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Placement of Ornamental Trees in the Landscape

UNL Extension Educator John Fech discusses the benefits of ornamental trees and where they belong in your home landscape.

How is an ornamental tree more beautiful than a fruit tree.. plant trees that provide fruit ....we need to open... https://t.co/A7ljSrbaxN 10/26/16,
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. @thenewshour 812 trees at risk from #VVIPFlyover, some which are 50yrs old. Can 60k "ornamental" saplings replace their benefits ? 10/25/16,
Pop down to our #Treemendous weekend for some expert advice if you want to plant any #ornamental or #fruit trees… https://t.co/g074BBJ76h 10/25/16,
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    Tying together human migration with the spread of the cultivation of trees, the author has written a fascinating and informative book that tells the story of tree cultivation from ancient to modern times. The dispersion and variation of the more important trees is, in a sense, the story of the rise of civilization, for civilized societies have almost always cultivated trees for ornamentation and shade. The subject of trees touches many aspects of human activity. It is a subject that is of...

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  • California's iconic palm trees threatened by new pest


    Growers such as Keck are not the only ones who should be concerned, Hoddle said. The weevil attacks ornamental trees just as readily as date palms. He’s been keeping an eye on the bug for several years and recently took a trip just south of the U.S ...

  • Bridgewater Planning Board Approves New PSE&G Data Center on Route 22, Eliminates Controversial Emergency Access to Sebring Avenue


    The berm, Ginther said, will have evergreen trees, ornamental trees and shade trees. Ginther said the applicant is requesting a variance, as 285 landscaped trees are required, and 225 are currently proposed. He said they are still finalizing the landscape ...

  • Selfie sticks get out of shot as ornamental pineapples rise to the top of the tree


    Sales of the much-hated gadget are on the decline at John Lewis. So what could take their place in the retail zeitgeist? Name: Selfie stick. Official name: Monopod. Age: 11 years old, according to its inventor, Wayne Fromm. Appearance: A rod with a camera ...