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  • Divatex leases release of last Adidas stock-in-trade


    A dwelling-place fashions entourage will be up villa in Spartanburg County and train 75 employees and the covert for new jobs to the bygone Adidas Stockroom at 5675 N. Blackstock German Autobahn. A home ground fashions plc will embezzle up castle in Spartanburg 

  • DWI Holdings and Divatex Make clear Fashions to Amalgamate


    NEW YORK, Aug. 4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Divatex Home base Fashions Inc and DWI Inc, to the nth degree owned subsidiaries of the Himatsingka Group, get up b endure merged with implication from 1st August 2015. The merged organism will be called Himatsingka America Inc. Himatsingka 

  • Applied DNA Sciences and Divatex Retain Pact to Commercialize the Times a deliver's From the word go Inventory Limit-DNA-Verified ...


    Divatex is accountable for marketing, while APDN licenses its patented SigNature T DNA technology for solicitation to certify the veracity of the by-product. Divatex is a sinker-owned subsidiary of Himatsingka Body, India. "We are wrought up to use this

  • German recycler establishing operations in Spartanburg


    MAIREC, a metals recycler based in Germany, is investing $4.6 million in Spartanburg to instal operations. The investment is expected to bring into being 35 new jobs in the close over the next five years. MAIREC specializes in the delivery of high-valued rare 

German recycler establishing operations in Spartanburg - Upstate Work Weekly

MAIREC, a metals recycler based in Germany, is investing $4.6 million in Spartanburg to ordain operations. The investment is expected to generate 35 new jobs in the compass over the next five years.

MAIREC specializes in the deliverance of outrageous-valued rare metals from recycled goods. This is a primary abroad functional for MAIREC, which has a chap coarse across a handful of industries, including automotive, chemical, electronics, petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, porcelain, solar, materialize technology and telecommunications.

To legislature its new South Carolina operations, MAIREC is leasing a 50,800-quadrilateral-foot structure at 230 Parley Parkway in Spartanburg.

“Congratulations to MAIREC for deciding to fix operations in South Carolina, joining a roster of more than 500 recycling companies that justification our government domestic,” Secretary of Merchandising Bobby Hitt said in a rescue.

Train officials require the skilfulness to be fully operational by September 2015, and hiring is expected to begin in August.

Source: upstatebusinessjournal.com
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