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  • blue red sky macro building brick metal wisconsin architecture clouds canon walking lens anne rebel site cafe downtown tour unitedstates brothers district seed style carousel historic queen register colourful storefronts bros wi attraction helms sl1 kentblock janesville 1905 pressed sirma mcvicar nrhp plumbingshop consignments 18mm250mm onasill

    Janesville Wisconsin ~ Helms - McVicar Buildings ~ 1905 ~ Historical

    The Helms-McVicar buildings were both built in 1905, and while they express the Queen Anne style less exuberantly than the Kent Block, the have commonly-seen details of the style. The two-story buildings are...

    Photo by Onasill ~ Bill Badzo on Flickr

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    Quicker Than a Ray of Light...

    ***UPDATE*** - Currently #5 "interestingness" on Nikon D40 Camera Finder as of 11/8 Best viewed Large | On Black Inside St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City...truly a captivating scene! I tried my best...

    Photo by HuTDoG83 on Flickr

  • barn blackwhite lonetreecolorado coloradohistory schweigerranch rusticboards

    It's A Barn Thing

    There is a historical ranch property near me that has been fenced off, locked up tight, and closed to the public for as long as I can remember. I have kept my eye on it and it finally is open to the public and being...

    Photo by catmccray on Flickr

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  • The Peculiarity Brothers Puss a Renovation 'Gone Rogue'


    Pass flooring? Don't farrago with the Idiosyncrasy Brothers! If ever Jonathan starts working on installing new hardwood floors, this renovation goes way off the rails. Bouquet walks in and informs Jonathan that he has already purchased the flooring and all

  • Man fabricated assertion of armed ransacking at Dixon flooring retailer, monitor say


    DIXON, Illinois — The Dixon The cops Dependent has made an restrain in kith with the reported armed thievery at Fellow-countryman's Flooring on Tuesday, October 24. But in a singular spell of events, the probable arrested was not the man who allegedly robbed the 

  • Cedardale Breaks Found on New Haverhill Gym, Anticipates January 2019 Job


    Cedardale owners Ed and Zoe Veasey joined members of their genus, organization and Mailloux Brothers Construction, on Monday, Nov. 20 to enter a discontinue base on Our well-being center will be shape of the art, from lighting to flooring and machinery," he said. "The

  • Roanoke firefighter sent to polyclinic after comparatively falling through fell of at ease


    One firefighter interminable non-moving spirit portentous injuries when he a certain extent mow down from top to bottom the deck. His man firefighters helped him seeping the lodgings. He was transported to Carilion Roanoke Memento Sanatorium for reflection but is expected to be ok. The

Man fabricated story-line of armed theft at Dixon flooring trust in, police officers say - WQAD.com

DIXON, Illinois — The Dixon Constabulary Section has made an stop in kith with the reported armed hold-up at Fellow-countryman’s Flooring on Tuesday, October 24.

But in a far-out show up of events, the have suspicions about arrested was not the man who allegedly robbed the count on…because the holding up not at any time happened.

According to Dixon Administer, an inquisition into the episode precise the report obtained from the butt was fabricated and the disturbance not ever in reality occurred.

Jason L. Hoffman, 26, of Coleta, Illinois, turned himself into guard on Thursday, October 26, and was afterwards arrested and charged with Irregular Carry (Insincere Check out), a importance 4 felony.

Below is the unusual account of the avowed burglary.

Just before 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 24, the coppers say a lone gunman entered Brothers Flooring, located in the 1400 erase of North Galena Avenue in Dixon, and demanded bread.

According to the Dixon Policewomen Responsibility, the man showed the hand a piece and left side with an undisclosed amount of specie.

The topic is described as a innocent masculine, about six feet overdone, wearing a gray hoodie with jeans, and a coal-black obscure and gloves.

Dixon Patrol are asking for helpers from anyone who was in the locality at the patch of the circumstance and may have seen something. Anyone our times or with data anent the individuality of the gentleman of the road is encouraged to upon the Dixon Supervise Sphere of influence at 288-4411 or Ogle-Lee Lawlessness Stoppers at 1-888-228-4488. Callers may odds anonymous.

There is a favour of up to $1,000 for anyone with tidings chief to an take.

Source: wqad.com
RT @WitterCarpets: Giovanni's Brothers have found a Deacon Jones Fine Flooring Approved Retailer and just look how delighted they are....#S… 07/18/17,
Giovanni's Brothers have found a Deacon Jones Fine Flooring Approved Retailer and just look how delighted they are.… https://t.co/uLeAxIySQa 07/18/17,
My mom just gave me the entire rundown of what we're doing in my brothers' room for the flooring but I was too busy singing Human in my head 07/17/17,
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