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Saleucami Trooper (The Legacy Collection) Wave 9.5 Repacks & Repaints

During the final days of the Clone Wars, Stass Allie leads clone troopers on the desert world of Saleucami. While patrolling on a speeder bike, Allie is struck ...

  • trooper starwars clonetroopers saleucami

    Saleucami Trooper

    BD No. 20

    Photo by @cdharrison on Flickr

  • trooper starwars clonetroopers saleucami

    Saleucami Trooper

    BD No. 20. My wife found him at Kohl's of all places...

    Photo by @cdharrison on Flickr

  • A preview clip of The Clone Wars - 5.10 "Secret Weapons"


    WAC-47's master is Clone Commander Neyo, a trooper first seen on Saleucami in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith. · QT-KT is inspired by R2-KT, a pink astromech droid created by Star Wars fans in tribute to Katie Johnson, daughter of Albin 

  • LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2014 Unveiled [News]


    That said, I'm 100% sure about Death Star Troopers as a personal must-have. The yellow Jedi Starfighter doesn't improve much upon the previous version (9494). That was easily one of the best small Star Wars sets I”ve seen in years. This time we just

  • Des visuels pour les Lego Star Wars 2014


    Comme tous les ans depuis de nombreuses années maintenant, Lego va sortir en 2014 un bon nombre de nouveaux sets consacrés à Star Wars. De quoi satisfaire une fois de plus les fans de la saga, et toujours plus agrandir la collection des complétistes.

  • [MAJ][Lego] Les images de TOUS les sets de Janvier 2014 !


    Comme son nom l'indique, ce quadripode sert essentiellement de canon anti-véhicule (bien que son canon puisse sans doute aussi viser le ciel). Il est accompagné de Plo Koon, de deux Wolfpack Clone Troopers, et d'un droïd destroyer. Ah oui, j'ai oublié

  • [MAJ J7] Rétrospective Lego 2014


    Enfin, un quatrième set dédié à Saleucami présente une petite variation du concept Battlepack : dans ce set 75037, on a un mini décor ! A noter que ces Battlepacks introduisent un nouvel accessoire : des blasters capables de tirer de petites pièces

  • Toys & Prices 2010

    Krause Publications. 2009. ISBN: 9781440203626,1440203628. 808 pages.

    ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES: TOYS, GAMES & MODELS. Featuring analysis from experts and more than 2,000 photos, this title provides collectors with a comprehensive guide to post-World War II toys on the market. Each chapter features new toy listings, expanded information and updated pricing that reflect the trends in the toy-collecting hobby.

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    "F+W Media, Inc.". 2015. ISBN: 9781440245824,1440245827. 208 pages.

    Use The Force! Released in 1977, the movie Star Wars: A New Hope changed pop culture forever. The accompanying toys became a global phenomenon and are now the most hotly pursued toys in the galaxy. How hot? A Boba Fett action figure or Cloud City Playset in mint condition can be worth thousands of dollars to collectors. Learn the secrets of the universe with this hands-on, how-to guide to picking Star Wars toys. Fun, informative and easy to use, this indispensable pocket guide is more...

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    Del Rey. 2012. ISBN: 9780345542649,0345542649. 3824 pages.

    The Star Wars novels have been expanding the universe of this popular epic for decades. Now ten thrilling, action-packed classics have been collected in one convenient eBook bundle, a perfect introduction to the vibrant and varied eras of Star Wars history, past and future. With a rich cast of characters that includes beloved favorites—Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Princess Leia Organa—along with new villains and heroes, including the next generation of Jedi, these adventures will take fans...

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    Penguin. 2017. ISBN: 9781465454966,1465454969. 224 pages.

    A New York Times bestseller and Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award winner, this updated and expanded encyclopedia explores more than 200 characters from the complete Star WarsTM saga. Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, the definitive guide to the people, aliens, and DroidsTM of the Star Wars galaxy, is back, bigger and better than ever before, and packed with new Star Wars characters. Want to know how tall Darth Vader is? Or where the ferocious Nexu comes from? Look no...

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    Darth Vader, the evil emperor's powerful enforcer, sets out to eliminate all resistance to the Empire, a mission that reveals his true strength and role as the Emperor's iron fist.