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  • backyard hoarfrost sunburst postedon1615am

    Sun and Hoar Frost

    Yesterday I went out into our backyard and took some photographs of the Hoar Frost. "Hoar frost (also hoarfrost, radiation frost, or pruina) refers to white ice crystals, deposited on the ground or loosely...

    Photo by Douglas Brown on Flickr

  • silhouette jamesbay vancouverisland sunset paddleboarding lekwungen lekungen

    Sunset .. Vancouver Island heat wave

    and the best way to cool off is to head to the beaches its been hot and dry for so long . but this might be the last day . my photo was featured on Cheknews tv station :)

    Photo by Nick Kenrick. on Flickr

  • tatot magicunicornverybest magicunicornmasterpiece

    Going up the Country

    textured with * www.flickr.com/photos/dontellaura/5490010465/in/set-72157... by encounter-Laura I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go I'm going up the country, babe don't you wanna go I'm going to...

    Photo by macfred64 on Flickr

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  • Staying furious while staying amateur: Adroit Barrington in HeatSmart Collect airman program


    Enthusiastic BARRINGTON — The community is one of seven Massachusetts communities selected by the phase to participate in a drive program to put "cleaner," less priceless home ground-heating and cooling systems in more dwellings, the Superintendent Area of Liveliness and 

  • NYSERDA announces $1.8M within reach for freshly laundered heating and cooling systems


    The New York State Spirit Investigating and Evolution Hegemony (NYSERDA) today announced the availability of up to $1.8 million for community campaigns to commandeer residents and businesses instal moral heating and cooling systems. Increasing the use of 

  • The ultra-competent, esoteric tenseness documentation for Amazon's new HQ


    Approximately speaking, ecodistricts are a flagrant-hermit-like draw to urban advancement that considers investments in infrastructure for ?lan, heating and cooling, and thin out directorate more holistically — with an eye to prioritizing resource

  • Fairplay imperil might climb to old schoolhouse, renovate older portion of firehouse


    The county advance paid for the mold liquidation, but there's not enough of the advance sinistral for a new heating and cooling way. The credit has been acclimatized to vamp and fix up gear and firetrucks to working law. The credit also paid more than $250,000 in lawful

NYSERDA announces $1.8M on tap for own up heating and cooling systems - Contractor Mag

The New York Government Intensity Probing and Condition Arbiter government (NYSERDA) today announced the availability of up to $1.8 million for community campaigns to helper residents and businesses place washed heating and cooling systems. Increasing the use of depollute heating and cooling technology will spotlight a important duty in achieving Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s moral forcefulness purpose to let up on greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent by 2030.

Alicia Barton, President and CEO, NYSERDA said, “Non-radioactive heating and cooling systems will specify users with zing folding money savings, increased gladden levels and salubrity benefits compared to agreed heating and cooling technologies. It’s a win-win for consumers and the situation and is alive to convergence Governor Cuomo’s state-primary target to abate greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Own up Heating and Cooling Community Effort get-up-and-go will realize together groups of future customers so they can get discounts for air and teach commencement inspirit pumps, biomass heating and solar heating during aggregated purchases and a simplified procurement approach.

Community campaigns can be proposed by municipalities or community based organizations and will earn up to $150,000 for each run, with additional funds at one's disposal for workforce increment ($50,000) and low-to-temper return date ($150,000) strategies. Community campaigns should be in a county, megalopolis, borough or area with at least 40,000 residents and are encouraged to take in shire monetary institutions, colleges/universities and neighbourhood utilities.

Funding for this vigour includes $1.3 million for the community campaigns and $500,000 for complex succour and tools to fortify the community campaigns. More data about the funding is to hand at NYSERDA’s website . The funding is made accessible through the Have’s Fess up Vigour Nest egg.

This is the latest funding being made on tap to advocate inoffensive heating and cooling technology. Earlier this year, NYSERDA announced the availability of $15 million in rebates for the establishment of reason fountain-head animate blow up systems for residences, businesses and institutions as proficiently as $10 million to settle air-well-spring fury inspire systems for residences.

The Unadulterated Heating and Cooling Community Run zip is based on the Phase’s well leading Solarize campaigns which in together clusters of residents and businesses to settle solar. Since 2014, there have been 850 solar projects installed or are in increase throughout New York, economizing participants more than $2.9 million on upfront procure costs.

Currently, fossil-incite based thermal intensity – generally artless gas, propane and oil – is the mains strength author for space heating and family hot O in the residential and commercial sectors. It is liable for about one-third of New York’s animation-reciprocal greenhouse gas emissions.

Source: www.contractormag.com
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A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart. https://t.co/PClKbx2BTZ 10/26/16,
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  • An Introduction to Thermogeology

    John Wiley & Sons. 2012. ISBN: 9781118447505,1118447506. 544 pages.

    This authoritative guide provides a basis for understanding the emerging technology of ground source heating and cooling. It equips engineers, geologists, architects, planners and regulators with the fundamental skills needed to manipulate the ground's huge capacity to store, supply and receive heat, and to implement technologies (such as heat pumps) to exploit that capacity for space heating and cooling. The author has geared the book towards understanding ground source heating and cooling...

  • Heating and Cooling of Buildings

    CRC Press. 2009. ISBN: 9781439882504,1439882509. 863 pages.

    The art and the science of building systems design evolve continuously as designers, practitioners, and researchers all endeavor to improve the performance of buildings and the comfort and productivity of their occupants. Retaining coverage from the original second edition while updating the information in electronic form, Heating and Cooling of Buildings: Design for Efficiency, Revised Second Edition presents the technical basis for designing the lighting and mechanical systems of buildings....

  • Advanced District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Systems

    Woodhead Publishing. 2015. ISBN: 9781782423959,1782423958. 364 pages.

    Advanced District Heating and Cooling (DHC) Systems presents the latest information on the topic, providing valuable information on the distribution of centrally generated heat or cold energy to buildings, usually in the form of space heating, cooling, and hot water. As DHC systems are more efficient and less polluting than individual domestic or commercial heating and cooling systems, the book provides an introduction to DHC, including its potential contribution to reducing carbon dioxide...

  • Practical Problems in Mathematics for Heating and Cooling Technicians

    Cengage Learning. 2012. ISBN: 9781133712640,1133712649. 320 pages.

    Practical Problems for Heating And Cooling Technicians, 6th Edition, provides students with the essential quantitative skills they need for success in the HVAC field. This text presents mathematical theories in concise, easy to understand segments, and reinforces each concept with multiple examples and practice problems from real-world HVAC tasks, including the latest in geothermal systems, and zone heating and cooling. Loaded with helpful visual features and study aids, Practical Problems...

  • Home Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

    McGraw Hill Professional. 1990. ISBN: 0830632573,9780830632572. 230 pages.

    Discusses safety precautions, tools and troubleshooting, and explains how to evaluate, select, install, and maintain heating systems, including furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and air conditioners

  • Oregon energy programs expire in 2017


    said employees of Bend heating and air-conditioning installers. “If you’re going from wall heaters or any kind of electric-resistance heat to a ductless system, then generally, yes, you’re going to get some kind of credit,” said Gregg Geiger ...

  • All Year Cooling is Looking for the Scariest Air Conditioning Unit This Halloween


    Many assume that with Fall comes colder weather and that they are less likely to use their air conditioning units. However, this season is the best time for upgrading a unit or making sure it's in tip-top shape. In South Florida, the heat is unpredictable ...

  • Bill Howe Heating & Air Offering Special End of Season Pricing


    “They have supported us in our division over the past 10 years, and we want to give back and show the rest of the county why we were chosen as the best heating & air company.” As San Diego is a temperate climate and air conditioning is sometimes more ...