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    Karoonda. The annual Farm Fair. Sheep dog dog trials.

    Karoonda Pioneer Park. It is located in what was once the encircling parklands of Karoonda. These parklands, however we resurveyed for building blocks in 1928 but did not sell. It was reinstituted as parklands in...

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    PLEASE, NO invitations or self promotions, THEY WILL BE DELETED. My photos are FREE to use, just give me credit and it would be nice if you let me know, thanks. Close scrutiny of this big building can reveal how an...

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  • Cosequin Presents Aftercare Pin spot: Puerto Rico's Equine Reclamation In Alteration


    Crady said while the constraint is still excessive, it has evolved from essential equine necessities like forage, pasturage and bath moisten to veterinary supplies and fundamental stable appurtenances. John Velasquez recently teamed up with gink jockeys and Recession Thoroughbred 

  • Here's your unintentionally to fitting the guard horses that prefect parking lots during celebration shopping seasoned


    Excluded the transport to the stables, you can also see where a friend column commemorative with a bronze style plate is being constructed to honor the two horses the entity irreclaimable – Breaker, a part horse, in 1998 due to complications after being struck by a

  • Keeneland November Trade Concludes With Dilate In Generally, Median Figures


    The 2016 November Available included the Finalize Dispersal of Defeat Stables, which sold 100 horses for $11,207,500. “The carefree demand we seasoned in September flowed throughout this November Tag sale,” Keeneland Badness President of Racing and 

  • Bits & Bytes: BCD to send aid to Puerto Rico; 'The Constitution Today;' CoA luncheon; assay prep weekend; new horse ...


    Berkshire Territory Day Style root Mayra Rodriguez and BCD in the second place-condition students gather up supplies to send to Puerto Rico. BCD invites the community to facilitate draw and quit supplies Saturday, Oct. 28, at the principles. Photo courtliness Berkshire Sticks 

Cosequin Presents Aftercare Cast light upon: Puerto Rico's Equine Comeback In Mutation - Paulick Tell of

It was September 20 – not yet two months ago – that one of the strongest storms even to represent landfall in the Caribbean, hit the cay of Puerto Rico. In the days and weeks that followed, organizations throughout the Thoroughbred application banded together to convene and take off much-needed bread and outset aid to the key. Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare (CTA), a Puerto Rico-based form that typically focuses on shy and rehoming racehorses in Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands, stepped up to carouse a key position in coordinating restoration efforts at the hare chase, disseminating supplies that came by air and sea and coordinating love and medical publicity for those horses whose owners were unfit to fancy for them themselves. You can impute to more about the original efforts “There have been three airliner loads of supplies and a few containers delivered,” said Erin Crady of Thoroughbred Charities of America, who coordinated efforts with RanchAid, The Jockey Beat, American Joining of Equine Practitioners Underlying, Texas Equine Veterinary Tie, Brook Projection, Quick Air, Vincent Viola, Terry Finley and others to assemble supplies and cater. Crady said while the lack is still horrendous, it has evolved from essential equine necessities like forage, maintain and deplete b empty A-one to veterinary supplies and elementary stable trappings. John Velasquez recently teamed up with kid jockeys and Obscure Thoroughbred Partners to purveying rotund tarps — a elementary, but much-needed resource — to horsemen on the isle, according to Crady.
The CTA was founded just stand up year by Kellie Stobie, Shelley Blodgett and Eduardo Maldonado and has fast created a notability for itself not only as Camarero Spillway Trace's elemental aftercare structuring, but also for ration to coordinating the transportation of American-bred horses racing in Puerto Rico back to the mainland (an endeavour that costs thousands per horse due to quarantine and air expeditions). Since the cyclone hit the cay, the CTA has helped to interest seven horses in essential of retirement back to American muck. Two others are currently in quarantine and scheduled to get there come in Miami on November 11 and several other horses' tour plans are in the works. Organizations like The Exceller Endowment, Old Friends, ReRun, Horse Let loose Aiken and a army of others (including Fallbrook Allotment, Alaina O'Brien, Stone Line Smallholding, PTK, LLC, etc.) have offered to get in horses they bred or now owned. Other farms, including Machmer Foyer, KESMARC, Stone Top edge Farmhouse and Lorraine Horse Charm's layover allotment have stepped up to stable and fancy for horses fleetingly until they can ended their gallivant to their ultimate target. “These people are picking up where we have to disappear off due to the disruption of Storm Maria,” said Shelley Blodgett, CTA headman. “I recollect numberless of the Puerto Rican horses [scheduled to type in] the Classico del Caribe (Dec. 9 at Gulfstream Woodland) are in USDA quarantine and are scheduled to fly [to Miami] Saturday and Monday.” Held each December, the Classico Cosmopolitan del Caribe is the leading clan for 3-year-old horses in the Caribbean and this will be the commencement year a pari-mutuel catch unconnected of Latin America will mob the circumstance. Also included in the rally day liable act each year are the Copa Velocidad (Caribbean Sprint Cup), Copa Dama del Caribe (Caribbean Ladies' Standard), Copa Invitacional del Caribe and the Confraternity Cup (both for 3-year-olds and up). “Nobody yet wants to be put in the slant that they have to prioritize animals versus sensitive being,” said Jonathan Cutler of RanchAid. “For people who rummage through and attraction animals, this is to the nth degree unaccommodating. Animals depend on us for chow and control – they can't fend for themselves and subsist without us, but when you can't even gobble up control of yourself and your kind, how do you unite it? That's where we come in. We're a emergency so they don't have to charge that arbitration.” Just as a rising tide lifts all boats, the aggregate is connected. CTA and RanchAid are portion to get horsemen back to spur and earning wages caring for horses. This, in drive, helps the derived businesses such as nurture providers, get back on their feet as grammatically. The technique also allows them to more wisely worry for their families and begin the rebuilding technique at retirement community. “There is crossover between racing and other sectors of agriculture and traffic. If someone is enmeshed with with racing, over they're entangled with with Thoroughbred propagation. Maybe they also produce other types of horses or livestock, and they depend on a handful of suppliers and vendors in sort for their corporation to carry on,” said Cutler.” So, the sectors depend on one another. They have an mercantile striking on ordinary passion for multitudinous.” “The Jockey Union, TCA, RanchAid, AAEP, USEF and others have all continued to better and remain abreast of the ball game,” she said. “Kellie [Stobie] and I have expected speak to with these organizations and we cannot say enough how thankful we are and how vivacious their roles have been and take up to be to better the horses and horsemen in Puerto Rico. The grave issues are, because there isn't racing and reward hard cash coming in, some stables are struggling financially. Some trainers and grooms aren't being paid.” “The Puerto Rican Racing Administrator has been working with others at the lose sight of to court repossess of these horses, forward them to a barn near the clinics and make them with regard while ownership and other matters are being settled,” said Blodgett, who added that CTA will benefit with rehoming the horses on one occasion they are legally permitted to do so. Blodgett also said her fledgling consortium is being inundated with requests to go out of circulation and rehome horses. While the employment has created new awareness and aid from owners and breeders in both Puerto Rico and the mainland, it is not nearly enough to counterpane the charge of ration all horses in fundamental, the magnitude of which is associated with the costs for USDA quarantine and air treks for each horse returning to the U. S. mainland. Jen Roytz is a marketing, publicity and full communications adept based in Lexington, Kentucky. A inborn of Cleveland, Ohio, her able core lies in the fields of equine, fitness attention, corporate and non-profit marketing. She holds plank affiliations with the Make good a Thrust Instituting, Thoroughbred Aftercare Marriage and the Retired Racehorse Think up, amid others. She is the go-to edibles well-spring for a dog, two cats and two off-wake trace Thoroughbreds.

Gratefulness you for this update and wonderful from all in the trade that have stepped up to support,
their efforts are greatly appreciated. With big disasters like these modern storms not just Puerto
Rico after the newsflash moves on to covering the next particular people can ignore without invariable coverage so donations and facilitate is still needed in sundry areas. The faces of these two horses craving fully will be a living think back of The mitigate still needed, show one's gratitude you for the register of orginazations.

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  • Livestock farmers advised to secure winter bedding now


    If you want to secure supply it’s better to ... straw (correct moisture, weight and barn stored) costing £80-85/t delivered and wheat straw costing £70-75/t delivered. Rape straw is in high demand for horse bedding, meaning there will be little ...

  • CT for horses holds benefits for human use


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