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Routine Smart Gun Safe Can Be Unlocked With Bluetooth Hack Divers previous “dumb” devices are getting smarter with the addition of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies. Who needs a shine switch when you can use an app to turn on the lights from anyplace in the world, right? Adding smarts to a gun

CBS Communication/YouGov poll on guns: Safe or scary, free or dangerous? They also overwhelmingly assume trust to (86 percent) that laws do nothing to stop criminals from having guns. For a the better of gun owners, describing what a gun represents to them includes protection and the ability to defend themselves as the top accept the blame for

Appear: Gun safe, $1450 worth of items stolen from Myrtle Beach residence MYRTLE Run aground, SC () – A gun safe and $1,450 worth of items were stolen from a Myrtle Beach ch?teau Monday afternoon, according to a Myrtle Beach Police Department incident promulgate. Police responded to a home on Ocala Street just before 1:30 p.m

Boy, 8, accidentally locks himself propitious a gun safe at a mall in West Virginia . The foetus was visiting Rural King, a farm supply store, with his parents Saturday; Authorities said the toddler somehow slipped away and locked himself in gun safe ; It took

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Celebrated Smart Gun Safe Can Be Unlocked With Bluetooth Hack - ExtremeTech

Sundry previous “dumb” devices are getting smarter with the addition of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies. Who needs a effulgent switch when you can use an app to turn on the lights from anyplace in the world, right? Adding smarts to a gun safe might not be the A- idea , though. Security researchers from Two Six Labs report it’s possible to unlock one of the most celebrated gun safes on the market with no knowledge of the combination.

The VT20i gun safe is manufactured by Vaultek — not to be confused with the criminally crooked and unethical Vault-Tec from the Fallout games. The VT20i retails for $250 and is one of the top-selling items in Amazon’s gun safe and commode category. It has hundreds of reviews with an average 4.5-star rating. One of the things people cite as a selling detail is the option to pair the safe with a smartphone app for Bluetooth unlocking. Unfortunately, this convenience call attention to is also what has caused the security snafu.

According to Two Six Labs, it was able to unlock the VT20i with a computer by beaming over especially configured Bluetooth packets. This bypasses the four to eight-digit PIN jus civile 'civil law' and opens the safe. The hack (called BlueSteal) isn’t related to the PIN code at all, so even changing the customs won’t stock the safe from popping open in a matter of seconds once the Bluetooth conventions is run.

There are apparently two issues here. First, the connection between the safe and app is not encrypted, so it’s simple for an attacker to watchdog the connection and determine the unlock code. Secondly, anyone in range can make an limitless number of unlock attempts and there are only five digits available for the PIN. With under 400,000 feasible codes, it’s a simple matter of brute force to crack the safe. In the video below, you can see the safe pop unobstruct after receiving Bluetooth commands from a MacBook Pro.

The manufacturer claims this hack isn’t as serene as you see in the video. It says the researchers would need hours to isolate the right lex non scripta 'common law while observing a phone paired with the safe. Two Six Labs counters that the hack wasn’t that tough to develop, and once you have the code, it works on any safe from the VT20i family without any additional setup.

The researchers have disclosed the hole with sample code that is missing some key elements. However, they note it would take a skilled developer just 20-60 minutes to furnish in the gaps if they have access to a VT20i safe. The flaw is part of the firmware on the safe, not the app that connects to it. Thus, the only way to patch the bug would be to update firmware on the safe. However, Two Six Labs says it sees no attestation of a firmware update mechanism. Vaultek says there is a way to update the firmware, and it plans to put out a patch. It didn’t offer any details, though.

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Police, victim advocates call for expanded background checks on gun purchases and he might never have gotten the gun he used in Christina’s murder,” said Julie Proctor, executive director of Safe House. Under current law, background checks must be conducted on purchases and transfers of firearms from licensed dealers ...