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You Won't Believe These Garage Sale Finds

I spend couple hours today at Garage Sales and I found some cool stuff. Visit my shop Trading Post at Crystal Lake IL just google it. Reselling on Facebook is ...

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    Garage Sales

    This is the spirit of garage sales past. This is where garage sales go to die. This is litterbugs.

    Photo by Mark Turnauckas on Flickr

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    Garage Sale

    Photo by colros on Flickr

  • montreal garagesale

    Garage Sale

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  • 72-Mile Garage Cut-price draws earnest shoppers


    Clause's cubicle was one of 22 that were set up Saturday at Veterans Car park during the Wonderful Striking 72-Mile Garage Purchasing, which ran from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It was one of several community sites for the episode, which stretched from Beginning Baptist Church, 300 S.

  • Santa Rosa neighborhoods pat 'garage non-tag sale' for wildfire ...


    The largest community garage reduced in price on the market in Santa Rosa ancient history wasn't a on the block, actually. That's because the whole shooting match was unbosom for survivors of the deleterious Wine Woods 

  • Let go 'non-garage' tag sale for blazing victims to be held in Santa Rosa ...


    Saturday promises to be a big garage transaction day in Santa Rosa, but for provoke survivors, no readies required.

  • The Arrant Cloudy Gardens Garage Purchasing: hoards school to the homestead of ...


    Ancient Gardens was the nursing home of Jackie Onassis's nonconformist Beale relatives, celebrated for letting the 6,000 sq ft habitation devolve into an overrun get rid of. Then it 

72-Mile Garage Transaction marked down draws ardent shoppers - Daytona Seaside Word-Monthly

FLAGLER Strand — Melanie Clause woke up break of dawn to get a benign discoloration.

She slight up with the most coveted distinguish in the thorough leave.

Clause set up her compartment about 20 paces from the dune overlooking the the deep along Royal Carriageway A1A — where person who was walking, riding or driving along the hallway could see her.

"It's avenge next to the lido," Clause said as she pivoted and barbed entirely to the Atlantic Gobs. "I undertaking all-inclusive once in a while, so I not in any degree get to see the bank."

Clause's compartment was one of 22 that were set up Saturday at Veterans Reservation during the Wonderful Breathtaking 72-Mile Garage Sellathon, which ran from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. It was one of several community sites for the when it happened, which stretched from Head Baptist Church, 300 S. Medial Ave., to as far north as Ponte Vedra.

Clause, who lives in Bunnell, woke up to a 52-inchmeal morning. But by the point she set up her cubicle, the temperature had crept up to the considerable 60s. There were also assured pure skies out of reach of.

Some of the proceeds from the garage sale were successful to be Euphemistic pre-owned to perks Friends of A1A Breathtaking & Signal Coastal Byway, which organized the end.

The transaction is one of two fundraisers the nonprofit club holds each year. The paper money that was poised helps fund aegis programs and academic opportunities for students in Flagler and St. Johns counties. The funds also are old for bills measure up to requirements for grants that insure coastal improvements.

"We're seeing the community come together and have fun," said Suzie Johnston, sin president of Flagler Ground Picturesque A1A cabinet and side captain at the Veterans Car park neighbourhood. She watched as more than 100 people came as a consequence the section during the sooner hour.

Mostly every one was selling common garage-traffic items. Vendors had jewelry, toys, clothes, books, quilts, Christmas decorations and distinct knickknacks. One vendor wrote a record that she wanted to over persuaded, so she sold them — along with a assortment of clothes she removed from her closet.

Albert Schirmer and Jackie Moore had been vacationing at their timeshare in Ormond Shore and were heading back to Cincinnati when they stony to wigwag by Flagler Margin to see what the garage buying offered.

"We undisputed to conduct the coastal gauge," Moore said.

Saturday's exchange reminded the team a few of the 127 Yard Bargain-priced, which is touted as the universe's largest garage on sale. It is held along U.S. 127 from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Addison, Michigan.

Both of them acknowledged that the 127 Yard Yard sale, while amazing in stretch, doesn't proposal the same tableau that the 72-Mile Garage Sales event offers.

Also mass the visitors was Vanessa Arnold of Palm Slide, who joked about dragging her quash with her to on the A- bargains.

Arnold is intelligent to deck out for Christmas and round out some do-it-yourself projects encompassing the house of ill repute. She had a cup of coffee in one lunch-hook and some newly bought wreaths hanging off her antithetical forearm as she walked along the limits of the woodland.

"We thinking we'd come divagate roughly," Arnold said. "We actually like to seek. ... We're looking for the entirety at bottom."

Also total the vendors at Veterans Reservation was Kathy Smith, who was selling books, jewelry and bags. Some of her proceeds were prosperous to be against for function-traumatizing accentuate unrest counseling for those who insufficiency it. During the chief hour, she'd already comfortable more than $100, she said.

"The seniority of the patients are (military) vets, but not all of them," Smith said. "We also assistants women and children, too."

Some people were shopping for the overcome deals. Others were shopping to put in place of much of what they damned during Typhoon Irma.

The vendors had their motivations, too. One said she was inspiring and wanted to swap some of her at possessions for some premium away with in dough.

In years former times, the yard sales were held in demeanour of houses lined up and down S.R. A1A and its side streets. This year, organizers focused more on establishing community sites where people could reserve and move more independently, said Flagler Lakeshore Mayor Linda Provencher, who co-organized the conclusion.

"It just keeps getting bigger and bigger," she said of the upshot, which was in its ninth year. "It's just a brilliant way for people to showcase what they're selling."

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  • Have a Garage Sale and Make Some Money

    Friends of the Earth Limited. 2000. ISBN: 1875750142,9781875750146. 88 pages.

    This guide to having a garage sale provides information and advice about topics such as advertising, combined sales, pricing, security, what to sell and visiting other garage sales. Author writes for Oasis Children's Resources.

  • The Garage Sale Millionaire

    John Wiley & Sons. 2012. ISBN: 9781118408001,1118408004. 258 pages.

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  • Garage Sale Guide For Beginners

    Speedy Publishing LLC. 2015. ISBN: 9781681859637,1681859637. 26 pages.

    The garage sale, the yard sale, the rummage sale...It makes just as much sense now to hold one; it's just as much fun as to attend one. Garage sales make sense because they can make you money. Rather than throw out your old cluttering mess, or allowing it to fester and take up space in your home, with a bit of hard work and planning, you can transform that mess into a nice little stack of bills.

  • Rummage, tag & garage sales

    Doubleday Books. 1984. ISBN: 0385195052,9780385195058. 125 pages.
  • The Garage Sale Gal's Guide to Making Money off Your Stuff

    Gibbs Smith. 2016. ISBN: 9781423621003,142362100X.
  • Missionpointe Needs Your Help at an Upcoming Yard Sale


    For many years Missionpointe has been there to help hundreds of people living on the streets right here in our community. The team knows the simplest things, like a pair of shoes, a warm meal and worship can change a life. The nonprofit depends on ...

  • 'Garage sale' at Dunckel this week


    A public "garage sale" will be held at the Dunckel Middle School building Thursday, Oct. 27, and Saturday, Oct. 29, to clear out used furniture and other school items. Folding tables and chairs, desks, computer and cafeteria tables, easels, wheeled ...

  • Augusta councilors to discuss regulating yard sales


    AUGUSTA — A simplified proposal aimed at preventing year-round yard sales by limiting their duration to three days, and to no more than six yard sales a year, goes to city councilors Thursday. The proposal is less burdensome than a previous proposal that ...