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Low cost Home automation using esp8266 esp-12 serial wifi module(without microcontroller)

This video about making a home automation just using a wifi module, In this project I have not used any microcontrollers or other device to support the wifi ...

  • lighting module homeautomation zwave pattress fibaro

    Trying the Fibaro Dimmer in a UK pattress box

    Photo by BuddaBoy on Flickr

  • x10 homeautomation homeeasy

    Selection of X10 and Home Easy modules and remote controls

    Photo by Nathan Chantrell on Flickr

  • arduino homeautomation homeeasy

    Arduino clone with ethernet shield and 433MHz transmitter

    I'm using this to send commands to 15 Home Easy modules from Node-RED as part of my home automation system.

    Photo by Nathan Chantrell on Flickr

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  • Skyworks and XY Findables fellow on next-gen tracking devices


    Skyworks integrated straightforward-end modules, which are designed for Bluetooth Low Determination classify stretching devices, which ply in the 2.4 to 2.485 GHz lot. Applications embrace wearables, beacons, sensors, home automation and other IoT platforms.

  • Multiprotocol Wireless Software from Silicon Labs Advances IoT Connectivity for Next-Crop Applications


    6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ --Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: Tranche) has released new spry multiprotocol software for its Wireless Gecko method-on-piece (SoC) and module portfolio, enabling synchronous enterprise of Zigbee® and Bluetooth® low puissance (LE) on a set aside

  • Napco Unveils Newly Expanded 'Connected Home & Tingle Transaction' Trade Program


    The program is designed to escape stock assurance dealers invent recurring monthly gross income (RMR) by gift products and consanguineous services for the home automation and topic markets. Now at one's disposal to dealers using any alert panel trade mark, Napco's

  • XY Findables Employs Skyworks Main-End Modules for BLE


    Applications for the mask-end modules count beacons, wearables, sensors, home automation, and other IoT platforms. “By leveraging Skyworks' fully integrated solutions, we were accomplished to accelerate the introduction of the most robust Bluetooth® notice

Skyworks and XY Findables wife on next-gen tracking devices - Digital Roll

Involved in nearable technologies is growing in parallelism with the be generated in plastic technologies and the possibly certain upshot that people watch over to lose a instrument every so repeatedly. According to intelligence supplied by XY Findables, a common man engages in five hours dissolute obsolescent each month searching for a logotype. This extends to smartphones, TV remotes, wallets, watches and so forth. Even for those who are more circumspect, a symbol will from time to time go missing. It is for these reasons that the European Epidemic Helmsmanship Assistant Systems Instrumentality has predicted that familiar tracking devices will mature one of the fastest growing markets within the Position Based Services sector. The intimation is that there will be a compounded annual spread pace of 18 percent, between now and 2025. The new partnership between XY Findables and Skyworks aims to come up with a faster and improved key for searching for cursed devices. Extent the existing offerings from XY is the XY4+ Bluetooth Thing Finder, which has a broad rank and works from one end to the other audible technology. Skyworks manufactures semiconductors for use in receiver frequency and movable communications systems. Source: www.digitaljournal.com
RT @Eric_1100: #BLE to #MQTT bridge using @siliconlabs BGM111 modules, for home automation possibilities. https://t.co/oAyOOrzH9w 10/24/16,
#BLE to #MQTT bridge using @siliconlabs BGM111 modules, for home automation possibilities. https://t.co/oAyOOrzH9w 10/23/16,
  • Absolute Beginner's Guide to Home Automation

    Pearson Education. 2005. ISBN: 9780132796958,0132796953. 384 pages.

    Get the home of tomorrow, today! Absolute Beginner's Guide to Home Automation will help you turn your ordinary home into a high-tech haven. Want to schedule your lights to turn on while you're on vacation? Stuck late at work and want to start the roast you put in the crock pot this morning? You can make it all happen with the help of existing 110V electrical wiring in your home and this step-by-step tutorial. Through simple, do-it-yourself instructions, you will walk through the process of...

  • Home Automation Basics

    Cengage Learning. 2016. ISBN: 0790612143,9780790612140. 281 pages.

    This book explores the world of Visual Basic 6 programming with respect to real-world interfacing and control on a beginner to intermediate level, with a home automation system. Includes HVAC systems, water pumps, temperature controls and more.

  • Home Automation with Intel Galileo

    Packt Publishing Ltd. 2015. ISBN: 9781785287268,1785287265. 188 pages.

    This book is for anyone who wants to learn Intel Galileo for home automation and cross-platform software development. No knowledge of programming with Intel Galileo is assumed, but knowledge of the C programming language is essential.

  • Arduino Home Automation Projects

    Packt Publishing Ltd. 2014. ISBN: 9781783986071,1783986077. 132 pages.

    This book is divided into projects that are explained in a step-by-step format, with practical instructions that are easy to follow. If you want to build your own home automation systems wirelessly using the Arduino platform, this is the book for you. You will need to have some basic experience in Arduino and general programming languages, such as C and C++ to understand the projects in this book.

  • Home Automation For Dummies

    John Wiley & Sons. 2015. ISBN: 9781118949641,1118949641. 360 pages.

    The easy way to control your home appliances Do you want to control common household appliances and amenities from your smartphone or tablet, wherever you happen to be? Home Automation For Dummies guides you through installing and setting up app-controlled devices in your home, such as heating and air conditioning, lighting, multimedia systems, game consoles, and security and monitoring devices—and even suggests popular products to consider. The saturation of the mobile market with smart...

  • SolPad: A Game Changer for Residential Solar?


    home automation, and control software. I was intrigued … and loaded with questions. I contacted SunCulture Solar CEO and Chief Product Architect Christopher Estes and asked him some questions about the SolPads. Here's the conversation: Is the PV module a ...

  • OneButton Wins "Outstanding Showroom" at 2016 Lutron Excellence Awards


    OneButton crafts elegant audio-video and home automation solutions that simplify sophisticated ... and temperature controls, appliance modules, third-party equipment and more. This year's competition received dozens of entries from all around the world ...

  • SMD Soldering kit of GPIO Demo Module


    You will also need a tweezer (a fine one is preferable, but any tweezer will do). The GPIO Demo module for the DomoTab platform or your own home automation developments. The module has three possible power sources: USB, UEXT connector, and headers for ...