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  • Cubicco's hurricane-proof modular homes break into Miami's construction scene


    Everyone wants affordable housing, but people who live in areas plagued by natural disasters also need resilient structures that won't collapse or fly away when wind speeds pick up. A Dutch company named Cubicco created a line of flat-packed homes

  • Prefab smartdome homes can pop up practically anywhere


    Slovenian firm smartdome constructions has developed a line of modular dome homes that can pop up practically anywhere. Created with the principles of “bionic construction” in mind, the prefabricated dodecahedrons are designed to sit lightly on the

  • Lustron Homes, the '50s prefabs that were ahead of their time


    As the numerous companies chasing the idea of affordable mass-manufactured housing suggests, the dream of prefab homes still attracts innovators, bold ideas, and creative design. But right after WWII, a Chicago businessman fashioned his home of the 

  • Prefab housing turns focus on small homes


    Author Sheri Koones believes that prefab houses (or "prefabulous," as she calls them) are the homes of the future. She's written five books about them. In the new "Prefabulous Small Houses" from The Taunton Press, Koones focuses on modestly sized homes 

  • Attention turns to small prefab homes


    Koones: I've been writing about prefab construction for a long time. If you're going to write about energy-efficient, sustainable homes, it really has to be prefab. The technology has come so incredibly far in recent years. And the more I traveled and

Prefabricated hobbit homes. Industrialized housing is coming in bits and spurts... And faster than you think! 10/25/16,
Wellcamp Prefabricated Homes for Labor Camp Indonesia Indonesia is wet, we choose moisture-… 10/25/16,
Wellcamp Indonesia Prefabricated Homes for Labor Camp Using as labor camp, this project ha… 10/25/16,
Wellcamp Prefabricated Homes for Labor Camp in Indonesia Project Lying along the equator,… 10/25/16,
  • Using Internet and Query Approach of Customizing Prefabricated Houses

    ProQuest. 2016. ISBN: 9780549929185,0549929185. 239 pages.

    This research identifies the methods of applying mass customization concept into today's prefabricated modular housing industry. Although the concept has already been implemented in the computer, clothing, and automobile industries, it has not been fully integrated in architecture, especially in the housing industry which is more directly related to personal life style. One of the arguments in this thesis focuses on the current implementation that is not fully functional to address the...

  • The Prefabricated Home

    Reaktion Books. 2005. ISBN: 1861892438,9781861892430. 223 pages.

    Prefabrication cannot be ignored, for it challenges the most traditional values of architecture. Architects may have neglected this area of practical construction, but they have much to learn from pattern-book houses, modular structures, Portakabins and mobile homes. The Prefabricated Homeexamines how the relationship between architecture and industrialized building has now become an urgent issue for architects.Colin Davies traces the history of prefabricated buildings from small-scale...

  • Prefabricated Homes

    2016. 36 pages.
  • Home Delivery

    The Museum of Modern Art. 2016. ISBN: 0870707337,9780870707339. 247 pages.

    Edited by Barry Bergdoll, Peter Christensen. Texts by Barry Bergdoll, Peter Christensen, Ken Tadashi Oshima, Rasmus Waen.

  • The Lustron Home

    McFarland. 2001. ISBN: 9781476604770,1476604770. 200 pages.

    Advertised as "a new standard for living," the Lustron Home was introduced in 1948 in response to the urgent need for housing for veterans returning from World War II and their rapidly growing families. These enameled steel, prefabricated houses became very popular, and were heavily promoted from 1948 to 1950. Approximately 2,500 went up all over the United States and even South America. This work chronicles the history of the Lustron Corporation--how it got started and why it failed. The...

  • 14 killed, 147 injured in China town blast


    Fourteen people were killed and 147 injured when a powerful explosion destroyed prefabricated houses and damaged buildings and cars in northwest China’s Shaanxi province. The explosion hit five prefabricated houses at 2 pm (local time) on Monday ...

  • Vancouver looks at modular housing industry to boost slim rental stock


    City of Vancouver staff are considering fast-tracking permits for standardized, modular laneway homes as a way to help boost the city’s rental stock. Such a move could speed up the development of backyard homes on the estimated 60,000 lots that can ...

  • Think Small


    It’s around the size of a lunch box and weighs about a pound, but the details within are striking. The house is a 24:1 model of the prefabricated homes that Kennedy hopes to soon stack like Legos atop some of the most expensive land on earth. Peering ...

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Pre-fabricated Tiny Home by MODS International

  • Double patio doors within secure container doors.
  • Bottom sewer connection, easy side water and electrical connection.
  • Includes appliances shown. Fully insulated. Heated & air conditioned.