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10 Best Shower Heads 2016

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    Clean Water for Bathing

    Water Washed Diseases World Water Day There are 7 billion people to feed on the planet today and another 2 billion are expected to join by 2050. Statistics say that each of us drinks from 2 to 4 litres of water every...

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  • Should I shower at night or in the morning? The best time is ...


    It's time to come clean: Are you a morning or a night person when it comes to showering? The time of day you shower may come down to personal habits and 

  • When is the best time to shower?


    To help settle the argument, health researchers recently attempted to scientifically prove whether it's better to shower in the morning or the evening. Their conclusion? Both have merit. Yes, that's a bit of a letdown, but the best choice for you

  • 4 best ways to view the Orionid meteor shower


    As the Earth orbits through the debris trail of 1P/Halley, also known as Halley's Comet, a meteor shower results as the particles enter our atmosphere. According to NASA, the best time to look for Orionid meteors is just before sunrise Saturday when

  • Orionid meteor shower peaks in Bay Area skies


    The annual autumn meteor shower known for its particularly bright, zippy flashes meets its nemesis: the moon. The Orionid shower peaks Friday, but the meteors are sharing the sky with the gibbous moon. Prime time for Orionid viewing is after midnight

  • When is the Taurids Meteor Shower, where's the best place in the ...


    Shooting stars and meteors will be visible to the naked eye as they shoot across the night sky in the coming weeks.

The best thing to do on a bad day is to take a long shower 10/26/16,
RT @MichaelPorfirio: Most people dont take Showers. Average people take 1 Shower per day The best take 3-5 Showers per day I take 7-12+… 10/26/16,
RT @sheisplanet: So...I just got the best baby shower invite ever. This mom's got her party priorities right. 10/26/16,
RT @spa_shell: Best way to start the day ! Just trying out the drench shower ! @FishmoreSpa #shoot #drench #wakeup 10/26/16,
  • Betty Crocker 20 Best Baby Shower Recipes

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2013. ISBN: 9780544200913,0544200918. 45 pages.

    Create a Charming Baby Shower Photo of Every Recipe Baby showers are so much fun – and with this easy book preparing for the shower can be fun as well. Put out Baby Bib Appetizers and Mongo-Pepper Salsa Crostini to start, and then follow with sweet bites – Luscious Chocolate Truffles, Baby Block Cereal Bars, and Salted Caramel Turtle Triangles. Then bring out the cake; the Baby’s Bootie Cake or Baby Face Cake make a fun way to welcome a new little one. With Betty Crocker you can count on a...

  • Betty Crocker 20 Best Bridal Shower Recipes

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2013. ISBN: 9780544201255,0544201256. 45 pages.

    Throw a Great Bridal Shower Photo of Every Recipe It’s your turn to throw the bridal shower, and you’ll be ready with this easy-to-use book. There are great appetizers, such as Crab Mini Quiches, and sweet bites, such as Butterfly Cupcake Petits Fours, and of course, great desserts from the lovey Bridal Shower Cakes to Engagement Ring Mini Cupcakes. Relax, and get ready to enjoy the shower; Betty Crocker has it covered.

  • The Best Wedding Shower Book

    Meadowbrook. 2001. ISBN: 0671318241,9780671318246. 130 pages.

    This new edition contains more fun activities, party recipes, decorating hints, gift ideas, and planning tips than any other book Practical party-planning checklists Designs for invitations and name tags Decorating ideas that don't cost a bundle Creative ideas for "couples" showers Engaging party games that won't embarrass your quests Dozens of delicious, nutritious recipes and menu ideas Attractive serving suggestions Tips on choosing a party location Updated planning section More creative,...

  • Baby Shower Games

    2015. ISBN: 153369236X,9781533692368. 40 pages.

    Baby showers are a time for great celebration. Aside from good company, gifts, and refreshments, my favorite part of the party is planning and playing the games. Now, naturally, because of the term "baby shower," many people think that the games and gifts have to be focused on the baby. And while it is important to acknowledge the presence of a new life, and to give the mom-to-be things she will need, it's also important to honor and give some attention just to her. This book is designed to...

  • Goose in the Shower ... is Good Clean Fun 2016. ISBN: 9780557817498,0557817498.
  • Shower tile height


    We are in the middle of a house renovation and I have to make a decision about the shower tile. We've chosen a tile we love (Happy Floors in Flint in white). What is the best height to take the tile in the shower? Originally I planned to take the tile all ...

  • shower door advice


    debating between shower doors. Is it best to get a roller door that has brass rollers to prevent against rust? I want something that's made of decent quality material that I don't have to replace in a couple years. Any brand suggestions? thanks for your ...

  • Toronto’s best spas and beauty bars right now


    In Toronto, there’s a beauty bar for every occasion, whether it’s a lunch-hour laser treatment or a boozy bridal shower. For the latter, we recommend Her Majesty’s Pleasure, an enchanting place to get primped. The shop offers a full list of spa ...

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