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Innovation HE-3259 - Manufactured Homes by Atlantic Homes

Atlantic Homes is a manufactured home builder located in Dresden, TN. The Innovation HE-3259 is a manufactured home with 3 beds, 2 baths and 1788 sq. ft.

  • dc simulation innovation att innovationcenter homeenvironment dt18250mmf3563

    2012 AT&T Innovation Center 9694

    The home environment - what's a healthy home look like? Located in Washington, DC, an innovation center that's a combination meeting/event as well as simulation space

    Photo by tedeytan on Flickr

  • trip media sweden days innovation familiarisation visittoikeaheadquarters


    A 50s home in Sweden. Notice the rich colours? Location: Almhult, Sweden

    Photo by photo gallery on Flickr

  • house students buildings solar construction technology furniture interior events environmental competition pennstate visitors tours openhouse 2009 sustainability decathlon solarpower innovationpark universityparkcampus naturalfusion creditgeoffrushton

    Natural Fusion 3

    The great room of the Natural Fusion home includes furniture hand-built by Penn State students and, like the rest of the house, flooring made from reclaimed wood from an old Pennsylvania barn.

    Photo by pennstatenews on Flickr

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    With the sensibly sucker you can gamut, come of age, and allege your familiar communication and training in the most suitable way practices.

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    Up to date farthest meteorological conditions events show how the outdated and defective poop systems tempered to by cities exacerbates the devastation.

Technology Innovation For Homebuilders Drives Profits And ... - GlobeNewswire (press story)

Youngstown OH, Nov. 16, 2017 (Ball NEWSWIRE) -- The heel of challenges that impertinence companies who enlarge homes is extensive and vexing, but with solution and innovation, it is unequivocally practical to dishonest the assay of your calling and be recognized by your customers as the top-ranking builder of prime in your shop. George Davis, ProBuilt Homes work proprietor, is a rectify criterion. With increase comes new challenges — George knew he would have to best these challenges as his vocation grew. The mystery was how to proportion what he knew to be his key to celebrity, monogrammed communication.

“As my issue has grown it has enhance harder and harder for me to get self-respect to head to head ease with one (prospects, customers, our span, trades, and subcontractors). There are just not enough hours in the day.” George went on to say, “with all the innovation in technology today, I was confident the undertake responsibility for was out there, I just hadn’t come across it yet, something that could assist me keep the interplay to the people that ram the outcome of my work”. In every way a mentor of his, George discovered Ving!

When we asked George about Ving he said, “It’s dense, I leverage the pre-made content on cover training to stitch with my employees and trades, then because its is so mild to use I develop my own text to affix with prospects and customers”. The Ving arrangement is a training and compliance monitoring programme that makes it unusually clear and unwasteful for homebuilders to follow, survey, and log compliance and guide hand booking in regards to cover, approach, and training. Finally enabling the party to quick pinpoint employees who are not compliant and steadily a course in with proactive actions avoiding fiscal detriment and/or damage.

“Totally in the near future after starting to use Ving one of my salesmen was in the duty with a person and he went to put forward me to him and the gentleman stood right-minded up and said ‘Oh I air like I grasp you already. I’ve seen four of your videos.’ That was attractive poise. That was the slight bulb second effective me we did the straight off loathing,” said George.
For George, and all organization owners, initialled outreach to customers and employees are critical but it is about optimizing era without losing importance. As your subject grows you try to dungeon your communication particular and pleasant with person interior your obligation and out. Especially for people's home builders who have workers all over it is impracticable for you to competition with all — this is where video and Ving steps in.

Wordstream tells us that one-third of all online undertaking is pooped watching videos. The net statement, if you’re not using video you aren’t connecting with a big share of your audience. Start creating videos so your employees and customers are watching your videos.

“The honest concept is a live communication to the viewer. We send Vings out to our side — our employees, trades, suppliers. We built a model hospice in a month under record and there were a few trades that when I saw them they thanked me. ‘That meant a lot.’ They actually worked granite-like to get that replica proficient in done first and the video thanks you was appreciated,” said George. This above-board video in reality made the leftovers with his deal partners.

Over character and hand communication enlargement also equals a greater call for for aegis training to certain fewer injuries. George belongs to a workers compensation club rating program so they have move premiums. A accustom to be in the sort is that they have to purvey monthly safe keeping training. Pulling something offline and Dick into a dwell was costing them mazuma more than $300 just to pay the employees.

Now the training is pre-built and delivered at the the wire of a button.

“I English assume that they are much sick pieces of training. They are much more seasoned and more inclusive than we were proficient to do on our own. We have even offered the training to our sub trades. It is a value for them and for us.”

“Optimistically we will on no account have an impairment but if we do we will without delay be clever to tag if they have had the conformist training. Ving is improve than I could have imagined. It is a serious sucker to have in your toolbox.”

 Tony DeAscentis 330-599-4500
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New technologies are changing the way we light up our homes #lighting #innovation 10/26/16,
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  • Building Better Homes

    Rand Corporation. 2003. ISBN: 9780833034090,083303409X. 130 pages.

    This report examines the structure, characteristics, and motivations of major participants in the housing industry to explore how innovation might be accelerated. It identifies options and strategies for the federal government to consider as it attempts to further advance innovation in housing to make homes more affordable, durable, and safe. Innovation in housing would provide benefits to a broad range of participants, including homebuilders, manufacturers, insurers, regulators, and homeowners.

  • Innovation Development for Highly Energy-Efficient Housing

    IOS Press. 2013. ISBN: 9781614992363,1614992363. 440 pages.

    In previous years we have seen a recognition of the significant potential that exists for reducing energy use through innovation in residential buildings. This study investigates innovation challenges and identifies opportunities that could lead to a rapid increase in the adoption of highly energy-efficient housing concepts, particularly that of the passive house. To this end, it exemplifies, interprets and develops the innovation adoption theory through an investigation of views and...

  • LEED Prep Homes 2009. ISBN: 9781591261827,1591261821. 360 pages.

    Rapid Preparation for the LEED AP Homes Exam To pass both parts of the LEED AP Homes exam, you must successfully demonstrate your general knowledge of green building practices and your ability to implement the LEED for Homes rating system. LEED Prep Homes gives you the power to pass the LEED AP Homes exam with a complete, concise review. Everything You Need to Succeed • Complete coverage of all eight exam areas • Diagnostic fill-in-the-blank worksheets with answer keys for all 44 LEED for...

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    2016. ISBN: 1907805230,9781907805233.
  • IBEA Conference 2011 Proceedings: Innovation and Integration - Science, Technology and Policy in the Built Environment 2016. ISBN: 9781898523024,1898523029. 386 pages.
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