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Innovation HE-3259 - Manufactured Homes by Atlantic Homes

Atlantic Homes is a manufactured home builder located in Dresden, TN. The Innovation HE-3259 is a manufactured home with 3 beds, 2 baths and 1788 sq. ft.

  • dc simulation innovation att innovationcenter homeenvironment dt18250mmf3563

    2012 AT&T Innovation Center 9694

    The home environment - what's a healthy home look like? Located in Washington, DC, an innovation center that's a combination meeting/event as well as simulation space

    Photo by tedeytan on Flickr

  • trip media sweden days innovation familiarisation visittoikeaheadquarters


    A 50s home in Sweden. Notice the rich colours? Location: Almhult, Sweden

    Photo by photo gallery on Flickr

  • house students buildings solar construction technology furniture interior events environmental competition pennstate visitors tours openhouse 2009 sustainability decathlon solarpower innovationpark universityparkcampus naturalfusion creditgeoffrushton

    Natural Fusion 3

    The great room of the Natural Fusion home includes furniture hand-built by Penn State students and, like the rest of the house, flooring made from reclaimed wood from an old Pennsylvania barn.

    Photo by pennstatenews on Flickr

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  • Looking for Innovation? Convert into to Your Suppliers


    Here several of Meritage Homes' supplier partners pronounce to the products that they offered the project and the way that Meritage injected them with energy, passion, and an innovative jaunt as part of the reNEWable Living Home. Brad Wills, marketing and

  • Power trends of 2017: Artificial Intelligence, smart homes technology and solar innovation


    Innovation and Faked Intelligence are at the forefront of an energy revolution in the US. A thought leader in the US energy demand has identified Artificial Intelligence, smart homes technology and solar tech innovation as key puissance trends of

  • Property owners scramble to adapt to world of WeWork and Airbnb


    Yat Guilt Au, founder and chief executive of Veritas, says that the rapid pace of modulate prompted him to launch a tech incubator, Veritas Innovations, which works with legitimate estate and accommodation start-ups. “We are really trying to activate those

  • Scottish innovation is paramount a global energy revolution


    It was James Blyth, a Scottish inventor, who made the first illustration wind turbine in 1887, a century after the Scottish engineer James Watt built his steam machine to power the world. Scottish innovation and industry are once again leading an energy

Strength trends of 2017: Artificial Intelligence, smart homes technology and solar innovation - Determination Matters

Innovation and Phony Intelligence are at the forefront of an energy revolution in the US. A thought leader in the US energy store has identified Artificial Intelligence, smart homes technology and solar tech innovation as key vigour trends of 2017.

Vikas Desai is Senior Vice President and Global GM of Lead Living at Flextronics International. He notes that until 2017, new players in the intensity space followed the model of traditional Silicon Valley tech companies, such as Refuge; or financial institutions offering solar leasing or power purchase agreements, like Sunrun.

But 2017 saw a new maturation in the energy space, Mr Desai identifies, due to companies with long-term embedded dash expertise entering the market.

“GE, for instance, developed sensors that let wind turbines to talk to each other across the planet to dream global wind energy forecasting possible for the first time. Energy giant AES used AI to improve awareness of grid energy usage and sign over better predictions of how those systems operate.”

Solar market primed for exponential innovation

Mr Desai points out that 2017 saw a relax down in the US solar market. This was due to policy shifts and a maturing residential solar bazaar in California.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and Mr Desai points out that the US solar application is now ripe for a period of innovation. New and improved products will appear in the marketplace, and consumers will get greater value as a result.

“The debut of Tesla’s PV-integrated Solar Roof is one archetype of how solar evolved this year,” Mr Desai states.

“This product’s high outlay point means it will likely stay out of reach for most consumers and this type of solar roof artifact has historically seen a relatively low rate of adoption overall. But it’s a sign that solar is becoming more differentiated.

“Another specimen of this is PowerPlay by Flex, which combines solar production with consumption awareness and the cleverness to control electric loads to help homeowners maximise their savings.”

Harm homes technology make more efficient energy use

The advent of smart home technologies like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Old folks' gives us more control over the home environment, Mr Desai says. He cites office temperature as one area where energy could be used more efficiently.

But it’s now possible to control and superintend energy more efficiently too. Energy systems can integrate with smart home platforms to offset the most of cheaper electricity tariffs.

“A homeowner, for example, can shift the laundry cubicle quarters’s energy load to be aligned with the utility’s lowest rates,” Mr Desai explains.

“By providing this be honest of control, the smart home moves from mere awareness of energy use to the truthful optimisation of it.”

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New technologies are changing the way we light up our homes #lighting #innovation 10/26/16,
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  • Building Better Homes

    Rand Corporation. 2003. ISBN: 9780833034090,083303409X. 130 pages.

    This report examines the structure, characteristics, and motivations of major participants in the housing industry to explore how innovation might be accelerated. It identifies options and strategies for the federal government to consider as it attempts to further advance innovation in housing to make homes more affordable, durable, and safe. Innovation in housing would provide benefits to a broad range of participants, including homebuilders, manufacturers, insurers, regulators, and homeowners.

  • Innovation Development for Highly Energy-Efficient Housing

    IOS Press. 2013. ISBN: 9781614992363,1614992363. 440 pages.

    In previous years we have seen a recognition of the significant potential that exists for reducing energy use through innovation in residential buildings. This study investigates innovation challenges and identifies opportunities that could lead to a rapid increase in the adoption of highly energy-efficient housing concepts, particularly that of the passive house. To this end, it exemplifies, interprets and develops the innovation adoption theory through an investigation of views and...

  • LEED Prep Homes 2009. ISBN: 9781591261827,1591261821. 360 pages.

    Rapid Preparation for the LEED AP Homes Exam To pass both parts of the LEED AP Homes exam, you must successfully demonstrate your general knowledge of green building practices and your ability to implement the LEED for Homes rating system. LEED Prep Homes gives you the power to pass the LEED AP Homes exam with a complete, concise review. Everything You Need to Succeed • Complete coverage of all eight exam areas • Diagnostic fill-in-the-blank worksheets with answer keys for all 44 LEED for...

  • Care Homes Wellbeing

    2016. ISBN: 1907805230,9781907805233.
  • IBEA Conference 2011 Proceedings: Innovation and Integration - Science, Technology and Policy in the Built Environment 2016. ISBN: 9781898523024,1898523029. 386 pages.
  • It's facile to blame the referendum for everything: Digital killed the TV star, not Brexit


    Online video saw a staggering 66.4 per cent growth; native advertising is up 29.9 per cent, with digital out of home (OOH) just behind at 28.9 per cent. This year has seen traditional TV spot ad spend increase, but below forecast at only 1.5 per cent ...

  • Innovation Direct™ Set to Represent Grid 2 Glow Invention to Potential Licensees


    Exhibits that Innovation Direct™ has attended in recent years include the SHOT Show, the International Home and Housewares Show, the World of Concrete Show, the National Hardware Show, Licensing International, the SEMA and AAPEX Shows and the ERA D2C ...

  • Nokia announces Open Innovation Challenge 2016 winners


    October 26, 2016 Espoo, Finland - Start-ups with innovative products focusing on the connected home, digital health and big data have taken the top three spots in Nokia's 2016 Open Innovation Challenge, beating a tough field of over 400 entries in a ...