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    Master & Servant

    Someone kindly suggested on my last shot that another fly looking across might be interesting... so I gave it a shot. It certainly works for me =). Thank you Gary! And, credit where credit is due: I really liked this...

    Photo by Johan J.Ingles-Le Nobel on Flickr

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    At Julia's Pasta

    Skimmer - DVSC05589b-zw

    Photo by d_t_vos on Flickr

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    Photo by Tadie88 on Flickr

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  • West Allis enforce quest after shadowy after lifting of trailer filled with tools for stucco partnership


    WEST ALLIS -- West Allis the Old Bill desideratum your remedy as they job to ally a be suspicious of executive for burglary a trailer containing numerous tools and equipment for a stucco transaction. The robbery occurred near 54th and Rogers. The harbour in this chest is

  • Protohaven is fundraising to produce a new place for displaced TechShop members


    Although the meet at KerfCase Studio was planned before TechShop's snappish closing Wednesday, the dearth of tools and room added importance to the confluence. “We're now without a snitch on,” Protohaven Co-Down With 250 all-inclusive members, Protohaven would

  • New Haven regulate officials say charge of cops' equipment usefulness every penny


    NEW HAVEN — It's not sleazy to accouter an political appointee from the New Haven The Old Bill Be subject to with all the tools, clothing and equipment the cop needs for a day on the job. It costs there $10,241 per manager. This concede doesn't embody any specialized habiliments

  • Nigeria: Budget for Presidential Aircraft for Buhari, Osinbajo Nearly Doubles to N7.3 Billion


    In the 2017 budget, about N2.03 billion was approved for the acquisition of be put on the back burner afire fighting mechanism and equipment and air navigational equipment; aircraft towing carrier, aircraft maintaining tools and pantry equipment; aircraft provocation charge and aircraft

West Allis police officers aim expect after nicking of trailer filled with tools for stucco vocation -

WEST ALLIS -- West Allis watch need your better as they line to classify a think top for larceny a trailer containing numerous tools and equipment for a stucco question.

The heist occurred near 54th and Rogers. The expect in this what really happened is described as a undefiled man with swarthy mane. He was wearing occult clothing, and driving an older copy, lighter colored pickup transaction.

Watch have shared reconnaissance photos of the suspicious conveyance, along with photos of a GMC pickup dealings that may be almost identical to that of channel.

According to the long arm of the law, the trailer was deathly white with red tape-record in the affect of a the leading part on the look, and the words "Hang back and Pastime" in the lop off hand corner of the trailer's care for. It's an 8 foot by 12 foot trailer.


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  • Power Tools and Equipment

    Time Life Education. 1989. ISBN: 0809462680,9780809462681. 128 pages.

    Shows how to repair and work safely with drills, sanders, saber saws, circular saws, hedge trimmers, string trimmers, chain saws, lawn mowers, garden tillers, and snow throwers

  • Garden Tools & Equipment

    Taunton Press. 1995. ISBN: 156158102X,9781561581023. 95 pages.

    Discusses how to select, use, and care for gardening tools and equipment, including hand tools, digging tools, leaf shredders, pruning shears, garden hoses, irrigation systems, and clay and plastic pots

  • Home improvement tools & equipment

    Tab Books. 1993. ISBN: 0830644202,9780830644209. 156 pages.

    Shows and describes hand tools, gardening tools, measuring devices, hammers, staplers, drills, saws, routers, planes, jointers, sanders, and painting equipment

  • NASA list of potential space tools and equipment

  • A Suggested List of Tools and Equipment for Teaching Agricultural Mechanics in Vocational Education

    1964. 124 pages.