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Garage Door Opener Installation -- by Home Repair Tutor

Do you need to do a garage door opener installation? Are you maybe a bit hesitant? No worries. We all have that feeling about certain projects. This video is ...

  • windows shadow reflection building stairs fence nikon sandstone doors steps entrance historic doorway lamppost olympia cropped vignetting oldbuilding olympiawashington olympiawa historicbuilding 2015 d600 nationalhistoricsite washingtonstatecapitol tedmcgrath tedsphotos nikonfx d600fx

    2015 - Olympia WA - Old Sate Capitol Building

    Bought a new car in February. Picked it up from the dealer and put it in the garage. Every day after we walked by it all it did was whine and snivel about going for a drive. After 2 weeks we relented and let it go...

    Photo by Ted's photos - Returns late November on Flickr

  • door sky green field lines oregon landscape ian photography highway open farm empty garage images agriculture leaning gervais furrows sane 99e of

    Garage Of Green Furrows

    Photo by Ian Sane on Flickr

  • door garage maintenance opener organizing

    21/365: Fix the garage door opener

    The opener stopped working earlier this summer and I knew that we'd have to replace it, so I ignored it for months. The weather is getting colder and Hubby needs to park in, so I called the repairman. Guess...

    Photo by Earnest_One on Flickr

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  • Stolen garage door openers be to Above-board Oaks, Reston burglaries


    A garage door opener had been stolen from each scapegoat's unlocked car, according to a word release from the Fairfax County The long arm of the law Jurisdiction. On Wednesday in the at morning hours, the heat say someone scarf the garage door openers and acquainted with them to 

  • Crooks heist garage door opener in essay to comminute a break up with into Summerlin residency


    Crooks are getting Daedalian in Summerlin by plagiarism garage door openers to try and get inside homes. Chilling profoundly guaranty video shows how one family tree was targeted at cock crow Thursday morning while they were sleeping near Fox Hill and Alta. Karly Turner, a 

  • Burglars using garage-door openers to break into Bethany homes


    Some neighbors in the Bethany zone of Washington County say burglars are continuing to hoist garage door openers from cars and use them to found into homes. In October, the Washington County Sheriff's Assignment reported 15 such burglaries in a extend over of a 

  • Vancouver neighbors determine auto garage doors beneficent, disbelieve thieves are poaching codes


    “So they just pinch the codes and they can unclog 'Genie' or other identify garage doors which are accessed remotely throughout a wireless signet.” It's the older door openers that are more susceptible to rules readers. Homeowners can always switch the jus civile 'civil law' on 

Crooks prowl garage door opener in attack to comminute a break up with into Summerlin poorhouse - Scoop3LV

Crooks are getting imaginative in Summerlin by pilferage garage door openers to try and get backing bowels homes.

Chilling nursing home protection video shows how one issue was targeted initial Thursday morning while they were sleeping near Fox Hill and Alta.

Karly Turner, a pamper of three, said she went into her garage to get some tap from the refrigerator.

That’s when she noticed the garage door was big-hearted. At fundamental, she brainwork it was her take for. But deeply conviction video showed something much manifold.

"It’s just an upsetting idea. What were their intentions? They knew we were in the house of ill repute,” said Turner.

Turner said two men tippet the garage door opener from her conserve’s car which was parked most and then opened the garage.

Her poorhouse asylum video shows one man tiring to liberal the door to Turner’s line.

The other man can be seen putting on his sweatshirt hood to go guts the where one lives stress. That’s when he spotted the camera in quod the garage.

“And then after they saw the camera, they not came back in,” said Turner.

Cognate | Sneak-thief opens one's nearest's garage door in seconds

Turner knows what happened at her profoundly could’ve been a lot worse. But she said her 7-year-old daughter no longer feels all right.

"My daughter was startled to go to inculcate. She did the saddest depiction of this conjure up she had of this horrid man demanding to get in our lineage,” she respected.

Neighbors helped place photos of the suspects throughout the neighborhood. They are taped to nearly every mailbox. There’s also a flyer on the party opening which was disregarded when the attempted burglary happened.

“It’s just tempting people in. Come to our neighborhood,” she explained.

The HOA said there was a escape in the door and the producer shipped them new parts to instate on the admissions.

Temporarily, regulate say if you have to reserve your car on the way or in the driveway, raise your garage door opener secret with you.

It’s also a angelic think back to sustain your door between your garage and your race locked at all times.

If you own the suspects in Turner’s surety video, roar CrimeStoppers at 702-385-5555.

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  • Car prowlers strike Eastside, rifle through 16 vehicles


    Police said the crooks got away with everything from pocket change to expensive tools and sports equipment – including a garage door opener detectives believe may have been used during an attempted burglary. “We’re hoping that getting the video out ...

  • 2017 KHTS Home And Garden Show: Brooke’s Garage Doors & Painting


    Santa Clarita Valley and San Fernando Valley making sure they have the best garage doors and openers around. Their goal at Brook’s Garage Doors & Painting is to ensure that every family is safe and secure inside their home as well as their home being ...

  • Schuber Mitchell Homes - Talking about why they Do Not Remodel homes (102016)


    garage door opener, bath hardware (towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc.), masonry mailbox, coach lights, cabinet crown molding, appliances, masonry address stone, bullnose corners, Cheyenne style doors, oil rubbed bronze door hardware, and a covered back ...