gutting an old bathroom and building it from the studs ... and the cherry on top of the updated finishes: a new vanity. At its core, the workflow for replacing a vanity is pretty ...