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Hi. My name is John Marcelo owner of Air Rite Hvac, right here on beautiful Cape Cod Massachusetts. We have created a series of videos on heating ventilation ...

  • nasa creation pillars hubble nasagoddard

    Hubble Goes High Def to Revisit the Iconic 'Pillars of Creation'

    This NASA Hubble Space Telescope image, taken in near-infrared light, transforms the pillars into eerie, wispy silhouettes, which are seen against a background of myriad stars. The near-infrared light can penetrate...

    Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr

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    Hearst Tower - Norman Foster Architect

    The six-story base of the headquarters building was commissioned by the founder, William Randolph Hearst, and awarded to the architect Joseph Urban. The building was completed in 1928. The original cast stone facade...

    Photo by Miradortigre on Flickr

  • volcano earth space nasa goddard pavlofvolcan

    Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano: NASA’s View from Space

    Pavlof volcano eruption on May 18, 2013. Credit: Brandon Wilson/AVO -- Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano: NASA’s View from Space The Pavlof volcano, located in the Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge has been...

    Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video on Flickr

  • Expert Advice: ”How can I best service my heating system before the winter weather?”


    Before the chill of cold nights are here to stay, it's recommended that you make an appointment for your furnace's annual checkup. Without this yearly cleaning and inspection, a system can wear itself out more quickly, leak carbon monoxide into your

  • Checking Your Heating Systems Before Winter Hits


    Especially since they know the dangers of letting your heating system go unmaintained. "You just feel safe when it's checked," said Blanchara. Heating experts say the best thing a homeowner can do is get their heating system checked by a professional.

  • Heat pumps


    There are three main types of heat pumps—air source, split ductless, and geothermal. All heat pump systems should be installed by a professional heating and cooling technician who can determine the proper size and right product for your home and climate.

  • The Best Ways To Heat Your Home: Separating Myth From Fact


    When fall sets in, our heating systems kick into high gear to keep our houses warm. As it gets colder, you want to heat your home in the most efficient way possible, but it can be tough to know the best strategy to use when facts and myths all blend

  • 6 Best Frugal Resources for Winterizing Your Home | My Money | US ...


    Use these apps, websites and tools to handle winter preparation tasks on your own.

Wise investment in your boiler plant pays out in the long-term. #WednesdayWisdom Check our facts here:… 10/26/16,
We focus on energy savings, safe operation, and reliable comfort. Our goal is to make your heating system as a whole function as its best. 10/26/16,
When you count on us to handle the upkeep of your heating system, we take the best possible care of your comfort. 10/26/16,
@amyfritzp Brrr it certainly is cold out! Be prepared for winter by picking the right HVAC system for your home 10/25/16,
@constantinonick Brrr winter is coming! Be prepared for the season by picking the right HVAC system for your home 10/25/16,
  • Natural Home Heating

    Chelsea Green Publishing. 2003. ISBN: 9781603581561,1603581561.
  • Best Alternative to the Current Heating System at the KSBG in Terms of Environmental Acceptability and Economic Feasibility

    2016. 27 pages.
  • Energy Efficiency in Househould Appliances and Lighting

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2012. ISBN: 9783642565311,364256531X. 856 pages.

    Household appliances encompass a large variety of equipment including the cold appliances (refrigerators and freezers), the wet appliances (washing machines, dishwashers and dryers), the space conditioning appliances (heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps, fans, boilers), the water heaters, the cooking appliances, a wide array of consumer electronics (such as TVs, VCRs, HiFi systems) and miscellaneous small appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, hairdryers and power tools)....

  • Build Your Dream Home for Less

    Popular Woodworking Books. 1995. ISBN: 1558703837,9781558703834. 192 pages.

    Build a quality home - and save money at every stage of construction! &break;&break;You dream about building a perfect home. But you just don't see any way to come up with that kind of money. &break;&break;So bring down the cost. Be your own general contractor and save on every aspect of building your home. Do some of the easier work yourself and the savings can soar even higher. You can do it without compromising quality. &break;&break;Part-time work, big-time equity! &break;&break;Build...

  • Construction Print Reading

    Cengage Learning. 1999. ISBN: 0766808394,9780766808393. 501 pages.

    This well-illustrated text teaches the basic skills needed to read, study, and understand construction drawings. It features a detailed analysis of a set of residential plans. Pictorial drawings accompany orthographic plan drawings to help students visualize the meaning of the plan drawing. Construction technology students taking beginning and intermediate plan reading courses will also learn about important related areas that affect plan development, such as building codes, materials, and...

  • Best Buy Smart Home Solutions at the Vancouver Home and Design Show


    Ever since John and I purchased smart home technology at Best Buy ... start turning the heat off or down when we go to bed at 10:00pm, it will start adding that scheduled event automatically. Same goes for our Philips Hue lightning system.

  • Chef Andrew Richardson gets all fired up at CinCin


    In the hood, above the fire, there’s a hanging system where you can hang fish and meat for gentle heat,” he says in a phone interview ... buy ingredients from the best sources, and give it respect. That’s what we’ve done here, and it feels ...

  • Heat lingers; Tucson eyes warmest October on record


    “It’s true, our heat is coming earlier and staying later,” National Weather ... In fact, high pressure will move in behind an exiting low-pressure system Tuesday, which will lead to near record highs on Thursday. The average afternoon high in Phoenix ...

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