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Steady trade at on-farm dairy dispersal sale in Armagh

The sale of 185 pedigree Holstein heifers at Corkley Mill farm near Corkley, Co Armagh, met a steady trade from bidders on Wednesday. Read the full story: ...

  • 67_the jail had been laid in ashes

    Hamilton Hatter’s Tense Charles Town, WV 1865-1867 - While the ruins are still smoking Transcript from Video TRT: 26:58 With generous, community-minded support from American Public University...

    Photo by Jim Surkamp on Flickr

  • italy colors landscapes italian nikon italia villa colori castello paesaggi brianza lombardia crivelli d90 inverigo 2013 ilcastello

    Villa Crivelli (Castello)

    Vista dalla scalinata del Gigante su Villa Crivelli a cui il percorso si collega, la Villa Crivelli è conosciuta per la sua storia ad Inverigo come il Castello, costruita su un antico castrum è divenuta sede del...

    Photo by STEVE BEST ONE on Flickr

  • man beauty statue handicraft foot sitting village image buddha workshop worker srilanka serendipity chisel woodcarving skill crosslegged serendib serendip

    Woodcarver (IMG_1076b)

    In villages in the south of Sri Lanka can be found skilled woodcarvers making various items for sale around the island and for the tourist trade. This man was working seated cross-legged and used one foot to hold the...

    Photo by Dennis Candy on Flickr

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  • Art Basel Miami Shore Sees 'Slow But Steady' Sales—Including $9.5 M. Nauman—on Opening Day in Mid-Renovation ...


    A crew that included some of the world's top art collectors streamed into Art Basel Miami Beach's Primary Choice preview this morning, and as the day went on buyers snapped up dozens of seven-illustration works from the 268 galleries that have set up in booths

  • JGBs steady, 30-year sale awaited


    TOKYO, Dec 6 () - Japanese control bonds were steady on Wednesday, underpinned by slumping equities, as investors looked to the next period's 30-year JGB auction. The benchmark 10-year moolah JGB yield was flat on the day at 0.055 percent, and

  • Sales observe a steady pace at Arrowhead Reserve


    IMMOKALEE — New place sales have kept a steady pace at Arrowhead Reserve, a community of single-stock homes off Lake Trafford Road in Immokalee. "We've completed the sale of 27 homes at this thrust," said Gary Hains, vice president of FL Star

  • Accenture plc Dives Deeper Into "The New"


    The fellowship recorded 17% higher sale in Europe, year over year. Developing spread markets boosted their sales by 13%, while North America lagged behind at an 8% toll of annual growth. Clients in the financial-services sector came knocking with a 14

Art Basel Miami Careen Sees 'Slow But Steady' Sales—Including $9.5 M. Nauman—on Opening Day in Mid-Renovation ... - ARTnews

A collection that included some of the world’s top art collectors streamed into Art Basel Miami Beach’s Beginning Choice preview this morning, and as the day went on buyers snapped up dozens of seven-get a fix on works from the 268 galleries that have set up in booths at the city’s convention center. Ignoring construction outside related to ongoing renovations of the building, and a brief setback that prevented exhibitors from entering for 30 minutes during the pre-above-board set-up, dealers said that the fair’s rejiggered landscape for the most part encouraged reproduce visits and spurred big sales.

In the openings hours, Hauser & Wirth managed to bring down Bruce Nauman’s Untitled (Two Wolves, Two Deer) , 1989, in an Asian collection to the air of $9.5 million, a mark just a hair shy of the artist’s auction record of $9.9 million. Hauser also sold Importance Bradford’s new black stone-studded canvas Moon Rocks (2017) for $5 million, while within easy reach, Gagosian was selling work by Ed Ruscha, Rudolph Stingel, and Cecily Brown for up to $3.5 million, and David Zwirner found buyers for Neo Rauch’s Tank for $1.2 million and Yayoi Kusama’s Eminence at the Flower Bed (2013) for $1 million.

“It’s been slow but steady,” Zwirner said at his booth, stationary in front of two Jeff Koons gazing ball works that apparently had yet to tell on.

“This new floor plan confuses people a bit, but once they find their favorite galleries, they’re buying,” he went on. “Normally it’s all wing loaded, but people have been coming back two or three times and buying, so I’ll take that.”

The new confuse plan is indeed a change from years past, if a subtle one. With the renovation booming on, Art Basel was able to give the space a makeover and make some moves—which risked alienating longtime supporters who have committed routes to recall, but also allowed for positive little tweaks. There is 10 percent more exhibition gap, giving the booths more of an airy feel, and wider aisles allowed for more room to dive in and out of different galleries with ease. And new central lounges, complete with large hanging greenery, created power-clusters, with Zwirner, Gagosian, Lévy Gorvy, Gauge, and Gladstone Gallery all bordering the same cafe area.

“The new layout is definitely working out,” said Walk’s president, Marc Glimcher, standing in his booth.

It was early afternoon, but the gallery had already sold a Willem de Kooning press on paper for $450,000 and a Sol LeWitt work on paper for $250,000, along with what Glimcher said was about half the box.

And there was serious interest in Pace’s high-concept offerings: in the booth, a spacious white plank acted as the base for a miniature sculpture park, where to-diminish models of massive outdoor works sat. As I talked to Glimcher, the dealer Almine Ruiz-Picasso was inquiring about a dollhouse-rate work by Jean Dubuffet, which in reality is 28 feet by 48 feet, and on sale for $12 million.

“All this is knotty work, and it’s not for the quick sale, but you start having conversations,” Glimcher said.

The sales all happened undeterred by a speed bump that threatened to derail the traditional 11 a.m. rush. Exhibitors are let into the practice center early to make last-minute adjustments to their booth, bring about catalogues, and have a game-day pep talk with staff. But at 10:15 this morning, the fire marshal mysteriously issued a stay on all entrances and exits, forcing any other arriving dealers to wait outside, regardless of station. After a half-hour in the heat, just minutes before the collectors piled in at 11, the dealers were allowed to become a member of.

“Larry was stuck outside, Zwirner was stuck outside, you had to get here really antediluvian!” Glimcher said.

Larry Gagosian could not be found to personally verify that he was part of the snafu, but Zwirner confirmed that he had to break among his fellow gallerists.

“I was stuck outside, and then I got in, but I was pretty annoyed,” Zwirner said. “You have that hour to look far the fair in peace and that was stolen from me.”

The trouble continued somewhat when the fair as a matter of fact opened, as some clients got stuck in lines due to changes in the entrance system among renovations.

“This is all about how clients are feeling, and there were some problems with people getting in,” said Brett Gorvy. “But that’s basically just a teething proclamation.”

When stopped at the fair, Art Basel’s director, Marc Spiegler, confirmed that the spark off marshal shut down the east entrance for 30 minutes. Without growing into details, he said that “they spotted something in the halls” and needed to make unswerving everything was safe before letting anyone else enter.

He admitted that, for dealers, “it was half an hour, but it was a important half an hour.”

And yet sales seem on par with past opening days at Art Basel Miami Strand. Sadie Coles sold one of Urs Fischer’s towering wax statues—which are intended to be melted down, and then refabricated—and this figurine was of fellow artist Adam McEwen. The price paid was $750,000. She also sold a painting by Fischer for $850,000. One stall over, Petzel sold a brand-new work by Dana Schutz, Self-Exam , for $275,000, while Lisson sold a country-like Anish Kapoor work for £600,000, or $802,000. Mnuchin placed a Signpost Bradford, Fly in the Buttermilk (2002 ), in a collection for $3 million.

This being Art Basel Miami Run aground, celebrities made the occasional appearance—Owen Wilson at the Van de Weghe stall checking out a Keith Haring with Stellan Holm, Leonardo DiCaprio emphatically embracing Evaluate Bradford, who had shown up in person ahead of a dinner in his honor tonight, thrown by Hauser.

The collectors included Dasha Zhukova, Jorge Pérez, Irma and Norman Braman, and Maurice Marciano, who was spotted at the Gavin Brown’s Audacity booth seemingly unaware of the woman holding a large bag from Marciano, his forefathers’s fashion brand, standing right by him.

Art Basel Miami Beach is unreserved through Sunday.

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  • Steady Your Spooky Horse

    The Russell Meerdink Company Ltd.. 2016. ISBN: 9780929346793,0929346793. 125 pages.

    As a mounted officer, author Jim Barrett has trained hundreds of police horses to ignore all the scary things that make our own riding experiences less-than-pleasurable. His Manual for the Mounted Officer is respected nationwide as the indispensable "how-to" guide for mounted units. And now he's written the "how-to" manual for every horse owner. Steady Your Spooky Horse: How-to Methods from the Mounted Police guides you through the task of training your horse to be "bombproof." You'll learn...

  • Fire Sale

    John Wiley & Sons. 2010. ISBN: 9780470948576,0470948574. 360 pages.

    The ads are everywhere. US real estate at rock-bottom prices. Posh homes in gated communities devalued 50% from a year ago. US real estate agents with nowhere to go in their own backyard are targeting Canada and other countries to attract buyers to the land of the foreclosed and the home of the bushwhacked. As the US housing market remains in crisis and foreign currencies increase in strength relative to the US dollar, foreign investment into real estate in America is reaching new highs,...

  • The Sessional Papers Printed by Order of the Hose of Lords, or Presented by Royal Command, in the Session 1845 (8 & 9 Victoriae,) Arranged in Volumes.

  • Colburn's New Monthly Magazine

  • Queues, Inventories and Maintenance

    Courier Corporation. 2016. ISBN: 0486439143,9780486439143. 202 pages.

    A seminal work by one of the founders of the science of operations research, this text for upper-level undergraduates and graduate students examines general queuing problems, discusses the effect of changes of arrival and service distributions on queuing results, and describes the application of queuing theory to maintenance and inventory problems.

  • Big Hits, Massive Flops: These are Consumer Reports Least Reliable Vehicles for 2016


    Three of the five least reliable vehicles in America are sales leaders in their respective categories; another is a steady top-tier player. And one of the least reliable new vehicles on sale today has failed so badly in the marketplace that its days are ...

  • County’s strong financial rating helps with bond sale


    The county unemployment rate was 6.4% in 2015, “The property tax base has experienced slow and steady growth over the past three fiscal years, and we expect local development and expansions to continue to support that trend,” S&P noted. “The county ...

  • EU wheat steady as euro stays weak, Egypt supports export demand


    PARIS: Wheat prices in western Europe were mostly steady on Tuesday, supported by a seven-month low ... percent protein content for November delivery in Hamburg was offered for sale at 3.0 euros over the Paris December contract against 2.5 euros on Monday.