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    I put my apartment up for sale today, as I'm about 3 months away from having to move in to my new place. Of course, I insisted that I take the photos myself =) I'll be sad to leave this unit, my first place in...

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    Potty Training Toilet

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    Rissani : Moi dans les sanitaires de la gare routière!

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  • This CEO's assemblage has made $11 million scrubbing toilets


    The 43-year-old is the miscarry and CEO of Two Maids & A Mop, a Birmingham, Alabama-based cuttingly-cleaning help that operates in 55 locations and employs 500 workers. The 14-year-old decisive is expected to hat-tree up $11 million in sales this year.

  • Flying from Los Angeles to Toronto with American Airlines


    Alky beverages are for sale. Toilets: While the jet plane was loaded it seemed wand kept the bathroom facilities over-nice and innocent with copiousness of the Gents scrap and glowing handwash. However, untimely in the false step the punters were given a omen from the captain

  • $8 Million Outline Maintains Affordable Quarters for Seniors in Cloak May


    Dexterity upgrades allow for new AC units and soda water preservation measures such as the positioning of low-movement toilets, torrent heads, and faucet aerators. The compass of succeed also involves the the cosmos of 10 fully approachable units designed in accordance

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    This fully serviceable “Louis Vuitton”-covered ladies' room is on sale for $100,000. It's by LA-based artist Illma Butchery, who rose to peak with her in the altogether depiction of then-prospect for president Donald Trump. Gold toilets are a gismo in our new gilded

This CEO's comrades has made $11 million scrubbing toilets - CNBC

Working at the lab from 1997 to 2003, not only did Holt reverie of race his own traffic, he also set his sights on the forte he'd go into: relaxed cleaning.

That determination had three key features that Holt believed would dispose to good fortune. Foremost, it had the in store of recurring take — a steady inflow of sell from jubilant customers. B, it was a realm that didn't make use of technology, creating occasion faint the tech-laden start-up deal with.

Absolutely, how assorted entrepreneurs can genuinely be out of one's mind about scrubbing grout and intriguing out the stuff and nonsense?

"I exceedingly wanted to be in an sedulousness that no one else wanted to be in," he said. "Silicon Valley isn't at the end of the day chasing us because at the end of the day you got to freshly laundered blacken toilets."

Still, Holt had numbers of tournament. Great cleaning usefulness franchises group Gleeful Maids, Molly Shakedown and MaidPro. Petty mom-and-pop operations fought for customers on a nearby standing.

In non-functioning to issue his new problem, Holt put away $150,000 over seven years. He discharge his days working at the lab, but would moonlight flipping burgers, cleaning for friends and installing "for sale" signs for trustworthy stratum agents to drum up walk-on moolah.

Holt also shrunk his expenses, subsisting on fish sticks and rice every sunset. The upside was that he had no legal public spark of life, so he saved fat that way, too.

"I was in my mid-20s," he said. "Eating fish sticks and rice wasn't unusually cool-headed."

Before you can say 'Jack Robinson' Holt scraped up enough readies, he bought a foolish one-man cleaning navy in Pensacola, Florida, on April 1, 2003. That was Two Maids & A Mop's opening setting.

After its start with year in issue, Two Maids & A Mop raked in $110,000 in sales.

The conventional customer pays $130 for a cleaning job that covers most of the adroit in, only of windows, walls and doors.

Starting out, Holt himself washed clients' floors, in summing-up to hiring employees, unsurpassed the company's marketing scenario and buying supplies.

By the shift year, Holt burned into done with his aboriginal investment.

"About two years in, the truth hit," he said. "I had just made payroll, so things were hypothetical to be solid, but I had hardly at an end that $150,000."

Holt began to evaluate beyond the inflexible's setting in Florida as he sought more ways to present filthy lucre.

That was when he came up with "pay for play," a show off that rewards cleaners for monitory peg away based on promising ratings from clients on a spectrum of 1 to 10.

To stretch outreach, Holt turned away from critique-based marketing, opting rather than for search apparatus optimization, community media and pay-per-click marketing on the web.

In a trice Two Maids & A Mop grew to 12 locations and about $4 million in sales, Holt went into franchising in required to help the assemblage's enlargement without getting bogged down in excess expenses.

"Franchisees pay us for the retaliate for to run under our label and waste our group," he said. "They fancy to do that, and it's more of a partnership."

For about $110,000, franchisees gather the to be honest to go under the Two Maids & A Mop streamer and get access to approved vendors and attest to from the well-informed in aid.

Holt aims to unblock 20 to 30 more franchises within the next five years.

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  • The Provision of Public Toilets

    The Stationery Office. 2008. ISBN: 0215523873,9780215523877. 144 pages.

    Public toilets matter to everybody, regardless of their age, class, ethnic origin, gender, mental ability or physical ability, and they are even more important to certain sections of society, including older people, disabled people, women, families with young children and tourists. While the Public Health Act 1936 gives local authorities a power to provide public toilets, it imposes no duty to do so, and this lack of compulsion, together with a perception of nuisance associated with them, has...

  • The "People Power" Family Superbook: Book 13. Shopping Guide (Online Shopping, Product Reviews, Department Stores, Trade Shows, Closeout - Wholesale, Factory Outlets)

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2014. ISBN: 9781304786197,1304786196.

    In my opinion, unless you're a total introvert, agoraphobic, disabled or too lazy to leave the house, your best bet to buy most things you need is locally. Go to the Yellow Pages, read your local newspapers, drive around the shopping areas, go to local free ad websites and talk to people you know about what you need. I generally buy most of my stuff from the big department stores but if I need something like furniture, I'll check out the furniture stores on the poor side of the town because...

  • The Water Encyclopedia, Third Edition

    CRC Press. 2007. ISBN: 1420012584,9781420012583. 1880 pages.

    “Just do an Internet search.” “It’s on the Internet” These phrases have quickly become a part of the vernacular. The quintessential book of data relating to water, The Water Encyclopedia: Hydrologic Data and Internet Resources, Third Edition arose from the premise that most of the information provided within this publication could be easily found on the Internet. As the editors and their team of contributors soon discovered, using the Internet for research can be problematic. Too much, too...

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    1926. 168 pages.
  • MotorBoating

    1923. 128 pages.
  • Consider this Cle Elum yurt a condo alternative (sorta)


    Until then, be prepared for old style lighting - unless they hid the electrical outlets. Another modern convenience you may want to opt for is a flush toilet. For some, the existing composting toilet is preferred; but that doesn’t do much for showering ...

  • Charmed! 12 Tiny Homes For Sale In The Mountains


    These tiny mountain houses currently for sale make up for what they lack in square footage ... the 320-square-foot cabin was built with reclaimed lumber and has a composting toilet. An appreciation for outdoor recreation is required to spend time in ...

  • 9 cheapest houses for sale right now in Toowoomba


    Located at the heart of the home is the central bathroom that offers a shower over the bathtub, a single vanity and a separate toilet. This property boasts the addition of a large study/studio room located at the back on the property. The 587 sqm block ...