Many companies now the question arises as to how justified the use of staff funds expansion of communication, such as wireless and wired headset?? And is it economically feasible? In this article we will try to substantiate the efficacy of Jabra headsets in the modern business activities. We will consistently list the benefits of using Jabra headsets and to assess the effect of this property. So, let's get to it...

1) Innovative technology smoothstone in conversation on site with a high level of noise (for example, in the premises of the contact center or on the street) is always the acute problem of background noise. As a solution, Jabra has developed Noise Blackout technology. With the help of algorithm of digital signal processing our headsets, the principle of splitting the audio signal coming from two separate built-in microphones. Thus, there is a differentiation of sounds coming from different sides – from the lips of the speaker and the ambient noise, which are then suppressed.

2) Exceptional sound quality of the speakers Traditional telephony uses a frequency in the range of 300-3,400 Hz. With the advent of such applications for Softphone like Skype, the frequency range has been significantly extended. Therefore, in the portfolio of Jabra are fully broadband device with a range of 150-6,800 Hz. If you feel like using the headset to listen to music, we can offer devices of Hi-Fi frequency response 80-15,000 Hz.

3) Improved sound quality when receiving an incoming call, Despite the fact that your Jabra headset may be one of the best solutions for this market, the person on the line may not have such advantages. Therefore, in certain models also used the Jabra IntelliTone technology that reduces unwanted noise for an incoming call. In turn, this automatically reduces the average exposure to noise stress at the workplace. But you don't need to think about it! Just enjoy a long and productive work day with minimal stress!

4) Wired headset to perform a greater number of business tasks In accordance with the results of a survey conducted in the UK, about 65% of the respondents have to work simultaneously on PC and talking on the phone. About 20% use email, or write by hand. 10% work with documents. Wired headset is ideal for such tasks. Furthermore, wired solutions Jabra able to provide the user with a full sound and a level of quality Hi-Fi.

5) Wireless headsets and unrivaled freedom of movement a Large number of users during phone conversations move around the office. It helps them to think and gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, take printer documents. Jabra wireless headset allows the user to enjoy the freedom of movement and allows you to work while away from their desks. The most important is that missed calls will be no more. For a user of the headset and its companion it will save time spent on repeated calls.

6) unified Communications (UC) unified Communications (UC) represent solutions where the services voice, email, and instant message sending are integrated into a single interface with intuitive controls. The first step to a full unified Communications is the integration of voice transmission. Today most people use three types of telephony: mobile and fixed terrestrial applications to work with the Softphone. Jabra headsets offer the user a truly unified communications, providing the ability to easily switch from one device to another.

Turning to the company "Lantek" You can always get competent and detailed advice on products Jabra.

7) High reliability Any Jabra headset combines modern technology and high reliability. Naturally, it leads to reduction of your expenses, as our headsets are developed for long-term use. The reduction in the number of breakdowns

It is very difficult to develop a product that meets all the requirements of discerning clients, for example, operators of the contact center operating in three shifts. That is why, professional Jabra headsets are equipped with a reinforced Kevlar cord, rotating 360 o microphone holder. In addition, some models have elements made of surgical steel.

Why is it so important? Not always users are able to take good care of the headset. Sometimes it is removed from the head and drop on the table or in the ashtray of the car, or thrown in a briefcase. And when wearing the headset again, it should work as before. And it works. Our patented technology smoothstone solutions for IP telephony and modern design greatly contribute to the continuous rise in the popularity of headsets is Jabra.

8) Enhanced security Jabra protect the user's health in two main areas: noise protection, improved ergonomics design.

People who spend a large amount of working time on the phone (call-centre operators and employees of companies), factors of high noise or poor ergonomics of the headset can cause a long-term disorder of the synchronous operation of the organs of hearing. Short period stay in the room with excess noise or using uncomfortable headset has a negative impact on stress and overall fatigue of the user.

Government organizations are very serious about compliance with noise protection at the workplace. We are proud of the fact that all of the Jabra products fully meet and often exceed the strictest requirements and safety standards of health.

Protection from unexpected noise bursts on the line Jabra products use multiple technologies to protect your hearing, users set. PeakStopTM technology cuts harmful to human hearing the unexpected noise bursts. The reason for such jumps can be a malfunction of the telephone system or even scream deranged customer during a conversation. Protection from continuous noise high-level

Constant noise can be hazardous to the human ear if its level exceeds the permissible limits. The source of this noise can be the machine is running or at too high a volume setting of the sound in the headset.

The root mean square value (rms) is a measure of the energy of the sound wave. Leading experts claim that 118 dB are the maximum safe limit the volume level constant noise. Thanks to the PeakStop technology, which controls the maximum volume of sound, all Jabra headsets meet the safety requirements.

Improved ergonomics the Cause of pain in the neck and back is often the habit of users clamped the phone between shoulder and head while talking. It lets your hands free to simultaneously perform other tasks, for example, to print the letter, make notes, view documents, etc.

Polls show that 8 out of 10 employees say on the phone at least 2 hours a day, and some 4 to 8 hours daily. Studies conducted in Sweden found that 26% of respondents complained of pain in the neck and back. After the respondents began to use a wireless headset, these unpleasant feelings disappeared.

No wonder convenient the Jabra seriously reduce the level of disease in the contact centers and offices, destroying the cause of the occurrences of pain among employees.

Headset breaks the conventional foundations of Traditional telephony strongly limits the working space with a length of telephone cord. With a wired headset Jabra this distance increases, there is an opportunity to move. You can stand or stretch their legs.

Thus, the headset break the usual awkward execution model business problems. The person begins to adapt to new technologies and gradually change the style of doing business.

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