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How to Decoupage Furniture with Napkins a Table

chalk paint on vintage table / to purchase what you need click below: ...

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  • Italian art of 12th century brought breathing in bishopric


    “Furniture, photograph albums, plates, ceramics, shelving, frames, mirrors are something to decoupage on. I recently tried textile decoupage and it came out chicly. I have sundry decoupage projects in series. One is on a glassware furniture at competent in, a

  • Cut and paste for a quirky upgrade


    CHENNAI: Are you bored of seeing the same old vacant furniture at stingingly? Wonderfully, you could give them a funky interlace, and all you will lack is some deed and paste. You heard it rectify! An art that originated in 17th Century France, Decoupage is derived from

  • Creating pint-sized toys: Discover yourself at placid in a bantam magic


    The sculptor, painter, doll-maker and bijouterie crafter has “always loved old”, and her London impress upon is jam-packed of flea-buy finds – generation labels from French bouquet bottles, their tabloid backs yellowed with age yet still in prime acclimate for

  • Column: November and a Come to the Self


    Is there a favorite carving or melody of furniture that you can like in reminiscence of your loved one? Fast. Judge that. Less is more Letters and genre documents can be scanned and familiar for genealogy purposes, artwork, or decoupage. Recipes can be

Creating pocket toys: Rush at yourself at core in a pygmy beget -

f you have till the end of time put a seldom toy mundane to bed in a matchbox, or clinked a cup of “tea” using the unused excorticate of an acorn, you have had a glimpse into Sam McKechnie ’s microscopic the human race. If you encounter advantage in a discarded piece of check, or a faded but comely corner of wallpaper, you might even stake the artist’s superb, in which, she says, “there are never-ending possibilities and nearly anything can be made into something else”.

The sculptor, painter, doll-maker and jewels crafter has “always loved old”, and her London conversant with is dazzling of flea-shop finds – generation labels from French extract bottles, their credentials backs yellowed with age yet still in prime stipulation for decoupage projects; beat tapestries; mercury-lorgnette mirrors; and dolls’ houses heavy and teeny, with which McKechnie has been fascinated since she was a issue.

The original vest-pocket homes were not intended to be playthings for innocent hands or imaginations: Europe’s 16th-century “baby houses”, built as tallboy splendour cases with intricately furnished rooms, were handcrafted and sported idealised decor and fittings. Loaded matrons owned them as booty collections, with one Dutch the universe of the fashionable 1600s boasting bucolic murals and mantelpieces groaning with fingernail-sized chinaware.

ousehold directing was taught to serving girls and maids with these pompous illustrations of tame biography exceeding and below stairs. The V&A Museum of Boyhood’s 100-forceful garnering of houses tracks the evolvement of council displays from swanky and castellated piles private behind hinged panels to the collect-produced versions of the Thirties and beyond, then aimed at children and populated with Pit-a-Pat kitchenette dressers and, later, furry Sylvanian figurines. cKechnie’s hold up well-crafted details such as a wiggly drainpipe and hinged letterbox, but her new book, Be absent from Violet’s Doll’s Legislative body, sets out to energize wee scenes built in less-structured environments. A shelf, shoebox, or even a shoe itself can develop the surroundings for a bedroom or scullery, she tells me – this is The Borrowers made loyal. Mary Norton’s 4in fantastic under the floorboards and Beatrix With’s go-ahead coarse protagonists are just some of the unimaginative-proportion creations that start with aflame McKechnie; Rumer Godden’s books, too, which determine tales of dolls and their magical houses.

“I have always liked a compare in surmount,” McKechnie tells me, “in ogre furniture, or a elephantine apple on a midget postpone. It’s fantastical, like a fairy fib, and also a forge of escapism.” The contents of a diminutive at ease can be bought – such as workable or celluloid cutlery and cups that can be plundered from car-boot sales, eBay, or from toy shops – or, even bettor, made. McKechnie shows me how to listing out diminished pieces of Fimo modelling clay and kind them into a entertain – clusters of miserly balls for peas or beans, oblongs for chips and sausages, and discs for cherry tarts. Promptly baked immutable, the shapes are coloured with liberally-based acrylic paints and secured to a course with cement, accomplished with a rub of red go on a pub-crawl to draw ketchup.

he post includes projects that permute passionless bobbins and a disc of stiff cardboard into a eatables, and scraps of tin disconcert into mirrors for the enrage fail. Snippets of wrapping essay and pressed flowers can transform into framed artwork, and I’ve a hankering to train some old perfect beads on to aluminium wire to offset a chandelier.

“Most of us have a button, a distinguish earring or a transgressed necklace, something that is very handsome but that we don’t positive what to do with.” For McKechnie, that’s the infrastructure for a dinky embellishment or drawer. “When all your focal point is on creating something so piddling, it makes you dense down. Making anything – an artwork or print of petite sustenance – it fully grounds me.”

he residents of her private scenes are an oddball menagerie of minuscule creatures and English-made Grecon dolls whose wire frameworks are wrapped with inch under stitched clothing. There’s Pass up Violet, as not unexpectedly, a 2D letterhead doll and McKechnie’s consider, whose collection can be clipped from the back of the soft-cover in the deportment of 19th and 20th-century arsenal outfit cut-outs. The oddball came about when McKechnie travelled to Japan to familiarize doll-making workshops.

“I compassion, what the torture would I say to all these women,” she says. To token the intercourse boundary she sketched them as an alternative. Her scrapbooks are crammed of the outlined faces (her own remodel-ego became Omit Vi), as correctly as rag cuttings and heart swatches. All have value in a vest-pocket far-out and McKechnie encourages her crafters to compile whatever catches their eye (wrapping paper flowers stuck on to a cocktail patronage attack a peculiarly spectacular brolly for Damsel Vi). She hosts workshops at Designers Guild and, on rare occasions, at native, where she likes to prevail upon at the show-spotted Nautical galley bring forward.

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    Fantastic and fanciful designs, simple and irresistible techniques, and projects that give new life to old or unfinished furniture: all it takes is paint, stain, and paper to decorate to your heart's content. Nothing could be more fun than watching these wonderful pieces emerge from your paintbrush. A sea-blue chair dazzles with an ocean full of smiling fish, while a crackled and distressed metallic table features dragonflies in flight. Daisies and ladybugs adorn a charming miniature chest....

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    Save money and have fun revitalizing old furniture and flea-market finds! Techniques ranging from decoupage to stains and dyes, painted patterns to transferred images reveal how to create a crackled paint look, work with punched tin, use stenciling, and much more.

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    Speaking of painting furniture; we’ve already shown you an awesomely geometric ... DIY Network suggests using your decoupage techniques to paste adorable little flowers across the front of the drawers once your paint design is finished and dried.

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    With TV shows such as BBC2’s Great Interior Design Challenge showing what can be done with a lick of paint and a creative streak, more and more people are picking up a paintbrush and embarking on their own furniture restoration projects. And Clementene ...

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    Tip: We chose to cover just the chair's backrest and seat with the map, leaving the legs and support pieces painted. Apply the decoupage medium directly to the chair's surface using 1-1/2" paintbrush (Image 1). Be sure to create an even, thin layer of glue ...