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Kitchen Wall | UNCLE BEN'S® Ben's Beginners™ 2016

From an early age, it is clear that our kids are naturally attracted to cooking. At Uncle Ben's, we believe it's important to invite kids into the kitchen, where they can ...

  • kitchen cabinets appliances

    Kitchen Final: East Wall

    Final shots of the kitchen

    Photo by Mike Rohde on Flickr

  • kitchen remodel

    Kitchen wall nearest the porch

    While it looks like the cabinet is covered in plastic, that's really a trick of the light. It's acid-etched glass.

    Photo by benjamin.chapman on Flickr

  • kitchen cabinets appliances

    Kitchen Final: East Wall View

    Final shots of the kitchen

    Photo by Mike Rohde on Flickr

  • 3 Approaches To Choosing Wall Color For A Mixed-Materials Kitchen


    Erin Carlyle, Houzz Editorial Staff. It used to be that many people thought everything in a home — wood tones, metals, countertops — had to match. But today it's perfectly acceptable to choose one type of countertop for your kitchen perimeter and

  • See how this kitchen renovation helped maximize storage in a small space


    To rethink a small but hardworking kitchen in Washington, D.C., designer Melissa Cooley carefully measured every nook for places where she could incorporate space-saving solutions. The results of . Create an outline of someone sitting against the wall.

  • Chef cooks up an experience at Stone Wall Tavern


    “It's what I build my kitchens around, because the most minute thing determines how well you are as a cook — from the size of that chive to the proper cooking temperature of a piece of rockfish. It's all about appearance and everything. I owe that all

  • Quick-thinking Mukliteo resident saves home from going up in flames


    Investigators said when the resident returned, flames from the pan were spreading up the kitchen wall toward a microwave and a cabinet. Firefighters said the resident quickly put a cover on the pan to contain the flames. When fire crews arrived, they

  • A 'Very Niche' Concept Finds its New Home in an Art Gallery-Esque Deep Ellum Space


    The concept of LTO is based on “limited time only,” with a new chef selected every six months to take over the menu and kitchen. In the new space, an artist will be selected to have work displayed on the long wall of the shotgun restaurant. “We

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  • Medals on my Kitchen Wall

    Trafford Publishing. 2007. ISBN: 9781425198312,1425198317. 198 pages.

    I left Canada in 1953 to work for the Red Cross in the Far East for the Canadian Forces in Korea and Japan. After my tour of duty I went to Australia, where I worked and hitchhiked to the Outback. On my way to South Africa I visited the Dutch West Indies, Borneo, Thailand, Singapore, Burma, and India. I spent two months traveling by bus and train in India, three weeks of which were in Kashmir. Once I arrived in Africa I worked in Durban and hitchhiked around South Africa and neighboring...


    ISBN: 0740795090,9780740795091.
  • Bathroom and Kitchen Wall Surface Investigations

    2016. 26 pages.
  • 3-bedroom tenant house

    1968. 2 pages.
  • Renovating a Kitchen

    Taunton Press. 2016. ISBN: 9781561585403,1561585408. 160 pages.

    Poorly executed finish carpentry can make a whole house look like the work of an amateur. But quality finish carpentry can transform ordinary walls into finely crafted rooms. In this collection from Fine Homebuilding, you'll learn the secrets of master carpenters on designing and installing baseboard, moulding, window casing (including elegant curved casing), fireplace mantels, panelling, and built-in storage.

  • Modern Deco Kitchen Reveal


    We always wanted to bring in a neutral gray into the kitchen so we did that through the wall tiles. These are the 3 x 6 subway with the glazed edge by Fireclay in the colourway Blue Spruce. I love how matte they are and really pop with the white grout we used.

  • The Penny-Pincher's Guide to Styling Your Kitchen Like a Millionaire


    Merola Tile Park Slope Subway Ceramic Wall Tile ($50) There's nothing worse than a dimly lit kitchen. We're all for ambiance and setting the mood, but while you're cooking you need to see what you're doing. Clever placement can also hide design features ...

  • The Wild & Whimsical Pink Kitchen Reveal


    When we knew we would be putting the house on the market soon, I scrambled to finish the kitchen walls and choose a paint color that would complement the existing cabinets, countertops, and floors. And as soon as I finished, I wanted to just sit there ...

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