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Enough Pleasure To Go Around | Sex Sent Me to the ER

After a morning quickie, this lady can't seem to control her orgasms. | For more, visit Subscribe to TLC!

  • 67_the jail had been laid in ashes

    Hamilton Hatter’s Tense Charles Town, WV 1865-1867 - While the ruins are still smoking Transcript from Video TRT: 26:58 With generous, community-minded support from American Public University...

    Photo by Jim Surkamp on Flickr

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    The Other Way (1969) ...item 3.. Get the skinny on Tallahassee Naturally (Jun. 26, 2013 7:56 PM) ...

    The Full Moon Skinny Dip is a flyer easily recognizable flyer around campus. Many think, very few participate. Naturally Tallahassee invites college students every full moon, of every month to indulge in some nude...

    Photo by marsmet525 on Flickr

  • 11_with an uncommon array of agreeable and intelligent countenances peering over the tops of the desks

    Hamilton Hatter’s Tense Charles Town, WV 1865-1867 - While the ruins are still smoking Transcript from Video TRT: 26:58 With generous, community-minded support from American Public University...

    Photo by Jim Surkamp on Flickr

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  • The 5 Coziest Sex Positions for Cool Nights


    As extended as you get busy in the right positions, sex can help warm you up from the inside out. Take it from Nicole Tammelleo, a psychotherapist specializing in sexuality and women's healthiness at the Maze Women's Sexual Health center in New York Conurbation

  • Guy Benson: Congressional Sex Harassment "Slush Fund" Is A "Self-Protection Racket"


    On this week's printing of 'Fox News Sunday,' editor Guy Benson described the system by which Congress secretly pays victims of bodily harassment on Capitol Hill to settle workplace disputes as a "slush subsidize" and a "protection racket" for

  • Stunner is in the eye of the beer holder


    The findings suggest that whether a man will sexually objectify a mate depends on the alcohol intoxication of the man, as well as how attractive, warm and competent a woman is perceived to be. "The sum of these results supports the whimsy that being

  • Mosquito sex protein could plan for key to controlling disease


    Acquaintance her sexual behavior could help prevent her from transmitting the deadly diseases she carries to millions of people every year. Yet diverse of the mechanisms governing her mating habits remain a mystery. Recently, however, researchers in the

The 5 Coziest Sex Positions for Distant Nights -

When temperatures cast off and snowflakes start to fall, there’s no place like home. To be exact, there’s no position like your bed . Preferably with your partner. Snuggling. But don’t let the weather outside keep you from peeling off your PJs innards everted. As long as you get busy in the right positions, sex can help warm you up from the inside out.

Take it from Nicole Tammelleo, a psychotherapist specializing in sexuality and women’s vigour at the Maze Women’s Sexual Health center in New York City. “Definite sex positions can definitely generate more body heat than others,” she says. “The key factors are how much scrape is touching and how fast you’re moving.”

Another upside of skin-to-skin contact? It may encourage your system to produce more of the feel-good hormone oxytocin. “And some people say oxytocin gives you a mastery chance of having an orgasm,” says Tammelleo. Sign us up.

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Here, Tammelleo shares five sex positions that fabricate lots of body heat, so you can stay snuggly as you hook up with your SO this season. Lecherous extras, such as heated blankets or warmed-up coconut oil for a pre-sex massage, are always welcome too!

Lay down doggy

While customary doggy style provides almost no direct skin contact except at the pelvis, this modified interpretation makes it easy for partners to stay close and cozy.

"Start in doggy location, then lower the top half of your body down onto the bed, so your butt is sort of sticking up in the air a bit," advises Tammelleo. “If this is uncomfortable, put a pillow underneath your pelvis . Next, have your collaborator lower his torso so it’s pressed on top of your back as he enters from behind.”

Still chilly? Try intertwining your legs and thrusting quicker. The more communicate with and friction, the hotter things will be between the sheets.

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Snuggly spoon

Spoon-style sex is the perfect show off for cold nights because your bodies are wrapped tightly together, with his front warming up your back, dupe, and shoulders, says Tammelleo. It's comfortable and lazy, and you can drape a blanket over your bodies to enlarge extra heat. Added bonus: The little spoon gets to tone cozy as she’s cradled by the big spoon. Come for the climax, stay for the snuggle.

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Lotus blossom

Don’t worry, you and your partner don’t need to be yogis to run down off the lotus position. A cross between cowgirl-style action and a bear hug, lotus begins with your colleague sitting cross legged (or as close to it as is comfortable, if flexibility is an issue). Then you sit on top of him, guiding his penis basically you and then closing you arms and legs around him.

“Lotus is great because again, the whole casket, from the pelvis up, is connected,” explains Tammelleo. That level of skin-on-skin communication will bring you two to a slow boil.

Wintertime woman on top

The woman on top position puts you in the driver's hindquarters, but it also leaves your body exposed—no fun if cool air in the bedroom is giving you goosebumps. Turn up the stimulation with this modification: After you get in position, lean forward so your torso is pressed against your partner, your arms gripping his shoulders or stretched out over his leadership. “It’s easiest if you guide him inside you while you're upright, then lean over so the front of your body is against his as you budge,” says Tammelleo.

From there, your partner can wrap his arms around your back so you both feel again connected, and your mouths are close enough for lots of warm kisses. Tangling your legs and playing footsie will beget even more sparks.

WATCH THE VIDEO: 5 Cold-Weather Health Myths to Interrupt Believing

Shower power

A winter chill in the bedroom isn't just a mood torpedo. “Being cold can make it harder for a man to get an erection, and it might also cause a woman’s vaginal lubrication to dry up a bit,” explains Tammelleo. A kittenish way to get around this? Get out of bed, jump in the shower together, and crank up the steam . . . then spawn your own steam with a hot-shower sex session. Consider it the perfect way to start a winter morning or end a hostile day.

  • The Sexual Alarm System

    Jason Aronson. 2016. ISBN: 9780765709158,0765709155. 183 pages.

    The Sexual Alarm System explores the mental shield that develops around many womens bodies to protect them from real and perceived sexual intrusions and dangers. Leavitt discusses how the Alarm functions, how it develops, what triggers it, and how it interferes with a womans ability to be sexual in an intimate partnership.

  • The Meanings of Sex Difference in the Middle Ages

    Cambridge University Press. 1995. ISBN: 0521483786,9780521483780. 310 pages.

    This book explores the ways in which scientific ideas about sex differences in the later Middle Ages participated in the broader cultural assumptions about gender. Professor Cadden discusses how medieval natural philosophical theories and medical notions about reproduction and sexual impulses and experiences intersected with ideas about such matters as the social roles of men and women, the purpose of marriage, and the road to salvation. Grounded in history, feminist theory, and cultural...

  • Sex Differences in Opioid Antinociception: Modulation by the N-methyl-D-aspartate System

    ProQuest. 2016. ISBN: 9780549399650,0549399658. 126 pages.

    In summary these experiments demonstrate the importance of pain model in investigations of sex differences in opioid analgesia and its possible mechanisms.

  • Sex Differences in the Central Nervous System

    Academic Press. 2015. ISBN: 9780128021989,0128021985. 428 pages.

    Sex Differences in the Central Nervous System offers a comprehensive examination of the current state of sex differences research, from both the basic science and clinical research perspectives. Given the current NIH directive that funded preclinical research must consider both females and males, this topic is of interest to an increasing percentage of the neuroscience research population. The volume serves as an invaluable resource, offering coverage of a wide range of topics: sex...

  • Sex Addiction and the Legal System

    Xlibris Corporation. 2010. ISBN: 9781450087858,145008785X. 73 pages.

    this book is base on sex addiction and what happens to one individual when he gets arrested. fining his self going through the league system and why he got there

  • Heat lingers; Tucson eyes warmest October on record


    In fact, high pressure will move in behind an exiting low-pressure system Tuesday, which will lead to near record ... more days of 90-degree heat beginning Wednesday. It’s also been warm in the north country. On Saturday, Winslow set a record high ...

  • Sex, Drugs, and Textbooks: Inside L.A.’s Most Controversial Educational Experiment


    They wanted students to guide their own learning, focus on their feelings, and engage in raw dialogue about sex, drugs, and all the other topics ... failing classes. I was a hot mess. My mother, who was a psychologist, knew another psychologist—an ...

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    It’s also a substitute for the sex and physical ... that manages the nervous system and is made of air and ether. Characteristics of the vayu-dosha person: tall and lean, talkative, shifting mind, earthy skin, hairy, prefer hot and oily dishes, tend ...