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Duralast Battery: Proven Tough

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  • honda battery duralast

    Replacement battery

    And time to get this car running again! Sent from my HTC Touch Pro2 on the Now Network from Sprint®.

    Photo by Mad African!: (Broken Sword) on Flickr

  • cameraphone car mobile honda dead vibrant battery samsung shade civic android duralast

    Change of plans! Car battery died, but praise God my car's in the shade

    Photo by kalebdf on Flickr

  • What Are You Guys Running For Batteries?


    Also, I'm another guy with less than stellar experience with Optima- my last yellow top lasted ~4 years, and my last Duralast Gold went over 7. Not only that, but the Optima was in a completely stock 4 cylinder application while the Duralast was in the

  • Group 48 Duralast Platinum AGM car batteries fall short in Consumer Reports' life test


    In our latest battery tests, not only did some Duralast Platinum AGM batteries not perform as well as other AGM batteries but they also didn't measure up to less expensive conventional batteries (including those from Duralast). This is even more

  • What to Look For When Replacing Your Car's Battery


    Your battery is one of the most important and easiest-to-swap parts in your entire car. Yet somehow, most of us rarely pay it any attention until it we're left stuck in a parking deck somewhere. Car batteries are rechargeable, and that's why we have

  • Beware: The best and worst replacement car batteries can be from the same brand


    Our latest tests show that shopping for a car battery by brand name alone can be a big mistake, both in terms of performance and in cost. But our latest Ratings make it easy to find the best one for your needs and budget, no matter what you drive. Big

  • Power-Ranking Chuck Liddell's Duralast Commercials By Plausibility


    First of all, I highly doubt that simply holding a Duralast battery grants one the power necessary to walk through concrete walls. That is not how automotive batteries work. They must first be attached to a power source before they can generate any

@Igor2tall @ChuckLiddell I think the guy should stick with the Duralast Battery commercials https://t.co/DVnD2Nr48b 05/09/17,
@nikoviron I'm like a duralast battery. 05/08/17,
Duralast Gold battery under the hood to crank that beech. Accompanied by the new 130 amp alternator ! 05/06/17,
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