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  • garage shelving remodeling kodakz710

    Garage Remodel - Shelving - Day 2

    Disassembling the old shelving.

    Photo by Ramen Junkie on Flickr

  • garage shelving remodeling kodakz710

    Garage Remodel - Shelving - Day 2

    Photo by Ramen Junkie on Flickr

  • garage shelving remodeling kodakz710

    Garage Remodel - Shelving - Day 2

    Building a shelf.

    Photo by Ramen Junkie on Flickr

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  • Sarah Sherman Samuel Talks Caboose Reno Do's and Don'ts


    An appliance garage. I be inclined to keep countertops as clear as possible, so I love to install an appliance garage for coffee makers, toasters, mixers etc to carry on them hidden away. The most successful one I've done is incorporating an appliance garage

  • Hallmark of the Week: 7 Clermont Park, Farmington


    A laundry reside with a sink, and an extra-large hallway closet for storage, also are located on the assign level. A second staircase leads to the first-floor mudroom. A entirely-size basement, with separate staircases leading to the garage and the backyard

  • Reverie Up a More Functional, Appealing Garage


    When you deliberate on about the spaces in your home where you most enjoy spending your time, the garage is probably not at the top of the schedule. Here are some ways to make it a more functional — dare we say — attractive space. Wall, Freestanding and Up in the air

  • Patrick Cobb knows how to look for


    “I research for the items, sort them in my garage via a shelving unit, pack the bags, and deliver them to SRAA,” Cobb said. “It takes me about an hour to conk out a two weeks' supply of bags. I've got it down to a science of how numerous fruit cups, juice boxes

Sarah Sherman Samuel Talks Cookhouse Reno Do's and Don'ts - Architectural Digest

collaboration, a present-day take on classic bead board cabinet fronts. It's been written up comely much everywhere and gushed over by many a fellow Instagram star. (FYI, the gist of Semihandmade: Stationary their designs on top of basic IKEA cabinets to fool everyone into thinking you drained a fortune on your kitchen). But Sarah's expertise extends far behind cabinets. She's been a materialize, product, and interior designer for years, a.k.a. she has some serious reno experience under her perimeter. So what better brain to pick about kitchen design from start to finish? Infer from on for Sarah's favorite inexpensive kitchen upgrades, her best storage antic, and the mistake she'll never make again. I’d have to say the kitchen in our current home is the most unforgettable renovation to date. Not just because I see it and use it every day, but because we actually did all the work ourselves (aside from the marble countertop fable). We demo-ed out a tiny, closed-in kitchen, opening it up the the living room, and extended the footprint into what was once upon a time a laundry room. Then we built a new kitchen from the ground up. of that kitchen went a bit viral on Pinterest and I still get questions from people infuriating to replicate it almost daily. After working with Semihandmade first on my own kitchen, I flatten in love with the product and the innovation behind it. We had just bought a house and were doing extensive renovations, adding conform to footage as well as a bathroom, so we were stretching our budget pretty thin. By entrancing on the kitchen renovations ourselves (including demo, cabinets, etc), we were able to get the kitchen of our dreams without compromising. Semihandmade was a big piece of making that possible. I know this is probably the opposite of what so many people regard as, but my go-to countertop is marble—all different kinds of marble. Many don’t recommend it because it can blemish or scratch, and there are a lot of great, more durable options out there with quartz and composite materials, but I fianc? having the natural marble, going to the slab yard and picking out second to none in harmony stones. I also like the way it ages and shows traces of your home's story after years of use. An appliance garage. I choose to keep countertops as clear as possible, so I love to install an appliance garage for coffee makers, toasters, mixers etc to nurture them hidden away. The most successful one I’ve done is incorporating an appliance garage into a walk-in pantry. I made one of the shelves added deep and placed an outlet every 18 inches so that all the appliances could be all in one hamlet and ready to use, while still being tucked away from the main kitchen. If you are shorter on space, another solution is to place an under-counter microwave. Microwaves are usually an eyesore and keeping them below counter level is just enough to have them blend into the space. A design decision I use often that some people shy away from is mixing metals like cheek, copper, and stainless steel. I think mixing a variety of metals helps to give a order character and makes it feel more lived-in, as opposed to looking straight out of a catalogue. It adds the superb amount of visual interest without disrupting the seamlessness of the design. Source:
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  • Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Garages

    Creative Publishing international. 2009. ISBN: 9781616733933,1616733934. 240 pages.

    This is a dual-purpose, two-in-one book that opens with a strong inspiration section of ideas for garage organization and use, then adds a fully developed how-to section that includes a range of step-by-step projects, ranging from the installation of basic shelving and storage features, to complete follow-along sequences showing the construction of three different garage styles from the ground up.

  • Gearhead Garage Projects

    ISBN: 1610609409,9781610609401.
  • Garage Makeover: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Lulu Press, Inc. 2015. ISBN: 9781329693975,1329693973.

    What's in your garage? If you're like many Americans, it's "everything but my car." In fact, according to a GarageTrends Survey, the average American stores $6,500 worth of gear-ranging from sporting equipment to luggage-in the garage. If the thought of tackling all that clutter. This ebook provides you with system for transforming your garage from a parking lot for your stuff into a cheerful, organized space that makes life safer, easier and more efficient. GRAB A COPY OF THIS EBOOK TODAY

  • Cut the Clutter and Stow the Stuff

    Rodale. 2002. ISBN: 1579545122,9781579545123. 384 pages.

    Describes how to bring all kinds of clutter under control, offering advice on how to stow, organize, clean, and categorize to avoid a messy household space.

  • Store It!

    Filipacchi Publishing. 2009. ISBN: 9781933231594,1933231599. 144 pages.

    Providing coverage from every area of a home from entryways to attics, a strategic guide shares recommendations for eliminating clutter while expanding storage, in a reference that includes tips for making the most of small spaces, minimizing the vulnerability of clutter-prone areas, and installing shelving. Original.

  • Redesigning Suggestions for Your Garage


    However, redesigning your garage does not always mean that you need to compromise your storage room or your parking area. Garages today have actually ended up being multifunctional, enabling cars, basic storage, a workshop or even an office all in the same ...

  • LakewoodAlive to Host “Knowing Your Home: Garage Repair And Replacement” Workshop On November 5


    “Whether used for parking, storage or additional living space, your garage represents a valuable yet often underutilized part of your home,” said Allison Urbanek, Housing Outreach Director for LakewoodAlive. “This workshop is designed to help ...

  • Auto centre moves ahead for Gordon Head Canadian Tire


    Prefabricated sheds, storage units, patio furniture and other goods are among ... we have for Canadian Tire in Victoria right now,” Young said. In the meantime, the garage bays at Gordon Head and the empty store space will undergo a renovation.