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DIY Crafts: TOILET PAPER ROLL HOLDER - "How To" by Creative Crafts

DIY crafts - Toilet Paper Roll Holder - step by step by Creative Crafts. You can post commets bellow. Thanks.

  • wallpaper texture cup coffee metal tile bathroom shiny shadows tank floor coffeecup pastel toilet wc round restroom roll layers toiletpaper tp porcelain ricohgr rolled towelbar hotelbathroom toiletpaperholder toiletseat theloo toilettank thethrone anneworner thenecessaryroom


    Photo by Anne Worner on Flickr

  • blur bathroom sheffield hilton toilet roll median holder

    Bathroom. Hilton, Sheffield.

    Photo by Nik Stanbridge on Flickr

  • art toilet roll swaps

    Handbag Silliness

    I almost forgot about this swap and its due on Monday - arghh! Now spending Saturday night in scaring myself - what's in my bag!

    Photo by toiletrollart on Flickr

These are so cute! Toilet paper roll Halloween candy holders from @burlapbluesays 10/25/16,
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@NickWaddle1 am basically done just coffee table, toilet roll holders put up and wardrobes fitted can't deal with living out of boxes! 10/24/16,
Apparently toilet roll holders were too much for the budget in Space 2 10/24/16,
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    If you buy a set, you will not have to pay much for a towel rail, toilet roll holder, soap dish, and toilet brush holder. Replacing these is easy and it should only take you an hour or so to get the job done. Want to choose something trendy" Brushed bronze ...

  • On the trail of South Korea's high-tech peeping Toms


    SEOUL: Walking into an empty women's bathroom stall, Park Kwang-Mi waves a hand-held detector around the toilet seat, paper roll holder, doorknob and even the ventilation grill on the ceiling. "It's my job to make sure there's no camera to film women ...