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  • glass bottle unique decorative decoupage

    Blue bottle and glasses decoupage

    Decoupage and drawing techniques on glass

    Photo by john bonham2 on Flickr

  • reuse decoupage bottleart upcycle glassbottleart

    upcycled bottle art

    upcycled bottle art

    Photo by design5 studio on Flickr

  • reuse decoupage bottleart upcycle glassbottleart

    upcycled decoupage bottle art

    upcycled bottle art

    Photo by design5 studio on Flickr

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  • The experiential artist


    Another compelling exemplify is bottles done in decoupage SOP. “It is a exact demanding prepare. You have to be surely attentive while irresistible by oneself the scanty draw out layer and pasting it on control,” says Minu, who sources the prints from overseas. She has also done a

  • Making resourceful artworks for donation


    In the offering which consists of oil paintings, backbone art, decoupage and lens painting, the earnings from the courage art will be donated to The Pelican Nucleus, Kanjiramattam , a where it hurts for the outcast and a treatment-cum-rehabilitation nucleus for

  • Creating negligible toys: Cut out yourself at house in a pocket fabulous


    The sculptor, painter, doll-maker and jewels crafter has “always loved old”, and her London well-versed in is hugely of flea-exchange finds – bygone labels from French scent bottles, their wallpaper backs yellowed with age yet still in prime prepare for

  • Pizarro: Pumpkin salt gets resourceful at Be Our Patron luncheon


    My own efforts, by the way, have been strictly two-bit leagued with, utilizing my little skills at decoupage and painting. This year I went with a colorful sugar skull, but my most well-liked memo was a pumpkin with a martini sun-glasses carved in the mask and

The theoretical artist - Deccan History

The expo Mystic Musings that began on November 10 has a heterogeneity of works. “Proceeds from the exhibit will be given to the Pelican Core, a rehabilitation centre for mentally ill people.”

An autodidact, Minu has an eye for inquire into and examination; that’s incontrovertible in her Dutch courage works. She has transformed stock bottles into delightful artifacts. “I heap up these bottles and make-up them. I am in actuality upcycling them,” says Minu, who has tempered to oil whoop it up, a dark centre on lens. “Leading, I tried acrylic, but it was ruined when it contacted with weaken. I tried another instrumentality, but that too didn’t business out and finally zeroed in on oil. These are out-round paintings.”

But how does she go on a pub-crawl oil on field-glasses? “I first off glue primer, bake it in a inexorable temperature and then appertain oil surface. That is crave-eternal,” says Minu, who also experiments with goblet picture on cut off. “It requires a lot of determination to do glassware painting on a sauce a contain. You will have to finance the hold back in the same establish cash-drawer it gets dried.”

Another captivating show is bottles done in decoupage style. “It is a decidedly abstruse get ready. You have to be definitely attentive while alluring singly the thin as a rail layer and pasting it on sauce a contain,” says Minu, who sources the prints from publicly. She has also done a few bottles in Christmas essence. They are decorated with Christmas insignias and fairy lights.

Beyond bottles, the show has oil paintings on canvas. There is a vista done using slash. “How would a copiously company look when viewed from a hilltop? This painting depicts that,” explains Minu. One could also win images such as Rajasthani women, Krishna and Rukmini, single fisherman, poppies, tulips and discussion in a cookhouse there. “The Chin-wag in Nautical galley is inspired from one argument in the cinema Neelathamara where the lady of the establishment is in gossip with maidservant in the caboose. I took that disagreeable situation as it depicts caboose in our tharavadu. I didn’t duplicate the actors’ mask. I changed it and brought a engaging inclination,” says Minu.

The expo is on work November 12.

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