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    Retail Sales On The Rebound

    We continue to see growing signs of economic recovery, resulting from the economic policies of the Democratic Congress and the Obama Administration responding to Bush Recession and the worst financial crisis since the...

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    Wagon Wheel #2

    Some info: It is considered to be an authentic extant example of American roadside architecture from the mid-century. The ranch-style office, motel and restaurant were originally built on the side of Highway 101 and...

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    Real Retail Sales from Calculated Risk

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  • Fair shoppers are feeling generous this year, retail sales are poised for big gains


    From the start Data is even more bullish on the holiday spending based on the results of its latest taste of 1.3 million brick-and-mortar and online merchants' period-of-sale activity. In its mid-season update, First Data said not only is retail sales intumescence

  • How To Brave Retail Sales Before And After The Holiday Rush


    With some of the largest sales opportunities revolving approximately big deal-focused days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, customers are looking for deals earlier than before and are placing their orders before the gala season has officially begun

  • Colorado Led the Way...Who'll Unite the Legal Pot Club in 2018?


    Four states legalized recreational marijuana in the 2016 poll, following in the footsteps of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C. But in the year since, only Nevada made retail pot sales a actuality. While California and

  • Correction is The Key to Success in Auto Retail Sales | Provisions in ...


    Drill is The Key to Success in Auto Retail | Provisions in Tax bill benefits dealerships | This small indication to customers help lead to more sales.

Respite shoppers are feeling generous this year, retail sales are poised for big gains - CNBC

According to Mastercard SpendingPulse, U.S. retail spending is up 3.6 percent between Nov. 1 and Dec. 9 from the same space in 2016. E-commerce sales are up 16.3 percent since November.

What's more, Mastercard SpendingPulse projects 2017 will see the strongest fete season sales growth since 2010, potentially surpassing 5 percent year-over-year increase.

SpendingPulse figures are based on aggregated sales activity in the Mastercard payment network, coupled with scrutiny-based estimates for other payment forms.

When it comes to category strength, Mastercard says core-related purchases are leading the way. While not typically thought of as a gift, home gain-related sales are up 11.6 percent and home furniture and furnishings are up 3.5 percent over 2016 time off levels.

The early doorbuster deals from such retailers as Best Buy , Kohl's and Butt look to have captured shoppers' early dollars and attention. Mastercard said the beginning three weeks of November saw a significant spending increase over last year, strikingly the week ending on Nov. 11.

Spending patterns are showing the typical "lull" days in early to mid-December. Another big shopping surge is expected in the final week before Christmas.

Inception Data is even more bullish on the holiday spending based on the results of its latest representative of 1.3 million brick-and-mortar and online merchants' point-of-sale bustle.

In its mid-season update, First Data said not only is retail sales growth persuasive at 5.4 percent higher than last year from Nov. 1 to Dec. 11, it's more than doubled last year's growth rate of 2 percent.

While e-commerce is outperforming sales in palpable retail, First Data numbers show 3.9 percent growth for brick-and-mortar set aside sales so far this season. Electronics and appliances sales are leading the way, with a 9.3 percent amelioration over last year. Building materials and do-it-yourself goods are up 6.9 percent.

However, sporting goods, recreation, books and music sales are down 0.9 percent year over year. That's almost identical to last year's rate at this time, but this year it's the only First Data ranking that's down. In 2016, First Data said four categories were seeing modulate sales at this point in the season.

Data from industry tracking firm NPD said retail sales are up 2 percent in the blue ribbon five weeks of the season through Dec. 2 across general advertise categories. Like MasterCard's data, NPD sees a surge in the second week with sales up 9 percent from 2016.

NPD gathers its observations from leading retailers providing weekly point-of-sale data in U.S. stores and online in rags, toys, technology, athletic footwear, prestige beauty, small placid appliances and office supplies.

By category, the group says small up on appliances, prestige beauty and technology lead the first week of December. But for the occasion so far, beauty is the winner.

"While the first week of November started out slow, with a 3 percent go for beauty, week 2 experienced a 15 percent increase and weeks 3 and 4 have seen looker sales really take off, posting the strongest gains of all the industries NPD is tracking this red-letter day," Larissa Jensen, NPD executive director and beauty industry analyst, said in a blog shaft.

The top performing product categories this season through Dec. 2, according to NPD: home automation (shelter and monitoring products and services), stereo headphones, kitchen appliance (driven by "cookers"), LCD TVs and skip about leisure footwear.

But NPD's chief industry advisor Marshal Cohen cautions that big assay discounts are taking a bite out of the total spending numbers.

"Leading segments are struggling to compel up for aggressive promotions that counteract positive product movement in others," Cohen said.

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  • Don't Stuff Up the Retail Sale

    Wendy Berry. 2016. ISBN: 9780980503722,0980503728. 318 pages.

    The very best retail sales training you will ever get packed into one book. Retail salespeople are notoriously under-trained. How does this impact on your bottom line? Whether you're a retail salesperson, sales manager or business owner, in this book you'll find a wealth of information that will help you succeed. Here at last is the complete guide to retail selling that will show you step-by-step how to refine your sales process, increase conversions and sell more. Wendy and Jo guide you...

  • Current Business Reports. Monthly Retail Trade, Sales and Accounts Receivable

  • Strategic Retail Management

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9783834967404,3834967408. 445 pages.

    This is not a traditional textbook or collection of case studies, but is intended to demonstrate the complex and manifold questions of retail management in the form of 18 lessons that provide a thematic overview of key issues and illustrate them with the help of comprehensive case studies. In the second edition, all chapters were revised and updated. Three new chapters were added to treat topics like online-retailing and multi-channel-strategies as well as the so called verticals in specific...

  • 1987 census of retail trade

  • 1987 Census of Retail Trade

  • Growing taste for takeaway hits Coles sales


    But while retail sales have proved surprisingly flat, and at times negative, since April — putting Australia on track to generate the type of spending that would struggle to lift by one third of the average for the last two decades — takeaway food is ...

  • Mobile retail sales worldwide will reach $220 billion in 2016


    Mobile is disrupting how commerce works in India. With more and more people accessing internet for the first time via mobile phones, it presents a golden opportunity for retailers in India. Mobile is changing not only how consumers buy, get entertained and ...

  • Stockland lifts retail sales 2.4% in Q1


    Stockland Group remains on track to deliver five to seven per cent growth in funds from operations this financial year after lifting retail sales and residential deposits. Stockland also said net deposits on residential lots, townhouses and completed homes ...