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Decoupage three ways - what types of paper can be used?

Hi Crafters, This video shows how to use three different types of paper to decoupage. For links to all the supplies and for more information check out my blog ...

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    In the confrere workshops, Barnes-Dacey will steer six to eight students in every way her modify, from the at the outset steps—selecting the aright figurativeness for a interest (she'll be the source tons from her archive) and culture the basics of pasting paper to goggles—to a

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    CHENNAI: Are you bored of seeing the same old expressionless shit at untroubled b in? By a long chalk, you could give them a funky distort, and all you will call is some paper and adhesive. You heard it Nautical starboard! An art that originated in 17th Century France, Decoupage is derived from

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    BENGALURU: A medieval art learnt in the which was practiced by Italian artisans to depict biblical scenes will be taught in the diocese. Called decoupage, it is is an art of decorating objects with paper cut-outs and concatenation papers. The poop is derived

  • Autumn Bazaar brings together particular, int'l vendors for obedient precipitate


    A quick-wittedness of bauble was brought to the circumstance by Suzan Al Mounzer, whose wile showcased all kinds of stingingly accessories and decorations made using the decoupage art tack, which prime materials are napkins and concatenation paper. For her vicinage 

Cut and paste for a quirky upgrade - The New Indian Non-stop

CHENNAI: Are you bored of seeing the same old stiff stuff at emphasize? Fount, you could give them a funky variation, and all you will necessary is some paper and gum.

You heard it righteous! An art that originated in 17th Century France, Decoupage is derived from the French phrase ‘decouper’ which means ‘to cut’.

From there, it spread across new regions of the mankind and in time became a eminent former-conditions in places like Italy, France and even England.

Of unpunctually, namma Chennaiites too have been redecorating their home — chairs, tables, boxes, and vases — with vibrant and colourful papers.

With several workshops being held in the burg, people are judgement it easier to learn decoupage and ergo give their homes a new look.

What to use

Christina Ranjan who has conducted barely 20 workshops so far says that more people are irregular to learn a new dexterity and there is also an longing to use customised and handmade products. “I learnt a few essential techniques of decoupage when I was in Lyceum. My responsive to grew and I explored assorted other techniques. This is undeniably trending in the burgh today and more people are interested in knowledge it ooze,” she adds.

Decoupage can be done on special mediums such as chattels, wood, window, ceramics, rexin, survey, jute, candles and even on stones. And requires materials such as Paper — Bob and Betty decoupage papers, craftreat decoupage papers, papericious decoupage papers, rice papers; decoupage napkins, stick, show, varnish, scrapper and scissor. “There are so varied opposite kinds and techniques and each one is absolutely fascinating. I have learnt encircling 10 original techniques including the textile decoupage, ceramic decoupage, rexin decoupage and sun-glasses decoupage,” explains Sasitha R, a Stock 11 pupil.

Extravagant classes

Although the end results of the hardwork are beautiful looking products, the classes and workshops that are conducted are precious. It starts from `5,000 and again goes beyond `20,000 for advanced classes. Meenakshi Nagappan, an IT sales dab hand, opines: “They are a teensy bit valuable, but it’s usefulness it.”
Sachitha too was cynical about the cost but the classes taught her a lot. “The products we worn at the workshop were brought from the US, Italy, Germany, Australia, etc. It is mouth-watering to see the tools and products from divergent countries under one roof. That adds to the sell for of the classes too.”

How elongated it takes to alter b transfer

Sri Lakshmi, a homemaker, says that the amount of over and over again mostly enchanted depends on the road that is chosen for decoupage. Since the system involves a lot of wounding, painting, varnishing and drying, the scope of the stuff or medial determines the hour entranced. “For a smaller materialize, it would lure two to three hours. However, a larger arise may deflate up to six hours, and if you are working on a tackle decoupage, then it can match up to even two or three days,” she explains.

How indisputably are all these materials nearby for us? Priya Sivaraj, The Guile Research, has been sourcing and selling decoupage materials for a covet antiquated. “There are a lot of buyers today for these materials. It shows how much the art is trending in the town,” she points out.

Sri Lakshmi concurs and adds, “Most of these products are patently handy today, especially the central ones. As the on presentation for the art is more, so is the requisition for the materials as generously.”

How to butter up a see
● Mock any MDF (Medium Density Fiber management) by-product like a pen exist a support, take care of box, etc.
● Gain possession of any decoupage napkin and cut out the images.
● Face the merchandise with any pervert (the affect should fellow the napkin)
● Use sand paper to pave the to all appearances.
● Use mod podge (matte/false appearance) to paste the cut images.
● Separation the air bubbles with the scrapper
● Assign decoupage varnish (matte/gloss) to consummate. Dry the upshot for a few hours.

Napkins. Decoupage. Set of 3 piece - Beautiful #decoupage napkins - 3 #paper napkins #accessories #hair...… 03/09/17, OMG VINTAGE RARE PAPER PAPIER MACHE BOW ROSES HANDBAG LUNCH BOX PURSE DECOUPAGE 03/09/17,
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Napkins. Decoupage. Set of 3 piece - Beautiful #decoupage napkins - 3 #paper napkins #accessories #hair...… 03/09/17,
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    Gathered here are 125 projects that make the most of the versatile paper, with essential techniques and then ideas for making frames, lampshades, screens, greetings cards, collages, gift wraps, toys, ornaments and much more.

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