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RT @vipclubscene: In #hollywood for the Fourth?? Head over to the @WHollywoodHotel for a vibrant pool party! https://t.co/Lr1CSu6e3C https… 07/03/17,
RT @JackOliversPool: Here's some tips for a patriotic pool party! #jackoliverpools #columbiasc https://t.co/Kx3QTafvID 07/03/17,
Last nights staff pool party was honestly the most fun I've ever had at a sober party in my life x 07/03/17,
Whether you are going to the lake, beach or pool this weekend or hosting a PARTY, you can have these options as... https://t.co/CkfwgaKwYV 07/03/17,
RT @vipclubscene: In #hollywood for the Fourth?? Head over to the @WHollywoodHotel for a vibrant pool party! https://t.co/Lr1CSu6e3C https… 07/03/17,
  • The Pool Party

    Salina Talwar. 2017. ISBN: 8124112649,9788124112649. 16 pages.
  • Pool Party

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2017. ISBN: 9780547438825,0547438826. 24 pages.

    After Alice takes sun protection to the extreme, she might have to miss Tiffany's pool party on the hottest day of summer, but Martha hatches a plan to make sure Alice doesn't miss the party.

  • Pool Party

    Point. 1996. ISBN: 0590581112,9780590581110. 211 pages.

    Planning the party of the year at her mother's exclusive new hotel, Sharon is surprised when a mysterious person invites people she hardly knows to the party, and she begins to fear that her guests are being set up.

  • PJ's Pool Party

    Excessica Publishing. 2010.

    Jaime, renting a room on his return to Houston, isn't prepared when he meets PJ'a straight college student home for the weekend who invites him out back for a pool party that gets way out of hand.

  • The Pool Party

    Yearling. 2013. ISBN: 9780307830210,0307830217. 112 pages.

    Rudy Herrera is surprised and excited when he gets an invitation to a pool party. It's from Tiffany Perez, the richest and most popular girl in school. Rudy's grandmother, "El Shorty," thinks he is going off to shoot pool. His sister, Estela, warns him not to make a fool of himself, or worse, embarass her. Rudy's father teaches him how to make small talk and tells him Tiffany will like him because he's a real person, not a phony. All Rudy cares about is what to wear, what kinds of dives to...