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    Some-150 tech enthusiasts gathered in Kingston for the hold out Hudson Valley Tech Meetup before the new year.

  • Too much makings in storage? Here's how to get rid of it


    But one day 'stuff' shoved her car out of her garage and onto her driveway, where it was stolen. "It made me net before I invest in a new car, it would be best to create garage space where the car can go so it's inside and it's a bit more solid

  • Knowledgeable organizer offers storage dos and don'ts


    There absolutely is no such thing as a “pretty storage unit.” Well, if you Google the phrase, the only figure of a perfectly organized storage unit comes from a Kuzak's Closet concoct in Los Gatos. For that client, storage made sense: It belonged to a

  • Tesla proprietor builds “Urban Supercharger” cable organizer and cabinet


    Whether it's crooked a simple '$10 hanger' for Tesla's mobile connector from off-the-shelf products, or something as develop as building a life-size 'Supercharger' for their garage, the do-it-yourself (DIY) projects being posted to YouTube are

Too much junk in storage? Here's how to get rid of it - KPRC Click2Houston

But quickly 'stuff' shoved her car out of her garage and onto her driveway, where it was stolen.

"It made me realize before I invest in a new car, it would be to the fullest extent to create garage space where the car can go so it's inside and it's a bit more secure," Hampton said.

That's where professional organizer Leah Friedman comes in. She says she typically has three kinds of clients: people with deceased parents, people who prove onto furniture and people who can't part with their children's things.

"Mama is not in the thing; mama is in our boldness," Friedman said. "We don't have to hold onto boxes and boxes of Bobby's artwork from when he was in third ascent so I encourage them to get rid of it or send it to Bobby's house."

She says it doesn't make a distinction where people keep things, the problem is the same: people just don't want to make a decree.

"I walk around with them and I give them permission. That's basically what they're looking for, permission to get rid of this stuff," Friedman said.

She has a two-pronged job: in most cases organizer, part counselor. She said she loves both.

"I also tell people, what happens if you die and it definitely ends up, not to be morbid, but it ends up being your children's problem. So I always say, be kind to your children and start getting rid of the lumber now," Friedman said.

Renting storage space can be expensive and is often throwing away paper money.

"Unless you have a Monet, your stuff is not appreciating," Friedman said.

One more thing she said she tells her clients: make plain out your lives and more good things will arrive.

America has more than 78 square miles of rentable self-storage pause. To put that in perspective, an area more than three times the size of Manhattan.

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