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near: Public Toilets - Disabled Access., 2 Commonwealth Ln, Campbell Town TAS 7210, Australia

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Man pretends to be handicap after using handicapped toilet - Original

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    Swiss SBB Train Toilet

    Handicapped accessible toilet on the new double-deck commuter train DOSTO from Stadler. Start-up 2011 on the rail network of S-Bahn Zurich. Altenrhein, Switzerland, June 5, 2010.

    Photo by Kecko on Flickr

  • railroad public train geotagged schweiz switzerland europe suisse swiss transport group kecko ostschweiz eisenbahn rail railway zug toilet toilette sbb wc sg svizzera bahn doubledeck doppelstock öv stadler 2013 dosto doppelstöcker swissphoto geo:lat=4746215356877082 geo:lon=9595624208450317

    SBB Regio-Dosto - Toilet 1

    In these six-car double-deck trains with 535 seats, there are two vacuum toilets. A handicapped accessible toilet, and a small normal one like in the picture. Actually, these trains are beefed-up commuter trains and...

    Photo by Kecko on Flickr

  • realestateforjohnshopkinspatients handicappedhousing

    Handicapped Accessible Toilet

    Handicapped accessible bathroom sink located at in a short term house rental in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Photo by bflosab on Flickr

HAHAA just imagine it was Handicap toilet, during an attempt discharge bowels https://t.co/Vjje0kdk5f 10/26/16,
S/o to the handicap stall on the third floor for being clean when no other toilet was #YouDaRealMVP 10/25/16,
RT @hijademymom: Me on the toilet holding onto the handicap railing trying to let one rip http://t.co/dqxQ3JvOTn 10/25/16,
HAHAHAHA wtf i put my hand in the middle of the handicap toilet's automatic door and i didnt realised someone was inside haha member sot je 10/25/16,
Jordan Barrett on AB tour as an "apprentice". Basics of "don't use handicap toilet", +"turn on the gas second half" a given? @FrontRowGrunt 10/25/16,
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  • Stay Out of the Handicapped Stall


    How did we know the driver wasn’t handicapped? It was a police car. Using handicapped bathroom stalls isn’t the same as taking a parking space, it’s worse. Parking spaces reserved for the disabled have fines attached for the lazy, ignorant pigs who ...

  • San Jose cop helps save woman, then fixes up her house


    They treated a mold problem affecting the windows. They fixed some of the plumbing, including replacing a cracked toilet with a handicap-friendly one and installing grab bars in the bathroom and shower. Roberson re-purposed unused appliances from past ...

  • Bengaluru metro offers a rough ride to the elderly


    “There are many senior citizens and physically handicapped people, too ... many basic facilities, including toilets and parking, were unavailable to commuters. Five of the stations are underground -near Cubbon Park, the Vidhana Soudha, the city civil ...