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  • Racing community has its own scuttle brigade


    For the best performance, here is Campion's list of the stables, trainers, and assorted businesses that donated to the try: Roger Attfield, Christophe Clement, Josie Carroll, Bill Mott, Todd Boston, Jeremiah Englehart, John Kimmel, Kiaran McLaughlin, Rusty

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    DEL MAR () — A bulky volunteer effort was underway at the Del Mar Fairgrounds Friday to care for more than 800 horses and other charitable animals evacuated from the Lilac Fire in northern San Diego County. The holocaust, which broke out along Interstate

Racing community has its own pail brigade - ESPN

It was all hands on deck when the van arrived with the Florida shipment. By the chance it arrived, there were rumors that it would contain everything from the leftover golden halters frayed by Chad Brown's turf mares to a few of Todd Pletcher's overflow Surpass Awards that could be used for doorstops or paperweights.

In practical terms, there were bits, bridles, halters, buckets, webbings, angry bars, wall ties, shanks and chains, bandages, helmets, and more buckets. The shipment was compiled under the running of Sarah Campion, one of Mark Casse's assistant trainers, who has traveled to California with the stable's runners and was qualified to put faces to many of the names who were caught in the devastation of the fire.

"I got the idea Sunday morning and started sending out messages on sexually transmitted media," Campion said. "Word got out from there. We collected things from Palm Meadows, Palm Littoral Downs, Payson Park, and Gulfstream Park. Nobody said no. Everybody gave something. Everybody wanted to nick, and they gave what they could, whether it was a whole box of halters or just some cotton and some extra bandages."

"Everybody," in this happening, was not an exaggeration. For the record, here is Campion's list of the stables, trainers, and assorted businesses that donated to the exertion:

Roger Attfield, Christophe Clement, Josie Carroll, Bill Mott, Todd Boston, Jeremiah Englehart, John Kimmel, Kiaran McLaughlin, Rusty Arnold, Ian Wilkes, Vicki and Phil Oliver, Graham Step, Eddie Kenneally, Chad Brown, Sagamore Racing, Todd Pletcher, Badge Casse, Sallee Horse Vans, Brookledge Vans, Tex Sutton, Yarbrough & Rabenstein, and the polo and Nimrod jumper barns in Wellington.

"When we got it all packaged together and ready to go, it was pretty extraordinary," Campion said. "I called the Sutton people and told them it would be a little more on the run away than I first thought, they said no problem. It was on the plane Tuesday."

Campion has been with the Casse stable for five years, working most recently with the Norman Casse segment in Kentucky.

"As an assistant, my mentality is to help where I can, whether it's my boss or people in the barn," Campion said. "But having weary time in California and knowing people there, we just felt so helpless. We just wanted to do something. When something stomach-churning like this happens, we all feel it in the racetrack community. I mean, the money donated is proficient, but we wanted to do something for the smaller barns who need stuff right away.

"As horse people, I was evaluation about the barn essentials trainers need to carry on, to make it through the day," Campion said. "A touchy bar, a wall tie - anything so that they can kick on. What it turned into was just amazing."

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Campion and her Casse crew felt they had a personal stake in the resupply exploit as well. Two of their horses owned by Gary Barber -- Conquest Tsunami and Doppelgaenger Bond -- had been transferred to the Barber string with the Peter Miller stable evacuated from afire barns San Luis Rey.

"It was another reason why I was kind of emotional about the whole thing," Campion said. "When we found out they were okay I meditation, 'Now what can we do for the others.'

"If we had more time we could have sent a lot more," Campion added. "I'm just glad we were able to do what we could."

What they did won't in good time be forgotten.

As night fell last Tuesday and the excitement over the Florida shipment settled back into the fact of its need, the aroma of grilled chicken filled the air near the racing office/kitchenette complex and the displaced stablehands, still setting up their temporary lives at Del Mar, gathered near an impromptu Christmas tree decorated by P Bing Bush and his merry band of helpers.

It was a Taco Tuesday like no other.

Carlos Ballesteros and his Gringas Catering ("Smells Dependable, Tastes Even Better") were on the scene, donating their wares to a grateful 75 or so who queued up to the token and came away with tacos to die for.

"It's a family recipe," Ballesteros said. "We're happy to mitigate. You like them?"

We like.

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