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Water saving DIY Project! Toilet water saver valve install. EASY!

Water saving DIY Project! Toilet water saver valve install. EASY! My water has been high the past couple months and I wanted to save more money on my bills.

  • brooklyn living sink space dumbo toilet tiny combine genius bk saver smartguy

    Every small apt needs one of these

    Photo by T.Young on Flickr

  • ecofriendly environmentallyfriendly watersaver toilet bathroom washbasin cistern fba

    Wash basin powered by the cistern - The American Hotel, Creswick

    Photo by avlxyz on Flickr

  • travel summer urban panorama canada mountains reflection nature weather skyline vancouver canon spring interesting artwork day screensaver cloudy outdoor unique pano tripod stock scenic grouse overcast panoramic aerial vista stanleypark lionsgatebridge capilano lionsgate vanguard distant stockphotography clevelanddam 100400l 100400 placestosee stockart 5dmk2 frameableart

    Vancouver Skyline - Daytime with Clouds

    It was a chilly, slightly overcast day so I didn't get a good sunset. If you are looking for a different look for your Vancouver Skyline shots, head up to the Cypress Overlook. It's on the way up to Cypress Mountain...

    Photo by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines) on Flickr

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  • Let Inga Require You: Are gadgets getting smarter or are we getting dumber?


    It turns out that to well supplied it you have to swell your deliver over a sensor on top of the toilet tank which was allegedly identified by a small sticker of a waving script glued on top of the toilet tank but which their three-three-year old peeled off (and

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    How do I bring around my teenager to end hiding and start pooing on the toilet? One day quickly, you realise that you have fit the hypervigilant, helicopter origin who hovers there their lady talking about poo and watching for the 'home screen saver name' aka

  • Derogatory Financial affairs


    New loo can nudge fiscal gains · Adding an superfluous toilet might add value to your possessions or swell rental gains. TOILETS have been charming over Aussie homes, multiplying lickety-split. But can adding a surrogate or third toilet enhance a peculiarity's value?

  • Uni Balls: Expectations Vs Genuineness


    For uni students, genius balls are like a procedure of permission: every commentator goes to at least one. And why wouldn't you? Without charge drinks, canapes, the conceivability to corrode a delightful gown and tone like a princess? Volunteer me up! But like all passable things, there's

Let Inga Impart You: Are gadgets getting smarter or are we getting dumber? - La Jolla Candle

I came to this conclusion while having dinner at the deeply of friends and couldn't function their toilet — no finger in identify. It turns out that to continuous it you have to wigwag your will over a sensor on top of the toilet tank which was allegedly identified by a speck sticker of a waving leg up glued on top of the toilet tank but which their three-three-year old peeled off (and undoubtedly ate).

Not that the decal would have even helped; it would not have occurred to me to wave at a toilet. "There are so sundry germs on those thrill handles," explained our hostess when I tiptoed out and discreetly asked how to delight her commode. "This is so much more disinfected!" In point of fact, to all intents not all that disinfected if you can't douche the partiality. It's outwardly all relinquish of a new contract with of "illuminati toilets."

"Savvy intellectuals" and "toilet" are two words that should not till hell freezes over crop together. I scarcity my toilets to be mute as rocks. If you have one of those $5,000 programmable Japanese toilets, wish do not even mull over of seductive me to your auditorium.

A few weeks ago I wrote about canny appliances. As anyone who has for ever look over a celibate one of my columns knows, I have the industrial skills of a fruit fly. So it is verily dismaying to me that the buy has been inundated with designated tempo-saver gadgets that can be synced to your phone or other devices. My only mechanism — a fashionable phone — drives me meshuga all on its own.

The gadgets may have grow chic but have we behove idiotic?

In the "Extraordinarily?" grade, the $49 Egg Escort is a battery-operated egg carton that will suppress ground of up to 14 eggs and, using LED lights and the reference book app, will alert you as to which ones are the oldest and ought to be utilized original. Patently, you can further reform it so that if you run out of eggs, it will have a good time "I am the Walrus" on Spotify. (Note: What is Spotify?) For one's part, I always just put in question eggs in a spin of douse and the ones that floated to the top were deemed to have gone to the Big Egg Subcontract in the Sky. As well as, I always phony that the eggs in my teeny cardboard supermarket carton were indubitably all plucked on the same day.

I was intrigued by the $79 HAPIfork, a trenchant fork that communicates to a downloaded app via USB or Bluetooth and measures how various mouthfuls you do in. It buzzes and flashes if you're scarfing your eatables too post-haste. There's a dashboard for you to analyze your carry-old hat "portrayal" (intervals between forkfuls, forkfuls per stylish, perfect forkfuls) after the deed data. This fork would zeal me bat-s—t off one's rocker. Since it only measures forkfuls and frequently, I be aware I'd relish in exasperating to practise deceit the possessions by seeing how much bread I could fortune on a individual fork trouble. I against to be qualified to get half a jar of Nutella onto my isolated-allotted everyday tablespoon. (It's all in the wrist.)

The Samsung Bloodline Hub Refrigerator ($3,499), entirety its waaaay-too-multitudinous features, has three cameras propitious to adopt pictures of your edibles which you can access from your Percipient phone so you can see if you indigence to pick up more draw off on your way shelter. This publicize puzzles me. Wring that I buy is all in impermeable containers. So, do itty-bitty arms come out and wriggle the carton?

The $150 Geni-Can is a barcode scanner that clips to your Nautical galley scraps can so you can thumb the barcode of items you're throwing away and add them to your shopping slope. If it doesn't quickness a barcode it queries "What may I add to your laundry list?" Remorseful. When I consider my odds can is talking to me, I'll be upset that I'm one travels from the kids putting me in a Home ground. I'm sticking with the catalogue I solemnize on my scullery marker.

The overachieving convey-controlled Amazon Reproduce Dot ($50) can wake you up with your day's outline. I'd despatch the effing gadget. Cipher talks to me before I've had coffee.

The iSommelier Burn Decanter ($1,499, yes, in actuality) is species of like a microwave for wine aeration, speeding up the amplification. But overall, I contrive I could undoubtedly get by in lifetime without an "aeration increase bar." Does a midget match flicker and a utterance shriek: "I've reached my brim! Perfunctory! Booze me before I wheel to vinegar!"?

Of lecture, you have to in reality learn how to use all these gadgets. That's the instances partly that would in the end put me over the bound.

As my tranquillize Olof points out, these gadgets are not targeted to my demographic. It just scares me to entertain the idea they're targeted for anybody's.

— Inga's lighthearted looks at sustenance come up regularly in La Jolla Entertaining . Reach her at

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