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Lorde - Green Light

Official video for "Green Light" off the album 'Melodrama' out now: Melodrama World Tour: FOLLOW ...

  • The light zone.

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    Red light zone

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  • Shading and lighting retrofits slash energy use in New York 'Living Lab' office demonstration


    Compared to the baseline condition, energy use for lighting in the 40-foot deep perimeter zone on the living lab floor declined 79 percent, while the associated peak lighting electric demand went down 74 percent. Much of the savings came from the

  • Robbery suspects' arrests lead to Richmond exchange zone


    RICHMOND — Last month's arrests of four West County men in connection with a series of online transactions turned in-person robberies was a key factor in this week's creation of the police department's new community exchange zone, police said

  • Plaquemine Mayor provides updates on Quiet Zone implementation, City Park upgrades


    . Wednesday. Jul 12, 2017 at 12:53 PM at their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 11. Reeves informed city Selectmen that the proposed closure for the Quiet Zone

  • The Amazing Reason Deep Sea Corals Glow In the Dark


    We tend to picture corals awash in sunlight in the shallow tropics, but certain species also thrive in the “mesophotic zone” where light is perpetually dim. Found 30 to 150 meters beneath the ocean's surface, these “twilight” corals may serve as

  • Fun zone hosts play dates for special kids


    Kids World Family Fun Center in Oak Park recently hosted a sensory play date with reduced lighting and noise for guests with special needs. At the event and others like it to come, families who have children with sensory or physical challenges can play

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  • Light Zone City

    Walter de Gruyter. 2006. ISBN: 9783764378295,3764378298. 127 pages.

    The face of the nocturnal metropolis is marked decisively by light, and the number and variety of the light sources is increasing to the point of "light terror.” A well-lit urban space can be very inviting, giving residents and visitors a sense of well-being and security. A successful lighting design can also give the city at night an identity of its own and accentuate architectural qualities. In this book, the author embodies her many years of experience as a practitioner and teacher of...

  • Stage Lighting

    CRC Press. 2015. ISBN: 9781317343936,131734393X. 432 pages.

    The book’s organization follows a layered approach that builds on basic principles: Light as a Medium (Part 1), Tools of a Lighting Designer (Part 2), Design Fundamentals (Part 3), and Lighting Applications (Part 4). This presents students with a practical and logical sequence when learning basic concepts. The full spectrum of the lighting design process is presented in detail, giving students an example of how one might develop a lighting design from script analysis through concept and plot...

  • Road Lighting

    Springer. 2014. ISBN: 9783319114668,3319114662. 334 pages.

    This book outlines the underlying principles on which modern road lighting is based, and provides the reader with knowledge of how these principles should be applied in practice. This book offers a completely fresh approach to the subject, reflecting how the technology of road lighting has progressed to keep up with the changes in lamp technology, especially in solid state light sources, and the increasing awareness of energy use and environmental issues. The book is divided into three parts....

  • Fighting Light Pollution

    Stackpole Books. 2012. ISBN: 9780811745642,0811745643. 192 pages.

    The first practical guide to alleviating an increasingly prevalent environmental concern.

  • Smart Grid Home

    Cengage Learning. 2012. ISBN: 9781111318512,1111318514. 544 pages.

    Practical and reader-friendly, the SMART GRID HOME explains how the average homeowner can adapt and retrofit an existing residence to take advantage of the energy and cost saving technology now available as part of the development of the Smart Grid. Topics covered include reducing home energy consumption by eliminating heat loss and heat transfer, reducing the power-on time of electronics and other power equipment without loss of convenience, automating home electrical systems to maximize...