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Lucifer - House For Sale (1975)

160 kbps stereo muziek - beter kon ik niet vinden... dit is de lange album-versie). Met (presenator) Henny Huisman achter de drums!!!

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    House for sale

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    House for sale

    I decided to sell my investment house after my tenant moved out after 10 years. She bought a house of her own. The sale sign has been up for 2 weeks and there was an 'open inspection' yesterday. I got a good offer and...

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    Gothic Cottage ~ Cazenovia NY ~ 1847 ~ Historical District

    This house was built by local merchant Jacob Ten Eyck. When it was put up for sale in 1965, there were fears that it would soon become a parking lot. A determined effort by local preservationists resulted in the...

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RT @dazhuravleva972: Rent to Own, Foreclosures, and $100 Down HUD Homes for Sale #house #to #let https://t.co/jqVW6zWmpT 10/26/16,
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  • House for Sale

    Dramatic Publishing. 2016. ISBN: 158342279X,9781583422793. 77 pages.

    "Glen Martin, a 70-something widower in failing health, stubbornly resists his daughter's attempts to get him to sell his home and move in with her and her husband. In his search for a solution to remaining in his home, Glen advertises for a roommate, pulling in several odd and interesting characters. Once the prospective roommates arrive, he quickly loses control of the situation and mayhem erupts. Max, Glen's crony and next-door neighbor, offers his advice and becomes entangled in the...

  • House for Sale

    AuthorHouse. 2012. ISBN: 9781468572919,1468572911. 360 pages.

    Bill and Meg Sartin thought they had found a dream home to raise their son, Danny in a quiet secluded area of Tennessee. Their dreams were shattered as the mystery unraveled regarding the death of a young child which brought unrest to the household. Was Meg's feelings an overreaction to the past or would they fall victim to the same fate?

  • The Inspector's Guide Prepare Your House for Sale

    Rowman & Littlefield. ISBN: 0762767634,9780762767632.
  • House for Sale (A Short Tale of Horror)

    Joseph A. Turkot. 2013. 47 pages.

    This is a short horror tale. It works upon the psyche of suburban safety. All of us rely upon a certain feeling of certainty and security that can quickly become an illusion. Read on, and beware this House for Sale.

  • House for Sale!

    National Book Company. 1991. 337 pages.
  • Lagos Landlord sells his house even though tenants’ rent expire in 2018, leading to series of unfortunate events


    My landlord sold his house in no 66 Igando rd, Ikotun, Lagos. My rent will expire in 2018. On 1st October, the tenants and Agents of the new landlord met and was officially informed of the sale. The Agents said they don’t have business with us ...

  • Anvil Publishing Christmas Sale: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The Book Sale In Pasig


    Anvil Publishing sells books for as low as P5 on their #AnvilChristmasSale The Anvil Publishing officially kicked off its early Christmas sale on Thursday where shoppers can score books with prices starting at P5. The publishing house offers text books for ...

  • Addis Ababa builds mass flatlands but some Ethiopians prefer their former slum homes


    A block of new residential buildings for sale in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia ... “I miss my friends, my social life, my work,” he says. “I have a nice house but no income.” Worku’s predicament is one felt by many residents of the multi-storey housing ...